The Need to Advance Desirable Political Mind- Set By T.Goshu

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The very purpose of this piece of writing of mine is to express my view point about the challenges that require strong sense of courage to deal with, not neglect and avoid. And I think one of the challenges that requires the willingness and courage to deal with is our mind-set that undesirably characterized by fixed type of thinking. I want to make clear that although I use a couple of articles/comments from my fellow Ethiopians to illustrate the way I see the challenges of undesirable mind – set, I have no any intention to single out those fellowmen or women ( the writers of those couple of comments/articles) and make personal attack. I sincerely believe that is terribly wrong. This is not only because I truly believe it is wrong, but I also believe that this kind of state of mind has a lot do with our political, cultural and other societal aspects. In other words, we as a people have never come across the situations that were favorable for practicing and developing the culture of critical and constructive conversations. I strongly argue that this very difficult aspect of our culture of mistrust, disrespect, excessively self-centered way of argument is among the serious obstacles in the process of our struggle to achieve freedom and dignity we desperately aspire. Yes, our state of mind (mind- set) is the powerhouse of the actions we either intend or want to do. And that is why I believe that we cannot afford to avoid or neglect this undesirable mentality whether it comes from an individual or a group.

Dr. Berhanu Nega and Dr. Beyan Assoba on ESAT TVI wish I could write my comment in my mother -tong (Amharic) with which I am able to express myself in a much better way. One fellow Ethiopian who has read some of my comments extended his genuine advice in this regard which I completely agree. I want to note here that the very reason for me to write in foreign language is nothing, but it is because I am extremely poor in typing in Amharic with an English alphabet keyboard. Should I try hard to learn the skill? Absolutely! On the other hand, I strongly believe that this should not be a hindrance to come up with my view point on any issue or subject that I believe is important. I am saying this not because of something else, but it is because most of my opinions/comments including the one I am going to do so in this piece of writing are about the writings or orally expressed ideas/ views or analyses/descriptions in Amharic. And I want to make clear to those who may misperceive the reason why I try to express my view in a foreign language before I jump to the point I want to raise. This said; let me proceed to the view point I want to make around the topic I chose.

As one of genuinely concerned Ethiopians, I try to get some sort of understanding from exchanges of ideas that are being made by individuals, political actors, human rights activists, civic societies and the public at large. I do try to pay due attention to discussions, comments, analyses, public meetings, and public demonstrations/protests as conditions allow me .I attentively try to follow up activities undertaken by political parties, human rights activists, independent media and even community service centers. This is not because I consider myself as a person above any ordinary fellow Ethiopian; but it is because I strongly believe that a well-informed personality is one of the powerful inputs in any activity of life let alone in the process of an extremely challenging political struggle for the realization of genuine freedom, rule of law/justice and human dignity. I want to argue that there is no any worst and shameful personality than hiding ourselves under a very ugly pretense. Yes, it is very ugly to try to pretend that nothing bad is happening in our country while the plight of the innocent people of Ethiopia is getting absolutely unbearable because of not only the tyrannical ruling circle but also because of our incredible level of ineffectiveness. And of course, one aspect of our ineffectiveness is our mind-set or fixed type of thinking that does focus not on the issue to be tackled, but on the question of who is involved (personalization of the issue.)

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I do try to understand whether the activities or actions of various political and human rights movements or organizations are incremental or stagnant; proactive or reactive; merely emotional or well-thought and well- designed and etc. And I have to say that I have sincere appreciation to those political parties which are operating in a very hostile (dangerous) political environment in our county. I strongly believe that with all their weaknesses as well as our (Ethiopians in the diaspora) severe weaknesses to support them, I truly believe that those opposition forces back home deserve due admiration for trying to do something about the horrible political situation in our country. I want to say that the efforts being made by those political movements such as Ginbot-7 and other relatively doing-well groups deserve at least encouragement, not discouragement and senseless attacks. I am not saying that they are fine in all what they are doing and should not critically be challenged. Absolutely not! What I am trying to say is that it does not politically and morally make convincing sense to try hard to totally discredit the efforts they are trying to make. It is politically and ethically absurd to go to the extent of accusing them of doing something anti- Ethiopia or kind of committing treason because of their efforts to use all available and relatively feasible out lets for their political operations. I want to make clear here that I am referring those opposition forces including Ginbot-7 which have made clear that using Eritrea is a justifiably and convincingly compelling choice. I hear so many fellow Ethiopians genuinely arguing that the struggle to unseat the dictatorial ruling elite should be within Ethiopia. That is true. But the question of “is it realistically convincing that it is possible to make the struggle feasible/practical without making necessary preparations in any available territory of other countries such as Eritrea?” I do not think the idea of “do everything within Ethiopia whether it fails or succeed instead of making Eritrea as stepping stone” is a rational and realistic political argument. Yes, expressing our concern genuinely and advising those forces operating from Eritrea to be cautious enough is the right thing to do. But coming up with extremely generalized and excessively emotional argument against making Eritrea as the only choice to launch a practical struggle against the ruthless ruling elite in our country will take us no where .

And I want to reiterate that it is the right thing to express our concern and forward any advice we believe it is important to those forces who are directly involved in designing and executing the strategies and tactics they believe in. But, it is ridiculously absurd when all kinds of name callings and personal attacks come especially from those fellow Ethiopians (by citizenship or origin) who claim that they are against the tyrannical ruling circle in Ethiopia. Well, even if we might felt that way, I do not know why we are not willing and able to argue in a sense of civility and constructive manner by focusing on the issues we are concerned with instead of throwing any type of ridiculous and crude personal attack. To my observation and understanding, this kind of mind -set should be challenged in such a way that it could turn out to be a positive and desirable input.

