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The Legacy of Hailu Shawel

The Legacy of Hailu Shawel

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  1. This guy has never contributed something for Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people. You guys you do not have any idea. You are simply confusing innocent Ethiopians. If you extoll such a person what can say about all those great philosophers and scientists who have contributed something useful to humanity in general. At Hailu become a rich person, when the country was in turmoil. He has never given a dime to the poor Ethiopians. Please try to stop from spreading this kind of false propaganda. The guy has never had any idea about a society and how one organizes it. He was ready to cooperate with Meles and co. to sell out our country. What you tell is a fake story.


  2. Dear Admin,

    please remove this video. It is unfair to the Ethiopian people to tell a false story about this person.

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