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The Ethiopian Government Must Stop the Genocidal Violence Directed Against the Amhara People!


Date: 12/22/2016,

PS No: APU/00501

አምባ – Amhara Professionals Union Press Statement

It is a public secret that the TPLF (Tigray Peoples Liberation Front, which is the dominant political force ruling the Ethiopian state), from its inception has labeled the Amhara people as its number one enemy. This liberation front, with its grandiose scheme of establishing “The Greater Tigray Republic”, have been openly committing unspeakable forms of crimes of humanity against the Amhara people since day one.1 The sad history of genocidal violence that the TPLF led regime perpetrated against the Amhara people in areas such as Bedeno, Gurafereda, Metekel (in today’s Benishangul Gumuz Region) and many other places are well documented as well. The authoritarian regime in the country has continuously targeted the Amhara by forcefully annexing historical lands and giving them to the Regional State of Tigray, displacing farmers from their ancestral lands, torturing and killing the Amhara youth for over a quarter of a century, and many others crimes that emanated the governing elites’ deep hate of the Amhara. Such crimes by the regime are continuing as we speak. Just recently, the TPLF led regime attempt to quell the peaceful demonstrations in the cities of Gondor, Bahir Dar and other areas of the Amhara region by murdering over 540 and arresting over 51, 000 Amhara youth after turning military camps into detention centers overnight were the reasons behind the political violence the country is experiencing in recent times.

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1 Comment

  1. Folks, I just want to point out to a printing error and give an opinion.
    In the very first sentence,what has appeared as ,,, ‘ is a public secret’ should have read ‘ is not a public secret’.

    It is meaningless to complain to foreign powers, their institutions including the UN which is effectively their instrument. TPLF is installed to do what it does best as a mercenary contingent.

    If a handful of Tigres could attempt to destroy our country and earmark to annihilate over 30 million Amaras perceived to be a threat to their imperialist ambitions, there is something very wrong here.

    Amaras should get their acts together, organize and unleash the enormous force they have at their disposal. Of course, the role of their neighboring Oromo and Afar comrades in particular, would be indispensable.

    It is a shame that Amaras stoop so low and appeal to foreigners to save them from these debased Tigres.

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