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I do try to understand whether some groupings and individuals who claim themselves as honestly concerned are really serious; or they just simply pretend. I do try to watch if they really do try to make a difference in the struggle for freedom and justice by focusing and attacking the serious problem we face; or do waste time and energy by focusing on merely personal attacks.

On the other hand, I want to believe that the efforts being made by some relatively popular political opposition forces make our responses to the above critical questions reasonably positive. And that is a good thing! And I also want to believe that the efforts being made by independent media such as ESAT ; civic associations; and some opposition forces abroad including those who are forced to pick up arms and fight for genuine freedom that makes our unity within diversity a powerhouse of integrity and beauty is truly encouraging . I am not declaring that all those genuinely concerned opposition forces have done even an acceptable level of job let alone great accomplishments. What I am trying to argue is that what they are doing for the last couple of months should be the reason to spark a true sense of optimism. And they deserve rational, critical and constructive conversation and support. I do also strongly argue that those of us who do not agree with the way they (those oppositions) are doing, we need to conduct our arguments and conversations in a real sense of civility and mutual respect.

Unfortunately enough, some fellow Ethiopians seem interested in making themselves busy with playing some sort of very difficult, if not unproductive and comprehendible conversation or argument. Let me be specific with no any intention of personal attack or igniting unnecessary dialogue. In other words, my focus is on the issues, not any other way round.

Liji Teklemichael Abebe: He recently has come up with series of comments that mainly aimed at Ginbot-7 particularly Dr. Berahnu Nega. I tried hard to understand his comment if there were critical, teachable and constructive elements in his writings. I am not saying that having a negative way of approach towards a person’s or an organization’s way of doing things is in itself bad. What I am trying to say is that it is absurd just to throw any crude and rude word instead of addressing the issue of our concern with an argument that has a grain of convincing power. One of his statements of argument says that, “as Dr. Berhanu is a politician or a leader of a political movement, he is not supposed to act as a political analyst.” I am mentioning this as a very ridiculous argument made by someone who is not in any way ignorant about the ABC of politics. I do not know how this is a convincing political reasoning. I really do not know how it makes a political sense to argue that a leader of a political movement should not involve in an intensive and extensive analysis and counter-analysis. Yes, it makes sense to say that analysis should not be for the sake of making analysis. It has to serve the very purpose of a political struggle taking place on the ground. But I do not believe that the political analyses being made by Ginbot-7 leadership is far from the relevancy of the struggle.

All the rest of his agreements or comments including accusing ESAT of being owned by Ginbot -7 were not seriously and honestly thought and expressed. I am not only the strong believer in the right of individuals to express themselves the way the feel it ; but I also strongly disagree with the idea that goes to the extent of implying that someone is personally or naturally bad or stagnant . That is not the right way of conversation especially with someone whom we want to engage him or her. I hope Liji Tekle will honestly understand the very necessity of engaging in a critical and constructive conversation at this critical moment we are witnessing in our country.

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Commentator Tedla Asfaw: In his comment, “Challenge for Ginbot-7 Leadership –Sept 20/13)” used almost all of his writing to merely criticize, if not accuse of Ginbot-7 for operating in Eritrea. I do not think the argument on the question of whether President Esaias Afeworki is democratic or undemocratic is a determining factor for us to operate in Eritrea. It is so unrealistic and politically infantile to make an internal political affair of a country a criterion to get cooperation that helps organize and make necessary preparation to launch a legitimate offence against the tyrannical ruling circle. Making their government democratic is up to the Eritrean people. I do not think what Esaias Afeworki says about Ethiopia here and there, and then and now should be a major justification not to accept any support. For that matter, who rewrite a very ridiculous political history of Ethiopia and Eritrea as a history colonizer and colony, and gave a blessing to the separation of Ethiopia and Eritrea? Who decided on Ethiopia to be land locked? Who told us that Ethiopia is a country of just one century? Who tried to make us believe that the Ethiopian flag (the great national symbol) is nothing but a rag of cloth? Who repeatedly and arrogantly told us that the history of Axum is nothing to any central and southern Ethiopians? Was it not the late Ato Meles Zenawi who was “the great leader of the country??” So, what makes us surprised about what Ato Esaias said and says here and there? Shouldn’t we be matured enough to see the relationship between the Ethiopians and Eritreans beyond the presidency of Ato Esaias? By the way, I do not think that Ato Andargachew ,Dr.Berhanu and other leaders of Ginbot -7 are less concerned with the issue of how to use the support from Eritrea without compromising our major national interests. I do not think they are less patriotic than any genuinely concerned fellowmen/fellowmen.

I do not think asking Dr. Berhanu to apologize for” saying” what he reportedly said (financial support) does make this much sense. Is it not an open secret that Dr. Berhanu and his organization have made crystal clear that there is a need to accept and use any available means to get rid of the tyranny in Ethiopia? So, why it is necessary to ask Dr.Berhanu to apologize? I am not defending him; but I am just asking if Tedla Asfaw’s argument make sense. Tedla Asfaw tries to declare assertively that it is only mass uprising that brings down the ruling circle. Well, I wish it was or it could be the case! But I do not think that making this kind of assertive declaration is realistically convincing at least at this stage. Given the very nature and behavior of the ruling party, it is not plausible to tell for sure that it is only this or that method of struggle that can bring about the change we aspire. I want to argue that expressing our concern about the need to establish a democratic society after bringing down the tyrannical regime is deeply legitimate and desirable. Yes, being concerned and keep ourselves deeply involved in the ongoing political struggle is absolutely essential. But trying to exclude this or that group because of the methods they choose are different is not productive at all.


  1. Birhanu Nega: He speaks half English and Amharic to explain himself to Ethiopian audiance: why? he looks like the tplf officials in this regard.

