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The naked strategy of the social arsonist group from Tigre people – TPLF

Dejenie A.Lakew (PhD)
When TPLF went around telling false stories to different parts of Ethiopia that the Amharas did these things to you,
building false and scare craw statue of an amputated breast as a constant reminder to keep them hating each other, not to be able to work together for greatness and prosperity due to their unity, further creating divisions within indivisible units in Gondar by saying Kimant-Amhara, creating unknown distrust so that their ones is removed and start internecine wars of delusion and then survival will eventually be their fate, in order not to reclaim Welkaite-Tegede-Telement as theirs but instead remain TPLF resource of fortunes and wealth of power for all time, we all knew that it was just a strategy. This strategy of psychopaths of divide and rule (divide et empera ) is not new, it was what the earlier colonialists and their learnt subjects from Egypt were doing against Ethiopia, creating false wars and conflicts of Ethiopian people against Ethiopian people(the Eritrea-Ethiopia conflict of nonsense reason and lunacy of smallness ) so that the river Abay keeps flowing unhampered and unused to get it for their developments. We have seen these efforts that bear results, the constant civil wars that EPLF and ELF waged for decades against their own country Ethiopia resulted in the situation we see today in both sub-countries, Ethiopia-Eritrea.
As a best strategy, past Egyptian leaders resorted such conflicts as a sole way of keeping Ethiopians busy fighting each other so that they get what they needed, which we have again witnessed in the Moris government cabinet meeting, where members were explicitly saying, they have to create and train political opposition groups and make Ethiopian fight a survival self wars. That is exactly what Tigray army and its hollow headed political leaders did for the last decades and continue doing as we speak and want to do for all time, enriching themselves from corner to corner taking every resource of fortune of the country and making the people poor, beggars, and guards at best in their own country or resort to leave their country to live a life of servitude in other countries or remain in prison if question a right and freedom and political power.
We heard Tigray people political leaders saying to the Oromo people who oppose them and protest for their rights as possessed of demons, the other one said, they should be catered in open barracks like domestic animals which are needed only for services and consumption, if prisons are full, ordering university students squatting (kuch –bidig punishment) like children, killing indiscriminately innocent Ethiopians just for asking their natural and human rights to live on the places where they are born and lived, when their lands are robed forcefully for real estate buildings of past beggars of Tigray but today’s wealthy persons of corruption in Ethiopia and be onlookers of their life of luxury and at best be guards to them on their own lands with no economic benefits what so ever, to enhance their lives. As recently as this week, arsonists kidnapped and beat an Oromo political opposition leader and telling him either to keep quiet and live a life of animals or they will make him disabled or killed by running over him with a car and released him. This is scarier and an indication of what life is in Ethiopia today and for whom Ethiopia is, sole property of people from Tigray, with a complete absence of rule of law and total absence of freedom for its citizens but heaven and a place of luxury for people from Tigray, protected up close by a special army from Tigray and by majority foot soldiers from outside commanded by TPLF generals and commanding officers.
On the Gondar front, we read cases where cadres from Tigray terrorizing the people of Humera, Welkaite-Tegede-Telemt not to speak Amharic and not to play Amharic music and further went on saying, they learnt Amharic from Azmaries not because they are Amharas- surprising expression of delusional beggars but changed to cancer cells from over grown syndrome of unusual consumption and unfair possession of resources that are not theirs. There is a saying in our country “ sorry for those who are over consumed than those who are starved” which TPLF represents the over consumed animal of our society in the parable. They stripped employments and barred from further employment of people because they supported that Welkait-Tegede-Telemt are Amharas of Gondar, not tirgres of Tigay and the illegal takeaway of their lands should be returned to Gondar and their Amhara identity should be recognized. To counter attack this and further weaken the society, TPLF arsonists created a purposeful further division in Gondar – Kimant-Amhara dichotomy for the same intent I have mentioned above.
All these things clearly indicate what TPLF wanted and wants for all time – to be the sole owner of what is called Ethiopia as their real estate land mass of their own resource of wealth and power for eternal domination. I read the other day, the wife of the con – man and crook Meles Zenawi saying, she is afraid and worried for her properties and family – indicating they have no a vein of Ethiopian attachment and leadership characters, living only as colonizers of a luxury living of wealth obtained from the resources of the country as sole owners – like the European colonizers in south Africa or in colonized countries of Africa, when the people were demanding their rights of their lands and social unrest happened, the words and feelings Azeb expressed were used in the same way. But leaders do not have special business or property to worry about when the safety and security of their country is threatened and be at stake, as their sole purpose is to keep and maintain the safety and security of their country and provide true leadership for genuine equal prosperity and peaceful coexistence of their society.
On one of my recent posts, a Tigray mindless boy, a sympathizer of TPLF was trying to convince us (how foolish he is to fool others who are not fools but wise ) his nonsense, saying how the ethnic distribution of Ethiopian army is fair and to make a mindless conclusion for that, how TPLF runs a democratic system – a joke only for children or for fools of his types whom the con-man Meles fooled them, but not to grown up people who have a capacity to think, reason and know what is truth and falsehood. The Italian army of Mussolini in Ethiopia during the wars – traditionally known as the army of askaries, foot soldiers from Eritrea and Tigray to fight against Ethiopian heroes and heroines of independence, were the majority (in fact more than 90%) but that did not make it an army for Ethiopia, with a 1% or 0.5% of army Italian generals with sole power to order and command the majority army what to do. This is exactly what is happening in Ethiopia today, where TPLF keeps on saying the army is well distributed in ethnicity proportion (as if Ethiopians demand that) run , commanded and ordered by few generals of Tigre people for the sole purpose of their hegemony over Ethiopians, which makes it an army of colonization of its own country – that is what the Ethiopian people are saying. The Ethiopian people are not so naïve or incapable of thinking to know these differences, differences between what an army of subjugation and what an army of people from the people for the people and commanded by members of its own people.
The good thing is that the Ethiopian people are well understand not only the intent but the actual actions TPLF is doing and want to do all the time and therefore you have to be determined to get rid of this arsonist group of no conscience for once and for all, to keep fighting in any form, anywhere where their representatives live and where their sources of revenue exist. There is no any future benefit what so ever to create conditions to compromise with this arsonist group, as Ethiopians witnessed time and again what compromise means to them, it is to create temporary conditions of softness and seemingly possible breakthrough for democratic governance to flourish but instead to get someone in to their disposal and keep in prison, abuse him/her and eventually die of health complications because of severe abuse and emotional stress.
The difference between humans and animals is that humans learn and keep what they have learnt in their memory to use it for future purposes, either to solve problems or stay away from problems but create advanced techniques to solve harder problems, while animals trained but forget what are trained and always captured with the same trick and with the same trap. TPLF cannot do that anymore as Ethiopians are not animals who cannot learn tricks of deceptions for more than two decades.


