The Final Hours of Ethiopia’s TPLF Regime Recent

Final Hours of Ethiopia’s TPLF

With their army destroyed and their last, best troops wiped out in one morning on the outskirts of their capital Mekele the last remnants of the leadership of Ethiopia’s TPLF regime were forced to retreat to the secret Hagarasalam underground bunkers near the capital. Built by the notoriously paranoid and cowardly TPLF godfather Meles Zenawi, the Hagarasalam bunkers were the bolt hole of desperation, a place to hide through thick and thin of warfare in safety. No engineer that helped build this secret underground bunker system lived to tell the story.

When their enemies, the Ethiopian army, surrounded them there the TPLF mafia capos escaped through a secret 300 meter long tunnel and literally headed for the hills, the nearest mountainside, to hide. They broke up into two groups and tried to find what shelter they could. Old, fat and desk bound for the past 30 years, they’re fighting fit days of the 1980s guerrilla war were long gone. Without access to food or water it was only a matter of time before their jig was up.

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They were quickly spotted, surrounded and offered a safe surrender which they spurned repeatedly. Then the onslaught started, first heavy artillery bombardment, then worked over again by helicopter gunships.

When the final assault was done all that was left of the TPLF leaders on that mountainside were pieces of bones and body parts.

As happened so often in the past the acrid odor of high explosives had hardly settled when the winds carried the smell of fresh kill to their dens where the hyenas had taken shelter from shot and shell. With smoke still rising from craters in the mountainside, the hyenas, “zibee” in Tigrinia, mother tongue of the TPLF, were out hunting their dinner. With in a few days the site of the final hours of the TPLF regime was picked clean and the only thing left of the bane of modern Ethiopia was hyena skat spread across the mountainside.

This is no rumor, no “what might have happened”. This is what actually took place and is an open secret here in Asmara and confirmed by first hand accounts. I guess you could say this is the “unofficial” official story. Or maybe it’s the official “unofficial” story?

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What really matters is that the CIA’s oldest.  largest, most successful criminal operation in Africa came to its well deserved end. With the TPLF, the most feared regime in eastern Africa, now gone for good peace can break out and the long over due rebuilding of a independent, self reliant, eventually prosperous Ethiopia can begin.

Once the Ethiopian people are free to raise their heads in pride and start the hard work of feeding, housing and educating their people, and their lives begin to finally improve, the rest of Arica will have to take notice.

Ethiopia is potentially a wealthy country with trillions of m3 of natural gas, billions of barrels of oil, rich deposits of minerals lying in the pretty much unexplored Arab-Nubian geological shield and rich agricultural lands and lots of water.

When a people who were once best known for famine and war better their lives the rest of Africa have a “threat of a good example” that can’t be ignored. Then the neo colonialists who dominate Africa under the cover of the EU will no longer be able to plunder and loot our continent, no longer be able to buy the support of their populations with a rich lifestyle by bleeding Africa dry.

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As Ethiopia begins to break the modern day chains of neocolonialism expect their leader, Nobel Laureate Abiy Ahmed to be continuously demonized in the western media. To see Africa’s sickest nation become a modern successful example of African independence and self reliance those bloodsucking western banksters and their lackey at the UN will be hard put to stand aside and let their system inevitably come crumbling down about them.  For how can they continue as they have without the stolen wealth of Africa, to bribe their people and prop up their increasingly challenged regimes?

Barry O’Bombers has been living and writing from Eritrea since 2006. He can be reached at thomascmountain at g_ mail_ dot _com


  1. I have true and indisputable news for you. Comrades Chairman Mao Debre, Field Marshal Sebhat Marx Nega and Abay Lenin Tsehaye all three just shot me emails to fill me in one the latest true status. Field March Sebhat Marx Lenin is in Asmara after annihilating the Eritrean army single handed with his bare hands and has captured Brother Isaias. That is right Brother Isaias is in custody along with his entire cabinet. The people of Eritrea have greeted the victorious Comrade Sebhat with fanfare showering him with rose petals. Comrade Chairman Mao Debre is in Addis after crushing the army of Neftegnas and Neo-Gobenas. He has captured Abiy and his entire cabinet. Comrade Abay Lenin Tsehaye is in Gondar after wiping out the entire Northern Neftegna Army alone by himself and liquidating Jula and Bacha. Herman is in Addis to supervise the complete wiping of every living, breathing Neftegna and Neo-Gobena from the face of the earth and declaration of The Peoples Socialist Republic of Oromia with the Ibsas as the President and Prime Minister, The Gutemas as the Coffer Dippers and Launderers and Jimj as the Foreign Minister of the new republic. Chairman Mao Debre will be the Supreme Leader of the new Peoples Republic of Axumia. Then Herman will be given a free-for-all permit to carry out another massive haul of human trafficking. Herman is also finishing up a book to prove that Neftegnas and Neo-Gobenas are all are actually evil, lizard-like extraterrestrials in disguise that must eradicated despite the fact that number well into tens of millions people.

    When I read these emails from these comrades I said to myself, wow!!! What these golden race people from Comrade Mao Debre’s birthplace are capable of. Wow!!! I can’t wait to get their next email. If they call me I will put them on the speakerphone so everyone can hear them. I promise, ok?

  2. This is just another sad episode in our unabated history of violence. It really saddens me to keep hearing children of the same Mother Ethiopia have not found the plausible ways of finding the middle spot where differences in opinion would be resolved before they escalate into conflicts in which lives will be lost, Some among us seem to choose to remain rigid in our opinions/conviction with ‘mine or bust’ mentality. You add that demonic ideology of Marxism/Leninism to such rigid opinion then this happens. We heard it all. Those goons on the top echelons of the TPLF did honestly believe still believe that they were the emancipators of all Oromos and Amharas that have a combined population of more than 80 million. They really believe in such twisted idea and have been poisoning their followers to believe so. You could have seen them saying that. We have seen and heard them telling us that ad nauseam for more than 30 years now. Such twisted idea drove them to look down the rest of the population in that country. That pushed them to believe that they are the only ones who can prevail in the battle field. They even had the audacity to tell us boatload of stories how they used to beat the well armed soldiers of Mengistu with just archaic bolt action rifles. For them every Amhara and Oromo is so coward that he shakes in his boots just at the sight of a Tigrayan. They also believed in the lies they tell others that they ended up believing their own lies. They pilfered AK47’d and RPG’s from the nation’s arsenals and armed their ragtag followers with these stolen properties. They told the BBC, AFP, Reuters and Al-Jaeeda that they have a well trained and battle seasoned army of 250,000 fighters. That was a runaway exaggeration and lie they told again and again which they ended up believing it. That was why they kept sneering at the PM when he traveled all the way to Mekele trying to bring them to their senses. But such commendable effort was futile. Elders consisting of community and religious leaders went all the way to Chairman Debre’s joint in their blessed effort to avert any bloodshed between brothers. But those goons did not even afford the respect those elders deserved in accordance to our legendary tradition. That is because the goons believed they were/are invincible created to rule unchallenged for a thousand years. What stupidity!! What arrogance!!! Now those who have survived so far will live the rest of their lives looking over their shoulders like a rattled up wildebeest. That is even if they will be able to continue to survive the chase by the Alula incarnate of their own.

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