  2. T. Goshu what a great and to the point article!!!
    You put down what I feel on a daily basis about our politics and social affairs including our churches. Something is lacking. I have come to the conclusion that we do not have a culture of healthy argument. A healthy argument is sticking to the point of a specific issue and making a case why we are not happy about it.

    Instead, I see even educated men and women making some crass comments just becuase they do not agree with an individual or a given group or organisation. When that happens, the issue at hand gets completly forgotten and then we end up attacking and defending personalities. We feel, inorder to show our oppossion to something, we have to also be venomeous that is where we really go wrong.

    One of our biggest problem is our laziness to find out the fact. and not asking the “why” question. We rely on hear say for our information. As a result, anyone can say anything about anyone and he/she will be believed.

    Secondly we do not mix much with other nations hence we fail to see how others do it. This leaves us very limited in our interaction so it gives us the platform to kick one another which we will never dear to do to anyone else!!!

    Thirdly, even those who think they are political activists do not really understand the game of politics inorder to achieve their goal so we continue to make fatal mistakes going around in circles; forever forming and dismantling none effective political parties.

    Change can only come first when we educate ourselves. I am not talking about degrees and PHDs. but the simple art of communication, purpose, respect, value and most importantly developing the skills of listening and asking the why questions.

    How to organise one’s community should be the first step before telling people here is the party that would do you good.

    We have heard that all before and the issue of trust remain to be a big issue as we have been let down many times before and infighting has cost us a great deal!!!! We, the silent majority are tired of being told yet a new party is the solution. It is not. The solution is the people of Ethiopia need to seek truth and justice and learn to stand up for our individual right first. When we can do that, then we can truely seperate the wheat from the chuff and form a uniting party that would work for our collective interest.

    Keep writing T Goshu. It is important we continue to talk.

  3. T. Goshu,
    You are a coward. Yes, Berhanu is another potential dictator. You are an opportunist. I detest your article’s length too. It could have been written in one paragraph. You wrote this long going around the bush gibrish because you are coward and opportunist as well. Armed struggle is an old thinking.

    • Menen the Piece is exactly for your type of peoples who are only emotional with no scientific thinking that are more harmful than success for the struggle to earn freedom ,(if you are not woyanne Show up your self to challenge whom you think hurts the struggle otherwise you are far behind than those you are trying to criticise to be a backward cyber warrior to reach no where.


    I used to support GINBOT 7, i withdrawn my support after i found out that mr. BERHANUE had accepted pocketed hundreds of thousands of dollars from EGYPT, this is why Gunbot 7 is going down to the drain.
    As My grandmother used to say “YEMAYETEGEBE INJERA KEMETADU YETAWEKAL”.

  5. T. oshu

    Your article is timely and perfect analysis. You just wrote what I and my friends were discussing about for the last two weeks. Tedla and Tekle should come up with their own method of struggle and follow it to death or victory instead of muddying the efforts of those who are trying to do something.

  6. ውድ ጎሹ፤
    በማንኝኣውም ቦታ ቢሆን፤ በረጋ መንፈስ መወያየትና ነጥቦቻችንን አንጥረን ማውጣት፤ የምንገናኝበትንና የምንለያይበትን መለየት ተገቢ ነው። ይህ ደግሞ ለሁላችንም የወደፊት ጉዞ ጠቃሚ ነው። የግል ስሜታችንን ብቻ ሳይሆን፤ በአንድ ላይ በምንኖርበት ጊዜ፤ አብሮነታችንን የሚያሰምረው፤ አንዳችን ለሌላችን የምናደርገው እውቅና ነው። የኔን ብቻ የሚል አካሂያድ ተያይዞ መጥፋትን ነው የኢያስከትለው።
    ማስታወቂያ፤ ለዘሃበሻ የላኩሁት የኔ መልስ (ለዶክተር ብርሃኑ ነጋና ለአቶ አንዳርጋቸው ፅጌ የቮይስ ኦፍ አሜሪካ ዘገባ ) እንዳይወጣ ሆኗል። ለምን እንደሆነ አልገባኝም። አሁንም ፈቃደኛ ከሆኑ ይኼው ከዚህ በታች አቅርቤዋለሁ። ግለሰብን አያብጠለጥልም። ነጥቦችን ቁልጭ አድርጎ ያስቀመጠ ነው ብዬ አምናለሁ።

