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The Myth of a stable Ethiopia under a Minority Regime – By Neamin Zeleke

The Myth of a stable Ethiopia under a Minority Regime
Part I
The morale is to the material as three to one
Napoleon Bonaparte
The Way means inducing the people to have the same aim as the leadership, so that they will share death and share life, without fear of danger.
Sun Tzu
The Myth of a Strong Ethiopian Armed Force

(Astrid Riecken/For The Washington Post) - Neamin Zeleke, managing director of Ethiopian Satelite Television, suspects that the Ethiopian government has employed spyware to identify opposition supporters.
(Astrid Riecken/For The Washington Post) – Neamin Zeleke, managing director of Ethiopian Satelite Television, suspects that the Ethiopian government has employed spyware to identify opposition supporters.

A myth underlying Western relations with Ethiopia regards that country’s military as a reliable and stable partner in the Horn of Africa and has dominated U.S. and European policy for more than two decades. This narrative has of late been increasing in influence and impact as foreign allies have grown increasingly dependent on Ethiopia to help defeat the extremist Al Shabaab insurgency in Somalia. Ethiopian support for other African peacekeeping missions is needed from time to time as well. Yet, to quote a Feb. 2016 Stratfor analysis, “…so far, the Islamist militants are clearly succeeding. Not only are they hitting AMISOM [African Union Mission in Somalia] at will, they are also specifically targeting aid shipments and personnel as a way to disrupt the counterinsurgency effort.”

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  1. I have high regard and hope from this man; this man sounds and looks the best material for Ethiopia and I believe he can bring lasting peace with Eritrea.

  2. Mr.neamen zeleke is looking every thing about Ethiopia with shaibiya Lence. He is preaching what shibiya cadres say in every websites.first before saying about any thing about Ethiopian military , he must read and understand shabiya manifesto . Every time he told us , the Ethiopian Governement is more cruel and fascist than his master shibiya Governement .Mr. Zeleke can tell us why 5000 Eritrean flee thier country every month? Why is like 10.000! Eritrean political prisnors in iron containers every where in that small country ? Did he know thousands of Eritreans eaten by shark in mediterinian water? I think Mr . Zeleke didn’t know and afraid how to die . There is no change or development with out drying . Siting in Washington DC and spread hate didn’t take him any where , it will just eat him alive .if he want change he must go there and die.


    Why do these lazy,negative and unproductive Neftegnas always wish evil to Ethiopia and Ethiopians ? ? ?
    What is funny and retard is these Neftegnas still daydream to reverse Ethiopia into the outdated boor lazy era of Neftegna era. And most Neftegnas deep down thinks if Ethiopia is not totally dominated by the Neftegnas Ethiopia will not have no peace and economic advancement.
    But the Neftegnas had ruled Ethiopia for the past 100+ years, and the only thing we Ethiopians gained from Neftegnas absolute rule is War,Starvation,extreme form of poverty, disacrmination against non Neftegna (showa Amharas), The neftegnas did not only failed Ethiopia and Ethiopians in general but had made Ethiopia the most impoverished country in the world.

  4. leYaSam aka Tigre thug:

    Just go away – crawl back into your Dedebit – Ethiopians had enough of your illiterate rant and garbage scribble – Down with WOYANE/TPLF.

    LONG LIVE Professor Neamin Zeleke, ARBEGNOTCH GINBOT 7 and all other patriots – ETHIOPIA SHALL BE FREE!

  5. I think we can save our old, beautiful and historic country from degenerating into deeper divisions and hatred and falling into the traps set by Meles Zenawi and his Tigre thugs. We can do this by standing up together across ethnicities and rejecting the inhumanity that is being committed by this cruel regime and its elite that is blinded by greed. There is nothing symbolic than rejecting this cruelty and barbarism against the Oromo people together. By so doing, we will all be fighting not for the rights of the Oromo people only but for ourselves and a better posterity too.

  6. Today Evil has triumphed in Ethiopia, and good Ethiopian men and women must forge solidarity to rescue their country from the clutches of a malignant dictator. A thuggish dictatorship in Ethiopia is on a crime spree: a leading opposition figure is snatched off the street and slammed into prison to serve out a life sentence. Mr. Bekele Gerba is put back in prison soon to be convicted a kangaroo court. Peaceful and lawful political parties and organizations are under the constant threat of dissolution, mindless bureaucratic control and regulation and vindictive prosecutions. Opposition political leaders and dissidents remain under 24-hour surveillance, relentless harassment and intimidation. Members of the independent press are subjected to police interrogation, constant harassment, arbitrary arrests, detentions and persecution. The charity work of international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Ethiopia has been criminalized; and by “law”, they are prohibited from working on human rights issues in the country. Human Rights Watch predicted that this pretentious and asinine law “will make Ethiopia one of the most inhospitable places in the world for both Ethiopian and international human rights groups.”

  7. Human rights violations in Ethiopia in the past year have intensified as thousands of political prisoners are held in detention facilities throughout the country in violation of the “laws” and “constitution” of the country and international law. The country’s limited resources continue to be squandered on a misbegotten war. The ruling thugs in Ethiopia have been accused of committing war crimes on a massive scale in Somalia, and crimes against humanity against Ethiopians. Famine threatens to destroy one-quarter of the Ethiopian population as the dictators sip on Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac and throw lavish balls and galas to entertain themselves. The cost of living in Ethiopia has reached astronomical levels, depriving the vast majority of Ethiopians the capacity to earn a living or feed their families. The corrupt and decadent plutocracy and its lackeys continue to rapaciously plunder the country’s economy and resources. Cumulatively, the ruling thugs have propelled Ethiopia to the top of the failed states in the world.

  8. Time to face the truth – Woyane / TPLF has failed and completely in its mission. Woyane is set out to destroy Ethiopia and will in the end self-destruct. Ethiopians will continue to watch on the sidelines with aching hearts and bellies.

    They gnash their teeth and wag their index fingers asking themselves when the day of reckoning will finally arrive. Woyane and all Tigre accomplices know that behind the deafening silence of millions of Ethiopians and apparent passivity is boiling anger just like liquefied magma before it erupts in a volcano.

    Or perhaps it is like the proverbial finger in the dam. You can’t stop the dam from collapsing by sticking a finger in the hole of the dam. What happens when the dam finally collapses? There is no doubt about it. The day of reckoning for the Woyane and all Tigre accomplices will come “unexpectedly, like a thief in the night”.

  9. Woyane supporters you don’t have respect and faith and truth in your life time . Whate about the davil woyane displeased millions of Ethiopians farmers and yang generation to sacrifice their life for the ocean animals and prison to the neiboring countries. Plus etplf pay money to kille the refugee and. Kidnap.

  10. People of woyane you have no brain only mouth and lie. Millions of ethiopian joining for freedom and will bring truth of killed Ethiopian by the Tigray anarkist devil etplf cadres.

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