  1. Tigreans long history tells what they are. From the treasonous and murderer Atie Yohannes who has massacred countless Muslims in Wello and steamed to death Gonder and Gojjam people by stilling their cartels and burning their farms to the Askaries you mentioned. Their act of genocide against the Amhara in Welkait and their trecherious act to landlocked Ethiopia is a crime on Ethiopia and it’s people. What about giving Ethiopian land to Sudan and selling our sisters to the barbaric Arabs?

  2. Dear Dekoro Doctor.
    Who would believe such ridiculously divisive and anti one entire race be written by one who has little access to education?

  3. This is an amazing article which propagates and disseminates hatred among peoples. You are trying with your at most capacity to incite violence of action against one ethnic group. You try to portray the people in power now as your God father Mesfin W. Mariam does. You don’t even have the guts to ask and know what brought the group to decisively defeat the Dergue regime, which you seem to be nostalgic of, and what keeps the regime intact. You don’t want to admit the strengths of the group and instead you are happy to insult whole people as Banda. Whereas the real Banda is a leader who has given a whole province as a present to the Italians. If you suspect the patriotism of the people you are not ashamed to call Banda, then you are deficient in reading recent history of the country you are talking about. If you want to check the patriotism of the people you intend to insult, check the battles your kinship regime called Dergue conducted on behalf of you and your likes in the mountains, plains, hills, valleys and gorges of Eritrea and northern Ethiopia. Check the battle of Af’abet, check the battle of Massawa, check the battle of Shire, check the battle of Guna, check the battle of Meragna….etc. Thus my friend, your sentiment and ideology is not new and not good also. In fact, it is the ideology that was decisively defeated not through war of words but through blood and iron in the battle field where real histories are written. That is the real place of the patriots and bravery. Thanks for giving me a chance to write my version of reading history.

  4. Tigreans long history tells what they are. From the treasonous and murderer Atie Yohannes who has massacred countless Muslims in Wello and starved to death Gonder and Gojjam people by stealing their cartels and burning their farms to the Askaries you mentioned. Their act of genocide against the Amhara in Welkait and their trecherious act to landlocked Ethiopia is a crime on Ethiopia and it’s people. What about giving Ethiopian land to Sudan and selling our sisters to the barbaric Arabs?