    ዝም ማለት ወንጀል ሆነብኝ።
    መስከረም ፲ ፬ ቀን ፳ ፻ ፮ ዓመተ ምህረት
    አንዱ ዓለም ተፈራ የእስከመቼ አዘጋጅ
    “ ‘የወያኔን መንግሥት ማስወገድ ዋነኛው አጀንዳዬ ነው።’ የሚለው ግንቦት ሰባት የፍትሕ፣ የነፃነትና የዴሞክራሲ በኤርትራ ምድር እንደሚንቀሳቀስና ከኤርትራ መንግሥትም እገዛ እንደሚያገኝ አስታወቀ።” በሚል ርዕስ፤ ሁለቱ የግንቦት ሰባት ከፍተኛ አመራር አባላት፤ ዶክተር ብርሃኑ ነጋና አቶ አንዳርጋቸው ፅጌ ተናጋሪዎች፤ ሶስተኛው አመራር አባል፤ አቶ ኤፍሬም ማዴቦ አስተናጋጅ የሆኑበትን ዘገባ፤ ዛሬ መስከረም ፲ ፬ ቀን ፳ ፻ ፮ ዓመተ ምህረት በአሜሪካ ሬዲዮ ቀረቦ ደጋግሜ አዳመጥኩት። እስከዛሬ በተለያዩ ቦታዎች ባደረጓቸው ንግግሮች የተከታተልኳቸው ዶክተር ብርሃኑ ነጋ፤ “ግንቦት ሰባት፤ ሥልጣን ለመያዝ፤ መዋቅር፣ መርኀ ግብርና ፍላጎት የሌለው እንቅስቃሴ ነው። ፓርቲ አይደለንም። ብዙዎችን የተለያዩ ድርጅቶችና ግለሰቦች ያካተተ መድረክ ነው።” ያሏቸውን ሳክልበት፤ ግራ የሚያጋባ ሂደት ስለተመከትኩ፣ ዝም ማለቱ ወንጀል ሆኖብኛል። እናም ይቺን ጭሬያለሁ።
    ዶክተር ብርሃኑ ነጋን ሳዳምጥ፤ እኔ አሁን የማደርገው፤ ሀገር እንዳይኖረኝ ያደረገኝን የትግሬዎች ነፃ አውጪ ግንባር መንግሥት መታገልና መጣል ነው። ከዚያም የኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብ የመረጠው መንግሥት እንዲኖር ነው የምፈልገው። ግንቦት ሰባት የውጭ ጉዳይ፣ የትምህርትና የኤኮኖሚ መርኀ ግብር የለውም ብለዋል። እንቅስቃሴ ነው የያዝኩት በማለት አስረግጠው፤ እመኑኝ ግዴላችሁምን ጨምረውበታል። በሌላ በኩል ደግሞ “ግንቦት ሰባት የሕቡዕ ድርጅት ነው። ብዙውን ግልፅ ሊያደርግ አይችልም።” ሲሉ አቶ አንዳርጋቸው ጽጌን አዳምጫቸዋለሁ። እንዴት ያለ ነገር ነው?
    ዶክተር ብርሃኑ ነጋ፤ “ሰላማዊ” የሚባለውን ትግል እስከመጨረሻው ሄጀበታለሁ። ለኔ ይኼን ለመንገር መሞከር፤ ላሳር ነው። አይገባኝም። በማለት የሰላም ትግሉን የመጨረሻ ሞት ነግረውናል። እንዲያውም እንደነሱ እልህ እንድንገባና ለዴሞክራሲ የምናደርገውን ትግል በነሱ የእልህ ደረጃ ማሳደግ እንዳለብን ነግረውናል። የትግል ጥረታችን ማደግ እንዳለበት ያደረጉት ገለፃ ትክክለኛና የምጋራው ቢሆንም፤ ስለሰላማዊ ትግል ያላቸው ግንዛቤ ግን ከመሠረቱ ትልቅ ጥያቄ እንዳስቀምጥበት አድርጎኛል። ይኼን በሚመለከት በሠፊው በኋላ እመለስበታለሁ። ከዚህ አስከትለው፤ የትግሬዎች ነፃ አውጪ ግንባር መንግሥት በአመፅ መወገድ እንዳለበት አማራጭ የሌለው መሆኑን አስምረው፤ በአካባቢው ያሉት ሀገሮች በሙሉ የትግሬዎች ነፃ አውጪ ግንባር መንግሥት ተባባሪዎች መሆናቸውንና የኤርትራው መንግሥት ብቻ አማራጫቸው እንደሆነ ነገሩን። እንደሳቸው ገለፃ፤ ይህ የአማራጭ ማጣት ወደ አስመራ እንዳስሮጣቸው ደጋግመው አስምረውበታል። በዚህ ጉዳይ ላይም ዝቅ ብዬ እመለስበታለሁ። ለጥቀውም፤ የቆምነው ለመላ ኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብ ነው። የኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብ ራሱ የመረጠው መንግሥት እንዲያቋቁም እጥራለሁ ብለዋል።
    የትግሬዎች ነፃ አውጪ ግንባር መንግሥትን ለመጣል መታገል ነው የያዝኩት እያሉ፤ የትጥቅ ትግል ለማድረግ የመንቀሳቀሻ ቦታና ድጋፍ ከኤርትራ መንግሥት እያገኘን ነው እያሉ፤ ከኤርትራው መሪ ጋር በተደጋጋሚ በብዙ ርዕሶች ተነጋግረናል እያሉ፣ ሰላማዊ ትግሉ አይሠራም፣ በአመፅ ነው መወገድ ያለበት እያሉ፤ መርኀ ግብር የሌለን፣ ፓርቲ ያልሆን፣ እንቅስቃሴ ነን ማለት ምን ማለት ነው? ይህ የኔ አንዱ መሠረታዊ ጥያቄዬ ነው። ግንቦት ሰባት ታግሎና ድል አድርጎ ሥልጣኑን ለሕዝቡ ሲያስረክብ ማየት ስለቸገረኝ! እንዴት ያለ አሠራርና መዋቅር እንደሚያስተናግደው አልታይህ እያለኝ።
