The “killer”, Abey Belette Girma has been caught in Denver.

(credit: Dallas Police Dept.)

(EMF) Breaking News- The alleged “killer”, Abey Belette Girma has been caught in Denver.

Denver police have arrested Abey Belette Girma they say killed an Ethiopian couple Yayehyirad Lemma and Yenenesh Desta who owns Desta Ethiopian Restaurant in Dallas on the front porch of their M Streets home this week. Abey Belette Girma was attending in Denver St. Mary Orthodox church, and an Ethiopian reported to Denver Police.

According to EMF source, the alleged killer might spend two days and nights in Denver sleeping in his car.

The suspect has been arrested by Ethiopians support in Denver. While Police identified him, Abey was in his Navy blue Nissan 2011 car next to the St. Mary Orthodox Ethiopian church, parked inside the school compound. Abey tried to escape but chased and arrested by Denver Police. EMF has detail about the arrest and what Police found in the suspect car but the informer told not to disclose the detail since it’s under Police investigation. Both Denver and Dallas Police expected to give briefing about his arrest soon.

Source EMF

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