The Ethiopian Spice Girls, Colombian cattle and rainmakers who watch ants: 10 of the most outrageous ways British foreign aid has been spent 

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  • British taxpayers cash has been squandered on projects happening overseas
  • Among them is paying £4million to fund Ethiopia’s version of the Spice Girls
  • Another saw £2million paid on a scheme on using insects to predict the weather in Kenya 

The Mail has led the way in chronicling how British taxpayers’ money has been squandered overseas. 

Here are some of the most egregious examples of how YOUR money has been frittered away:

1. £4million to fund Ethiopia’s own Spice Girls. Yegna, a five-strong group, launched a radio show and released a string of videos that aimed to empower women in the African country.

2. £15million on a scheme aimed at reducing the flatulence of Colombian cattle to help combat climate change.

Wannabees: While Ethiopia struggled with the legacy of famine and war, £4million of British aid money went to the African’s version of the Spice Girls – giving them a radio show aimed at empowering women

3. £25million on teaming up meteorologists with Kenyan ‘rainmakers’, who observe the movements of ants to predict the weather.

4. Britain committed £700million to help impoverished children in Pakistan – only for corrupt officials to cream off vast amounts of money by creating thousands of fake teaching jobs then pocketing the salaries.

5. £3million wasted on sending unwanted helicopters to help out with the aftermath of last year’s Nepal earthquake.

6. Last year £3million was given to China – the world’s second largest economy – to increase ‘awareness’ of British football.

7. A £22.5million programme of aid for China included role-play sessions to encourage young people to think about climate change.

8. Channel 4 News presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy was paid £15,000 for just a few hours’ work at a summit in Mexico.

9. Britain gives £72million a year to Palestine, more than a third of which goes straight to the Palestinian Authority, which critics say supports terrorists.

10. An aid watchdog found UK money actually fuels corruption in Nigeria – with one scheme increasing the likelihood locals would have to pay backhanders to the police.


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