    ዶክተር ብርሃኑ ነጋ አንድ የጠቆሙን ቁም ነገር አለ። “የወያኔው መንግሥት በኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ፤ የኤርትራ መንግሥት ተቃዋሚዎችን ማንቀሳቀሱ ርባና የለውም። አይሳካለትም። ነቅነቅ ማለት ያልቻለ ተቃዋሚ ነው።” ብለውናል። ይኼን በኤርትራ ኢሳያስ አፈወርቂ ከሰበሰባቸው ተቃዋሚዎች የተለዬ የሚያደርገው ምን እንደሆነ ማየት አሁንም ተስኖኛል!
    የኤርትራን መሪና በኤርትራ ያለውን የፖለቲካ ጉዳይ አስመልክቶ፤ ዶርተር ብርሃኑም ሆኑ በተለይም አቶ አንዳርጋቸው ፅጌ፤ በኤርትራ ያለው የዴሞክራሲያ ሁኔታም ሆነ የስብዓዊ መብቶች ረገጣ የኛ የእንቅስቃሴያችን ደጋፊዎች መለኪያዎች አይደሉም። የኤርትራን መንግሥት አንገመግምም። የኤርትራ ፖለቲካ የኛ ጉዳይ አይደለም። ማለትም በኔ ትርጉም፤ ኤርትራ ከኢትዮጵያ ጋር በታሪክ ስለነበራት፣ አሁን ስላላትና ለወደፊቱ ስለሚኖራት ትስስር የኛ ጉዳይ አይደለም። ኤርትራ በኛ ውስጥ ልዩ ቦታ ያላት ሀገር አይደለችም፤ እንደማንኛውም ሀገር የራሷ ጉዳይ የራሷ ነው። የኢሳያስ አፈወርቂ ፀረ-ኢትዮጵያዊነት ለኛ ጉዳያችን አይደለም። የኢሳያስ አፈወርቂ በኤርትራ ሕዝብ ላይ የሚያደርሰው በደል የራሳቸው ጉዳይ ነው ማለታቸው ነው። እንግዲህ የኢሳያስ መንግሥት ጠበቃ ከመሆንና በሱ ትዕዛዝ ለማደር ከማጎንበስ ሌላ ምን ሊባል እንደሚችል እናንተው ፍረዱ! ለካስ ከንቱ ድካም ነው በሎንደን፣ በፓሪስ፣ በዋሺንግተንና በሮም መንግሥታቶችን ድጋፍ ለወያኔ አትሥጡ እያልን የምንደክመው። በአቶ አንዳርጋቸው ፅጌ የፖለቲካ ዕውቀትና ግንዛቤ ስሌት፤ እነሱ የሚከተሉት የፖለቲካ ዘዴያቸው፤ የራሳቸው እንጂ የኛ ጉዳይ አይደለምና!
    በአሁን ሰዓት፤ የጊዜያዊ ጥቅም ለማግኘት ብለን፤ የኋላ ኋላ የወደፊት መጪ ትውልዶችን የሚጎዳ አቋም መውሰድና በሥራ ላይ ማዋል፤ አድርባይነት ነው። በቁም ነገር አቋም ብለን የምንወስደው፤ መሠረታዊ እምነታችን የተተከለበት ዕሴት መሆን አለበት። የዕለቱን እውነታ ተከትሎ የሚተጣጠፍ አቋም ከሆነ፤ አድርባይነት ነው። ለአቋማችን የስኬት መንገድ በመፈለግ በኩል አጫጭር ጊዜያዊ ስልቶች እናበጃለን። እነዚህ ስልቶች፤ የወቅቱን ሁኔታ ከዘለቄታው ግብ አቋማችን አኳያ ጠቃሚ መንገዶችን በመመርመር የምንጠቀምባቸው ይሆናል። በአኳያው ደግሞ፤ እኛ የራሳችንን ስናስብ፤ በጊዜያዊ ስልታችን ያካተትናቸው ክፍሎችም፤ የራሳቸውን ጥቅም አስጠባቂ መሆናቸውን መዘንጋት የለብንም። ኢሳያስ አፈወርቂ የኢትዮጵያ ዋና ጠላት ነው። ከርሱ ጋር የሚደረግ ማንኛውም ትብብር ለኛ ከሚያስገኝልን ጥቅም አንፃር፤ የርሱም ተጠቃሚነት እንዳለ መዘንጋት የለብንም፤ በሀገሩ ውስጥም ሆነ በኢትዮጵያ የነገ ሕልውና ላይ! የርሱ ጥቅም ከዘለቄታው ኢትዮጵያን ከማፈራረስና ከማዳከም አኳያ የመነጨ ነው። አሁን፤ “ኢትዮጵያ የምትባል ሀገር የዛሬ ሃምሳ ዓመት የተፈጠረች ናት።” የሚለው ኢሳያስ፤ ምን አስልቶ ነው ከኛ ጋር የሚተባበረው? ብሎ መጠየቅ የማንኛውም ኢትዮጵያዊ ግዴታ ነው። የኛ ጥቅም ደግሞ በብዙ መንገድ ከኤርትራውያን ወገናችን ጥቅም ጋር የተያያዘ ነው። የኢሳያስ አፈወርቂ ጥቅም ከኤርትራዊያን ወገኖቻችን ጥቅም በተቃራኒ የቆመ ለመሆኑ፤ በመካከላችን ብዥታ ያለው የለም። በነሱ ጉሮሮ ላይ ችካል ስንቅረን የኛን ግብ እንመታለን የሚለው ከቁንፅልነቱ ባሻገር፤ አረመኔነት ነው። “አሜሪካ ታደርገዋለች።” የሚለውም፤ ደካማ አስተሳሰብን ያመለክታል።
    ሰላማዊ ትግል በመሠረቱ፤ እንደ ኢትዮጵያ ባለች ሀገር፤ እስከዛሬ የነበረና ባሁኑ ሰዓትም ያለ እንቅስቃሴ ነው። ሰላማዊ ትግል የምርጫ ጉዳይ አይደለም። ሰላማዊ ትግል ከትንሽ ጉዳይ አንስቶ እስከከፍተኛ ሀገራዊ ጉዳይ ድረስ፤ ለኑሮ እንቅፋት ሲገጥም፤ የሚሠለፉበት የትግል ዘዴ ነው። በሰላማዊ ትግል የመንግሥትን መለወጥ ብቻ ሳይሆን፤ ከዚያ በመለስ ያሉ ጉዳዮችን ለማስፈፀምም፤ እምቢተኛ ከሆነ የመንግሥት መዋቅርም ሆነ የግል ባለንብረቶች ጋር የሚደረግ ትግል ነው። ተማሪዎች ምግባችን ጎደለ ብለው ትምህርት ሲያቆሙ ሰላማዊ ትግል ነው። ሠራተኞች ደምወዝ አነሰን ይጨመርልን ብለው ሥራ የማቆም አድማ ሲያደርጉ፤ ሰላማዊ ትግል ነው። እናም ባጭሩ ሰላማዊ ትግሉ፤ በተጨባጩ የቦታው እውነታ ተመሥርቶ የሚካሄድ ትግል ነው። እንዲያውም አሁን ላለንበት የፖለቲካ እውነታ የሰላማዊ ትግሉን ጠቀሜታ አለመረዳታችንን የዶክተር ብርሃኑ ነጋ አገላለፅ አስምሮ አሳይቶናል።
