The long forgotten band

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By Eduardo Byrono
What a dazzling image? Isn’t it? By the way who are they? Please mention the name of the band, the artists then lift them high for deserved tribute and I am here to join you with a full energy.
What was the name the music band? As it is noticed in the image, they appeared well organized and who were the artists? Do you recall the year when they were popular and where are they now?
Are they still alive? Please enlighten me with their untold story.
For sure no one has a power to stop time but we can always slow down for a minute to recall the most important events and people that came to pass because no one deserves to be forgotten.
I am looking forward for your answers, my friend. Thanks in advance.


  1. The band shown above is ‘Orchestra Ethiopia’ prominent in the 1960 early 70th . It was lead by Tesfaye Lemma and an American University Teacher (forgot his name) .

  2. This band is EZRA band in the Haille Selassie national theatre. Their peek time was late 1950s and early 1960s. I don’t know their individual names but I remember their music and face.

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