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By Belayneh Abate

The South Africa’s court decision to force the Sudanese dictator not to leave South Africa is encouraging. African Dictators are chronic public health disasters. These dictators are not just mass murderers but also the reason why starvation, malaria, tuberculosis, flea and lice borne diseases still kill the African people.  In this 21st century, Africans were not supposed to die from starvation, migration, and preventable communicable diseases. As the universe understands, these preventable diseases are the major causes of Africans’ deaths. In other words, the root causes of death in Africa are African dictators.  Therefore, the issue of African dictators should be seen, not only from the angle of justice, but also from public health perspectives.

In order to control or eradicate public health disasters, one has to target the root causes of death.  Although many doubt their  claimed missions, international organizations such as WHO, UNICEF, IMF, World Back, Care, Oxfam, World Vision, Bill Gates, and so on throw money to mitigate starvation and communicable diseases in Africa. In reality, where does this “aid fund” go? Obviously, most of the fund gets in to the dictators’ and corrupted “business” men’s pockets. These disgraceful citizens steal and deposit it back in the European and African Banks. This means “donors” feed the bugs to boost their disease causing capability (virulence), not the victims to strengthen their defense mechanism (immunity). The so called “donations” have never been and will never be effective in Africa unless they target and eradicate the root-causes of African miseries-the bug dictators. In fact, had Africa had responsible leaders, it should not have received embarrassing baloneys from other countries in the first place.
Dictators may look fearless when well- fed generals and loyal soldiers stand behind them. However, tyrants’ pants get wet when they are confronted by any responsible establishment that promotes accountability, justice, freedom and so on.  Have you ever seen how ants react when you spray pesticides to get read of them? Dictators act in a similar fashion when they are challenged by any institutions designed to advance justice, accountability, humanity and freedom.  Unfortunately such institutions do not exist on Africa soil.

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The only effective existing international tool to save lives in Africa today is the international criminal court (ICC).  ICC may not stop corruption, starvation, and diseases but it has the power to mitigate genocides and mass murders.  We may underestimate the contribution of ICC as counting events that did not take place is challenging.  For example, counting the number of people who died from measles is relatively easy. However, estimating the number of people saved because of measles vaccination is very difficult.  With the same token, we may easily count the number of people slaughtered by dictators; however, estimating the number of mass murders prevented by the very existence of ICC may not be easy.  I believe mass murder in African has decreased significantly since ICC starts to hold murderers accountable.  No vaccine exists without adverse effects. However, since the benefits outweigh the side effects, we proceed with vaccination.  Similarly, ICC may have some adverse effects but it is an effective vaccine for fatal psychopathic diseases such as mass murder, crime against humanity and genocide. Therefore, ICC should be promoted and its mandate expanded.

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As some clever germs thrive to develop resistance against antibiotics, the blood-thirsty African Germs (they call themselves leaders) are trying hard to develop resistance against ICC. One of these resistance mechanisms is blackmailing ICC as unjust institution, which does not treat mass murderers equal. You see! The African dictators are concerned about mass murderers (themselves) not about the people they slaughter. These ruthless murderers claim that they will establish their own version of African ICC. How you heard of criminals establishing courts for their own trial? No! No! No! This will never happen. It is just part of their day- to- day big lie and mischief.  We already know what their Kangaroo courts do in Africa! Their puppet “judges” send dissents and other victims to dark-infested prisons and torture chambers following the commands of the shameless dictators. These dictators even kill the parents of dissents and send their children to prison so that the children would not be evidence sources for the crimes. Do you still think these kinds of heinous criminals would set up African Criminal Court? Do you believe wolves would establish a court that would save the lives of sheep herds?

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When bugs get clever, people should get smarter. Wake up the People of Africa!  The beasts are in South Africa not to discuss mass murder, crime against humanity, genocide, starvation, migration, diseases, or other atrocities that take away the lives of your loved ones. They are lodging in luxurious hotels to discuss how to defend their crimes and condemn ICC that hunts genocide committers and mass murderers.  It appears that African despots are determined to continue killing you, your children and grand children.  Even the sheep come together to defend themselves when they are approached by merciless wolves. Cry in Unisom Africa for the existence of ICC so that mass murders, crimes against humanity and genocide can be contained.  No doubt!  Even with its own limitations ICC saves lives.  Therefore, ICC should be saved, promoted and expanded. Thank you.

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Note: This article was first published in October, 2013

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