    የያዝነው ትግል እንዳይሳካ ያልሆነበት አንዱ ምክንያት፤ አቶ አንዳርጋቸው ፅጌ በትክክል እንደገለፁት የኛ ድክመት እንጂ፤ የወያኔ ጥንካሬ አይደለም። የኛ ድክመት ደግሞ በጃችን ያለውን የትግል ዕድል በደንብ አለመጠቀማችን ነው እላለሁ። ይህ ደግሞ የሰላማዊ ትግሉን ሆነ የትጥቅ ትግሉን አይሠርዝም። የሰላማዊ ትግሉ፤ የትጥቅ ትግል ኖረም አልኖረም ምን ጊዜም አይቀሬ መሆኑን ለማስረገጥ እፈልጋለሁ። ትልቁ ድክመታችን፤ የሰላማዊ ትግል ስንል፤ ዕለት በዕለት በየቦታው የሚደረገውን የትግሬዎች ነፃ አውጪ ግንባር መንግሥት በደል፤ በየተገለፀበት ቦታ፣ ወቅትና ሁኔታ መቃወም አለመቻላችን ነው። በአንድ ትምህርት ቤት በተማሪዎች ላይ የሚደረገውን በደል፤ በመቃወም መምራት መቻል፣ በአንድ የመንግሥት መሥሪያ ቤት የሚደረግን አድልዖ በመቃወም መምራት መቻል፣ በነጋዴዎች፣ በእስልምና ተከታዮች፣ በመምህራን፣ በክርስትና ተለታዮች፣በአማራዎች፣ በአኙዋኮች፣ በኦሮሞዎች፣ በሶማሌዎች ላይ የሚደረጉ በደሎችን፤ በቦታውና በሰዓቱ በመገኘት ተቃውሞውን መምራት አለመቻላችን ነው። እነዚህ ናቸው ዋና የሰላማዊ ትግሉ መሠረቶች። ለየተጠቂዎች መተው ሳይሆን የአንዱ ሀገር አቀፍ ትግል አካል አድርገን አለመተባበራችን ድክመታችን ነው። ያለነዚህ ሰላማዊ ትግል የለም። ያለነዚህ የትጥቅ ትግል የለም። የትግሬዎች ነፃ አውጪ ግንባር መንግሥት እነዚህን በደሎች ካላደረገ ደግሞ፤ ሕይወት የለውም። ይህ ነው የማንነቱ መገለጫ። በትልቁ በመንግሥት ደረጃ የሚደረጉ በደሎች፤ የነዚህ ትንንሽ በደሎች ቁንጮ ነው። እነዚህ አከላቱ ናቸው። ያለነዚህ በደሎችና ተቃውሞዎች አጠቃላይ ትግል፤ ሰላማዊም ሆነ የትጥቅ ትግል የሚባል የለም። እናም እነዚህ በየተከሰቱበት ቦታ ተገኝቶ፤ ተቃውሞዎችን መምራት የቻለ፤ ትግሉን ወደፊት አራማጅ ነው። በየቀበሌው ተገኝቶ፤ የቀበሌውን ነዋሪ ወገናችንን በደል መካፈልና ለተቃውሞው አብሮ መሠለፍ፤ የትግሉ ዋና መሠረት ነው። ይህ የሰላማዊ ትግሉ ነው። ይህን ትቶ ጉዞ፤ የጨለማ ዳበሳ ነው። ይኼን እያደረጉ ያሉ የሰላማዊ ትግሉ ብቻ ሳይሆን የጠቅላላው ትግሉ አምዶች ናቸው። እየተደረገም ካልሆነ፤ የትግል ሀ ሁ ቆጠራ ትምህርት ቤት መግባት አለብን። ከነዚህ ጥቃቅን ትግሎች ተነጥሎ መንግሥት መቀየር አለበት ማለት፤ የፖለቲካ ምጥቀቱና ትምህርቱ ላላበሰለን እንደኔ ላለን ተራ ኢትዮጵያዊያን፤ ትርጉሙ የሕዋ ስነ ምርምር ያህል ሩቅና ውስብስብ ነው።
    ትግሉ ደግሞ ወደፊት የሚሄደው እንደኔ ያለነው የፖለቲካ ትምህርቱና ምጥቀቱ ባላበሰለን ተራ ኢትዮጵያዊያን ስለሆነ፤ በኛ ደረጃ ሲቀርብ ነው ተሳትፏችን የሚያድገው። እናም የትግሉ መሽከርክሪት በሕዝቡ የዕለት ተዕለት ኑሮ ሕልው ውስጥ መነዳት አለበት። ይህ የሚሆነው ደግሞ፤ የሕዝቡን ኑሮ ትግሉ ሲያንፀባርቅ ነው። በተራቀቀ የትግል ትንታኔ ወይንም በሕዋ ላይ በሚንሳፈፉ የተሽሞነሞኑ የትግል መሥፈርቶች ላይ የተተከለ እንቅስቃሴ፤ አንቀሳቃሾች ነን በሚሉት መካከል ካለ ጉንጭ አልፋ የአእምሮ ግብግብ ከመሆን አልፎ፤ የትም አይደርስም። ሕይወት ኖሮት እንዲያድግና ግቡን እንዲመታ፤ በተጨባጭ ዕለት ተዕለት የሕዝቡ ኑሮና ወቅታዊ በደሎች መመርኮዝ አለበት። ይህን ደግሞ አብረው የሚኖሩ ናቸው የሚገነዘቡት፣ የሚመሩትና ወደፊት የሚወስዱት። ለዚህም ነው ሕዝባዊ ትግል ብለን አፋችንን ሞልተን መናገር የምንችለው።