  5. The ongoing popular revolution should continue. This time is a decisive moment for the Oromo. More than any time in our history, the Oromo people have demonstrated their strong desire for freedom and rose up from every corner to do away with tyranny and dictatorship and bring about freedom, democracy and human dignity. We call on all Oromo nationals in and outside of Oromia to strengthen their Revolution to Culminate Slavery until the oppressive regime is completely uprooted.
    The Oromo people should put economic sanction on the regime. The TPLF led Ethiopian regime has declared war and is committing indiscriminate massacre on the Oromo. We should put economic sanctions on the regime: not paying taxes, isolating and socially punishing those who pay taxes and cooperate with the regime, boycott buying products affiliated with the regime, refusing selling of our products and services of the regime and its affiliates, and boycotting all meetings of all levels called by the regime.
    All roads in Oromia should be closed persistently and continually. Hereafter, the forces of the regime must be stopped from moving in and out of Oromia as they like and terrorize our people and exploit our resources. Therefore, we call on all Oromo nationals, young, old, men, women to close roads continuously and deny all vehicles of the regime access and movement in Oromia
    All attempts of “negotiation” must be rejected. One of the tactics of the regime to put down the inflaming revolution is to send surrogates and puppets of the regime called OPDO and tell our people a promise they cannot keep and promises that are beyond their power and send elders to several locations in an attempt to pacify the protest while at the same time the regime is dispatching its armed forces and continue arresting, beating, torturing and killing people. The regime uses “negotiation” to disperse the movement and then arrest leaders of the protests and all that are involved in the movement by making house-to-house search once everything is settled. Therefore, the Oromo people should not be deceived and listen to any call for negotiation until all forces of the regime get out of Oromia and the Oromo people erect their own administration.
    Oromo and non-Oromo intellectuals and lawyers should work on bringing this regime to International Criminal Court (ICC). All human rights activists, lawyers and intellectuals should work together and bring the current Ethiopian regime for the crimes of mass and unlawful killings, torturing, abduction and disappearances perpetrated on the Oromo and other peoples of Ethiopia to the International Criminal Court (ICC).
    TPLF/EPRDF/OPDO government must go. Hereafter, the Oromo people cannot and should not live under the TPLF/EPRDF/OPDO government. This government has massacred the Oromo people; it has Oromo blood on its hands. TPLF/EPRDF regime is a criminal and bloody regime. We call on all Oromo people to refuse living with a regime that is the killers of their children.
    We call on all Independent Oromo Political groups to form alliance and be united. This is a critical and decisive time for the Oromo people. In order to foil the divide and rule sabotage of the regime and maintain the unity of our people towards the common enemy, it is essential that all independent political groups narrow their differences and form alliance to support the popular revolution. We call on all Oromo political groups who are not working for the enemy to stand in unison, form alliance and work shoulder to shoulder and hamper the divisive objective of the enemy.
    We call on all Oromo nationals who are in the armed forces not to disarm their weapon and also to protect their people. We have seen that the regime is engaged in disarming the Oromian police and other Oromos working in federal police, the army, militia, and dispatch them barehanded while non-Oromos are carrying lethal weapons. You should ask why. Why is that you are denied to carry weapon in your own people and in your own country and aliens who have no mercy for your people are allowed to carry weapon and allowed to shoot and kill? This is what slavery is all about. Not only the Oromo people, but you are enslaved as well. When the Oromo people get their freedom, you will have your freedom. Do not disarm yourself. Do not shoot your people. Do not allow aliens shoot and kill your people. This time will pass and that time will come when you will be praised or blamed and responsible for your actions. Who are billionaires in Ethiopia? There are hundreds of Tigreans origins who became millionaires overnight. Here in California , USA we are organized to provide any financial and moral support to make sure the TIGRAYAN WAR LORDS applying for US citizenship in mass currently do not escape justice.

  6. These beteto-lebash Tigres have no place in Ethiopia.they are inherently hateful people,yound and old alike.
    Their hatred towards the Amharas is boundless.

  7. This is a hate propaganda that does not lead Ethiopia to democracy but to another version of Hitlor type dictatorship and possibly to the end of Ethiopia.
    Yes, TPLF is a repressive dictatorship but the way to bring about a smooth and gentle change that is democratic and beneficial to everybody is by doing what the Oromo youth is doing. Already the peaceful struggle of the Oromo has started bit by bit isolating the government of Ethiopia from its own people and the rest of the world.
    Hatred and Machoism has no place in the young generation of Ethiopia. This venom of yours is not acceptable by any reasonable high school completed person.
    For me you are even a suspect with a hiden agenda given to you by Shabia.

  8. Despite who says what, the beginning of the end for this destructive group of thugs holding Ethiopia at gun point is approaching fast. However, the damage they have inflicted on our country is deep, and irreversible in some instances. The struggle should continue to salvage whatever is left of Ethiopia. What they have been doing to that country is simply mind boggling. I can assure you one thing: they will face justice, sooner or later.

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