The Legacy Of Meles Zenawi and Shiferaw Shegute – Genocide [Video]

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By Liya Tessema


  1. I wonder what Meles (that beast) head of the curse Weyanne thinks from where he is, in Hell !! I realize that Zenawi is now a believer in God !! Oh! yes! there are no unbelievers in Hell. Every body in Hell is a believer !!! But too late !!! Now Zenawi knows there is a God whose judgment he can not escape !! And Zeanawi acknowleges that he deserves what he has received for all the crimes he committed, his place with Hitler Mossoloni, Stalin and others !! Confined in the prison cell of Hell !!
    Shigutte, let me tell you this: Your god is your belly !! laugh all you can for now!!! But will have the last laugh in your life! What always amazes and puzzles me is how or why a man like you sell his soul for a morsel of bread, for such a short time to face eternity in Hell !! your foolish heart is deceiving you that there is no judgment, that God is a God of love He will not send you to hell !!! Yes our God is a God of love; but my dear man you forgot the other character of God, that He is the God of judgment also!!! He will see to it that you the judgment that is due to your wickedness !!! The tears of all those Mothers, Fathers and children you threw out of their home, those who are murdered by you, will give you no peace or rest until justice is done!
    Yes you may escape the judgment of the people here on earth, but rest assured you will not escape God’s judgment in Hell!
    And so my friend, laugh of you can ! feed your belly all you can ! for Hell is waiting for you with her mouth wide open !!
    No doubt you have a family, you have children !! I would not want to be in their shoes for a second, when I think of what awaits them, when you breath your last breath!
    If there is any sense left in you, it is time to repent, and ask forgiveness first and foremost the Holy God whose law you have broken ! All sin is a sin against a Holy and Just God! Then ask forgiveness of the people you have put to such suffering!!
    I sometimes think that men like you have already passed the point of no return and that the ultimate judgment is the only thing left for you!

    God shall remove the curse (Weyane!) and shall heal the land!!!
    He shall wipe away all the tears from our eyes !!

    Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ !!!

  2. Hodam Shigutte!!! first of all you have identity crisis and you look “kelu mamo “when you laugh and try to explain who you are. You said first I am Sidama then Ethiopian. If that so you think the Amharas are not Ethiopians? I guess the difference between you and them(Amhara)is that they always think Ethiopian first and they beleive the country belongs to all regardless of ethnicity and religion.

    Shigutte it seems to me you willingly indoctrinated by Haile Mariam who in turn molded by the ring leader the devil Zenawi. And your sinester laughter at the interveiw exposes your inhuman and agazi characterstic which you inherited from your masters. But beleive me this will not go well with your creator if you have a soul. If you are thinking you laugh and enjoy life to the fullest please do not think so because these henious crimes you and your masters inflicted upon the Amhara people will not set well with God. God said in Matthew if any one abuse innocent children it will be better for him or her to put a huge stone hung around his or her neck and be drowned to the depth of the sea. What you did amount to it. Please do not laugh about it you should be crying instead. Remmeber this life is temporary. Gpd bless Ethiopia and her people.

  3. You Stupid, short sighted & voracious people, history will judge you… where did you learn the history of Ethiopia? Who thought that? The Amhara people are the one who have actually built the country, the state that you control now… Where did you get the gut and expertise to talk about that? I wish the time comes soon and justice be served to the millions… U r awaiting hell Shegutie and his associates…

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