    በሌላ በኩል ደግሞ፤ አሁን ዓለም ባለችበት የፖለቲካ እውነታ፤ የትናንቱ የትግል ዘዴ ቦታ የለውም። ይህ ማለት መሠረታዊ የሆነው የሰላማዊና የትጥቅ ትግል ዘዴ ቀረ ማለት አይደለም። ነገር ግን፤ የትጥቅ ትግል የሚለው ግንዛቤያችን መመርመር አለበት። አዎ አረመኔ አምባገነኖች የሚገባቸው ቋንቋ በትር ነው። አዎ አረመኔ አምባገነኖች ወደው ሥልጣን አይለቁም። ነገር ግን፤ በአሁኑ የዓለም የፖለቲካ እውነታ፤ በተለይም ዩናይትድ ስቴትስ ዓለምን “የኔን አጀንዳ የግድ ተቀበሉ!” በማለት የአሸባሪዎችን ማሳደድ ጉዳይ የዓለም ጉዳይ ባደረገችበት ወቅት፤ ከጎረቤት ሀገር ተነስቶ፤ ከገጠር ኃይሉን አጠናክሮ፣ አንዱን ብርጌድ አቸንፎ ሌላውን አስከትሎ፣ ወደ ማዕከላዊ የመንግሥት ቦታ መዝመት የሚለው መመርመር አለበት። በአኳያውም፤ በትናንት አጀንዳዎች የሚደረግ ትግል መመርመር አለበት። የዛሬው ትግል፤ ዛሬ ያለው መንግሥት ዛሬ በሚፈፅመው በደል ላይ የተመረኮዘ ነው። ትግሉ በትግሬዎች ነፃ አውጪ ግንባር መንግሥትና በኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብ መካከል ነው። ይህ ደግሞ የትግሉን ዘዴ ከጊዜው ጋር በሚሄድበት መንገድ ማስተካከል እንዳለበት ያመለክተናል።
    በኔ ግምት፤ ዶክተር ብርሃኑ ነጋ፣ አቶ አንዳርጋቸው ፅጌና አቶ ኤፍሬም ማዴቦ የያዙት፤ ድንገት የትግሬዎች ነፃ አውጪ ግንባር መንግሥት ሲወድቅ፤ የተደራጀ ጦር ይዘን ብንገኝ፤ ሥልጣኑን የመውሰድ ወይንም የመደራደር ዕድላችን የሰፋ ነው ከሚል ስሌት የመነጨ ይመስለኛል። ለዚህ ደግሞ መጠለያ መፈለግ ግድ ስለሆነ፤ ወደ ኤርትራ መጓዛቸው ሕልም ፈቺ አይጠይቅም።
    በርግጥ የትጥቅ አመፅ በአሁኑ ሰዓት ይጠቅማል። ይህ ግን ግድ የሚላቸው ጉዳዮች አሉ። አንደኛ፤ አንድ ብቻ የታጠቀ ሠራዊት የመኖሩ ግዴታ ነው። እንደ ፖለቲካ ፓርቲዎች ብዛት፤ እያንዳንዱ የራሱ የታጠቀ ሠራዊት ኖሮት፤ ሠልፉም ያንኑ ያህል ከሆነ፤ ቀሪው እግዚዖ! ማለት ብቻ ነው። ዩጎዝላቪያ ምስጋና ይግባው ማለታችን ይከተላል። ሶማሊያ በየት ተገኝቶ የምንልበት ጊዜ ሩቅ አይሆንም። አንድ የታጠቀ ጦር ብቻ እንዲኖር ከተስማማን ደግሞ፤ አንድ መሪ ድርጅት ብቻ እንዲኖር መቀበላችን ነው። አንድ መሪ ድርጅት ደግሞ፤ የሁሉንም አሰባሳቢ አንድ ራዕይና አንድ ግብ ብቻ ነው የሚያቀነቅነው። ይህ ደግሞ ሕዝባዊ የሆነ ጦርና፤ አብዛኛውን ኢትዮጵያዊ ያካተተ ድርጅት የመሆን ግዴታ አለበት። ታዲያ በዚህ ሂደት የትጥቅ አመፁ የሰላ ይሆናል፤ ድልና ፍጥነቱም አያጠያይቅም።
    ይኼን የትጥቅ ትግል፤ የመቆናጠጫ ቦታ አማራጭ አጣሁ ብሎ ከአንበሳ አፍ ወደ ጅብ አፍ የምንሮጥበት ምርጫ ፍለጋ ድንብርብርነት የለም። ባሁኑ ሰዓት የትግሬዎች ነፃ አውጪ ግንባር መንግሥት በሕዝቡ ያልተወደደ ለመሆኑ ሁላችንም እንስማማለን። ታዲያ ሕዝብ ያልወደደው መንግሥት እንዴት አድርጎ ነው ሕዝቡን ሊቆጣጠር የሚችለው። ትግሉን በሕዝቡ ውስጥና በሀገሪቱ ውስጥ ለማካሄድ ምቹ ሁኔታ አለ። ትጥቁም ሆነ ምሽጉ ሕዝቡ ነው። ይኼን ሁኔታ ያገናዘበ የትግል መንገድ ቀይሶ መጓዝ እንችላለን። የግድ በትናንቱ የጦር ስልትና መንገድ መጓዝ የለብንም። የጎደለው ነገር፤ ትግሉን የሚያራምዱት ወገኖች፤ በእኔ ልምራ እኔ ልምራ ልክፍት ተጠምደው፤ ባንድነት ያልተነሱበት እውነታ መስፈኑ ነው። ትግሉ በሕዝቡ መካከል እስከተካሄደ ድረስ፤ አመፁ ሕዝቡ ባለባቸው ቦታዎች በሙሉ በተቀናጀና በተፋጠነ መንገድ ይካሄዳል። የመቆናጠጫ ቦታ ፍላጋ የሚኬድበት ዘመን ውስጥ አይደለም ያለነው። በሕዝብ ላይ እምነት የማሳደርና በሕዝቡ የመተማመን ጉዳይ ነው። አንድ አጀንዳና አንድ ትግል ብሎ የመነሳት ጉዳይ ነው። ሕዝቡ ይኼን የመሰለ መተባበርና አንድ ሀገራዊ አጀንዳ ያለው ትግል ሲያይ፤ ከድርጅቶችና ከመሪዎቻቸው ቀድሞ እንደሚሰለፍ የሚጠራጠር የለም። የትግሉ መንገድ ያልተለመደና ካሁን በፊት ያልታዬ ሊሆን ይችላል። ይሁና! ጊዜው የሚጠይቀውና የሚፈቅደው እኮ ሁሌም አዲስ ነው። የሚያሰጋ ነገር የለም።
    አስጊውስ ጉዳይ፤ ግንቦት ሰባት የራሱ ጦር፣ የኦጋዴን ነፃ አውጪ የራሱ ጦር፣ የኦሮሞ ነፃ አውጪ የራሱ ጦር፣ የአርበኞች ግንባር የራሱ ጦር፣ የትግራይ ታጋይ የራሱ ጦር፣ የሲዳማ ታጋይ የራሱ ጦር፣ የአኝዋክ ታጋይ የራሱ ጦር፣ የአማራ ታጋይ የራሱ ጦር፣ የአፋር ታጋይ የራሱ ጦር ይዞ፤ የትግሬዎች ነፃ አውጪ ግንባር መንግሥት የወደቀ ዕለት ነው። ያኔ ምን ይሆናል? መላ ምቱበት።

