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“The governmets of the Arabian Peninsula are eating your lunch” A response to Ambassador Cohen’s Proposal

By Zeg Fanta
Herman CohenAmbassador Cohen, who peacefully transferred power from one dictatorship to another, and the Pope who crowned Meles Zenawi has emerged with another spectacular proposal / policy for Abyssinians. This time, a response to Ambassador Herman Cohen is in order.
Before attempting to make an assessment about Mr. Cohen’s proposal, it is necessary to deal first, with the politically incorrect framework. An Ethiopian national may quickly identify the stinging idea associated with the proposal, and its intended beneficiaries. Mr. Cohen wrote (www.cohenonafrica.com, December 2015):  — Read More —
The governments of the Arabian Peninsula are eating your lunch (1)

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  1. First, you addressed your commentary to “all Abyssinians”. Which country are you referring to? Not all people in Ethiopia or Eritrea are Abyssynian and that term is not inclusive in both nations. In fact the majority of the people are not in both countries. But those in power in both countries are. You are talking to those dictators you helped cling to power, not to the entire people. It is sad that biased and narrow minded people like you maneuver the US foreign policy and decide on the fate and life of millions around the world.
    My second point is that you are so concerned only for the stability of the two murderer regimes in Asmara and Addis Ababa and you do not care a little about justice and democracy. I can get this from the phrase “each government will guarantee that its territory will not be allowed to be used by elements hostile to the other” as one of the initial agreements. As a result, you want the two dictators to work in cooperation to crash any dissent or civil movement and rule for ever. That is what you want and you do not care for the people of both countries as far as the dictators can silence the area and dance with you. Sir, I believe you know how your kids in Addis and Asmara have been doing with oppositions and journalists for the last 25 years. What is the problem if one government hosts opposition elements of the other individually or as an entity?
    My last comment: Eritreans and the Eritrean government can do their businesses on their own; leave them alone. It is up to them to govern their country and administer their territory. This includes Assab. You helped establish Eritrea in 1991. Do not try to undo that now. As for Ethiopian, it is doing just fine without Eritrea.

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