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The Former President Mengistu Haile-Mariam (Life in Exile) – Amharic Audio

From Da’amat to EPRDF- the former President Mengistu Haile-Mariam (Life in exile) – SBS Amhraic

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  1. Menge long live to u u were a true Ethiopian leader unlike this evil and Banda Tigres who are working hard to destroy the country and its foundations u did what u can for your country and people and you will see the catastrophic fall of these greedy and cruel Bandas soon.
    You know Tigres have no shame or yilugnta when they call you Fascist lol while killing children and mothers and shooting them in the head , they live in 21 century and criticize people who led and created Ethiopia 200 years ago are these Tigrians retarded people ?
    Ethiooians are being starved and the food aid we got could not get on time because These evil and greedy Tigrians fought to cut us from our natural and historical port Assab

    After the Nefetegna elites blackmailed and assassinated the fearsome Oromo president Tefere Banti, Col.Mengestu Hailemariam was NEFTEGNA elites backdoor hand picked hope to defend the Nefetegnas hidden agenda and interest but that reality dashed when Col.Mengestu assassinated Sixty Nefetegna cabinet ministers within 27 hours ( with it The Nefetegnas hope and long dreams shattered).
    Some Nefetegna elites thought blackmailing and assassinating the Oromo Tefere Banti and handing power to Col Mengestu was safe oh boy! oh boy!! The Nefetegnas elite camp caught by surprise, Col Mengestu had struck the Nefetegna camp in the heart – NEFETEGNA CAMP DOOMED IN PERPETUAL TERMS, NEVER TO RECOVER.

  3. I am sorry Ms Ayele but your testimony that Colonel Mengistu love Ethiopia doesn’t make sense to me. What does that mean he love Ethiopia? Someone who loves his/ her country wouldn’t do what he did. You don’t love the soil, river or mountain of of a country. You love the people! He massacred tens of thousands of Ethiopians because he wanted to be the leader of Ethiopia. There were thousands of others who could have done a better job, could have save our mother land from total collapse but he destroyed everything because he loved himself more than he loved his country. He is a devil, no one in our long history has done so much destruction the Mengistu.
    He killed a King, two prime ministers, count less top military generals, ministers, young educated boys and girls who could make the country better. At the end he deserted the country that he claimed he love. This is a joke.

  4. If we, Ethiopians, had any sense at all, we would have struggled to bring the main culprit of the Dergue crime in Ethiopia, Mengistu Hailemariam, to justice at the International Criminal Court with the support of the UN Security Council.
    Mengistu was, after all, the leader of a regime that victimized over 500,000 people including the 60 officials under Emperor Haile Sellassie’s regime without any form of justice.
    Mengistu and his friends, including Genet, are insulting our intelligence by referring merely to political and historical aspects and nothing whatsoever with regard to the issue of justice!
    Bringing Mengistu to justice would have sent an alarm bell to all current and future Ethiopian leaders to be aware of one basic aspect, namely, that abuse of authority would have grave, legal consequence.
    Let us wake up and bring the Dergue criminal, Mengistu and other living culprits to justice!

  5. Don’t listen this monster “Mengistu”. I read his book and I found not even a single sentence to admit all the mess and atrocities he brought to the Ethiopian people during his 17 years .
    NO wonder. The evil of all evils, WEYANNE, came with unprecedented evil strategy to wipe out Ethiopia from the world map. Weyanne is emboldened by our inaction. We paved the way and showed the way to Addis Ababa. My God! We said let us give them a chance as if they have good intention in their evil mind. We failed again terribly.
    “Mekshef Yilhal Endih Neew”
    Mingistu is a criminal who grossly abused his power. He was a killing machine. The streets of Addis Ababa cry for justice for those innocent bloodshed (all those executions of blindfolded youth victims in broad day light and as showcase in front of other bystanders. He masterminded them and they were carried out by HIS AND ONLY HIS ORDER. Then followed by the executions of all high ranking top brass and highly experienced military officials(What about General Tariku who was killed by him at front line while fighting Ethiopian enemies). What did this monster say in the name of ETHIOPIA?
    Ahhhh! Unfortunately, it is we(the age group between 50 – 88 at present) who knowingly or unknowingly collaborated with him and emboldened all his actions. We were so cruel, you know, and we still we remain loyal to our identity. And we keep silent.

  6. @ Sidamo,
    How the hell did the entire cabinet minsters selected and qualified from single tribe (Showa Amhara tribe/neftegn tribe) ? ?

  7. Mengestu brought dooms day to the Nefetegna camp.
    As we all knows Mengestu Hailemariam had successfully assassinated scores of the Showa Amhara dominated cabinet ministers.

  8. Mengeya,my hero,we Ethiopians will never forget u.u are true Ethiopians that no one match.those Banda woyanes and those rascist woyana followers are subhuman and human scums.

  9. amhara is not naftegna rahher it is the greatest nation that laid foundation to the present country ethiopia. so never attach naftegna to asongle nation.Amhara is greatful to this country

  10. Mr. Mengistu, I also reward rather salute you for your sovereign attitudes and equal treatment of all ethnic groups. At the same time I charge you for your brutal killings and arrogance. You need to be apologetic of the last to fully reside in the hearts of Ethiopians.
    But by any measure, no Ethiopian will dare to equate you with the ruthless banda gang (TPLF). As you had warned, they have destroyed our historical heritages, our sovereign territories and we as proud people.

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