  7. A person who believes that the only way to struggle in peace.Lets go and join them .they are calling us for help.

  8. T.Goshu,
    You tried to pretend intellectual and ended up like Tekle.

    Your article repeates itself many times. So too lengthy. Boring.

  9. @Eskemeche,
    You rather do not know politics. You mix up different things. If you are from Woyane, Your did is just fine. Mr Andargachew has given us detail analysis of the challenge. He knows all the dangers of his route. Even Esayas knows Andargachew’s political maturity. Your analysis exactly fit to what Esayas planned for Ethiopia. That will gradually change as G7 get stronger.

  10. As a young generation in the 21st century we ethiopians have been surrounded by cobwebs. which is affecting our positive thinking, so let us stop the sense of feeling of importancy. and look forward developing tolerance and being visionary.This needs to be done based on compromisation and understanding, not with the view of sentimental outlook. please let be positive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Dear Mr Goshu
    I have completed reading your interesting article with great satisfaction I really want to thank you very much for nourishing my soul.Please try to translate it in Amharic and post it so that it reach’s to rotten,garbage and lunatic individuals like Mirchaw .

  12. @eske meche.
    minew wendm betienah newu.asiteyayet ena desert yeteleyayu nachewu. yihin yahil kelayi ketachi weti yeregetikew. azoh abushi atifira.

  13. @eske meche

    Have you ever heard the saying that time is gold?You better use your precious time joining the struggle for freedom .It is your type of peoples who has been a backbone for the woyanne criminal and mafia like rule to stay on our back for so long apart the so calles donors money not the strength of these illitrate 4th grade drop outs.(If you are not one of the ferfari lekamis at the cost of 90 million Ethiopians sufferance, if you are genuine Ethiopian join what fits you best rather than pointing your fingers on the peoples who are by far higher than your caliber)

  14. You mentioned about your struggles in the English language. Couldn’t you find someone to type your article in Amharic? You lost your reader in the first paragraph before you got to your subject. In the future, I suggest that you tell us what your story is about in the first few lines. Next paragraph, continue to elaborate. Finally conclude and thank us for reading your story. You see how simple that is? I didn’t get to read your article because I got lost in your maze of apologies for writing what you believed in! There is always next time! Good luck!

  15. Eyob, Thanks for your comment. That is one of the very purposes of my writing – expressing my opinion and make my fellow Ethiopians like you speak or write in any way they fell and you are able to do so. I appreciate your knowledge of trying to follow strictly the ABC of formatting paragraphs of an “essay.” I did not ask for apology . I just tried to make clear to those who genuinely say that it could be good to write in Amharic. I do not know why you take this very simple point a big deal instead of saying something about the ideas I tried to jot down and have teachable engagement . Eyob, I do not know why a short paragraph of “apology” made you decide not read the rest. I really do not know you tried hard to search for phrases such as “maze apology ” . Eyob, do you think any reader is lost because you are lost for any reason you might have? Is it not a bit odd to say that I do not couldn’t read it because of “that paragraph ” and declare that I am lost? I wish you could challenge the questions I raised and points I made on the issue . Yes Eyob, let us try to have a conversation that makes next time. I took note on your concern about the style of writing you suggested.
    Have a good one buddy!

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