The end of Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) marks the new era in Ethiopia

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March 10, 2018
Tesfaye Yigzaw

Heroes and heroines of Ethiopia are freed from terrorist prisons. Thanks to young and vibrant Ethiopians. After twenty seven years of contemptuous, time has come for TPLF’s downfall. What would be next?

While thousands are still in prison, hundreds were freed in the past few weeks. To begin with, they have not committed the slightest crime to have them sent to imprisonment. They are advocates of freedom, justice, democracy, and free and fair political systems, and religious autonomy. They would have been appreciated had there been a candid democratic government. The matter of the fact, Ethiopia has neither a true government nor a leader for twenty seven years. This seems a cumbersome statement but here are four reasons the Tigray People Libation Front’s inherent characteristic that defines it is unprincipled government:

  1. Terrorism: individual, group or government deliberately employs violence against civilians creating fear and terror to achieve financial, political, and religious ambition.
  2. Fascism: authoritarian, tribal, dictatorial regime eliminates its opponent by force to control economy and power.
  3. Mafia: criminal organization that make money illegally by threatening others. Or an organized group of people that employ force to make money illegally and unfairly.
  4. Eugenics: inhumanly control segment of population from breeding by method of sterilization. Nazi Germany used against Jewish. In the past 27 years, Tigray People Liberation Front employed against the Amhara population. The current director of WHO was a Health Minster in Ethiopia when such immoral conduct had taken place.
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The above statement is just an overview to describe TPLF’s atrocities and criminal activity against the population. TPLF employed these schemes to control the people’s right. The declaration of State Emergency is part of the scheme to extend the life of TPLF to commit more genocide. The United Nations, in particular human rights watch has an obligation to bring Tigray People Liberation Front and its supporters including those living around the world to the court of justice on the basis of genocide. It is irresponsible to be quietly ignoring such high scale genocides committed by TPLF against the people of Ethiopia. Retrospectively, Rwanda’s genocide could have been stopped short, but the international community did not heed. Ethiopians are appealing to international community for several years but no attentiveness. TPLF’s terror scheme is not limited to only for democracy activists, the Waldiba monks, priests, and Muslim leaders’ imprisonments, and local tribes, and natives were exterminated from their lands. TPLF goes beyond its territory to silence its opponents by kidnaping; Andargachew Tsige still in captive is a good example.

For all these years, TPLF has never conducted itself what a government ought to be. Essentially, a leader has a defining character to satisfy a role of leadership; to mention few, he or she must first have a strong love of a country and able to unify its people. Additionally, a leader ought to be nationalistic, not entangled in trivial tribe activism. Above all, a leader strongly defends and preserves the interest of the country. These are absent under TPLF’s leadership. This attest, despite of Col. Mengistu’s cruelty, today people prefer him over TPLF. Most recently, however, thanks to Lemma Megersa and Abiy Ahmed’s group to raising high up once again a sprite of Ethiopia bent on to unify the people. They broke the backbone of TPLF’s indoctrinations including the ethnic politics.  Not only that, they dismantled ethnic political activism. There is a strong feeling among the population; Ethiopia has given birth to lions. The credit ought to be for young generation of Ethiopians once regarded by society as hopeless in comparison to previous generations. They are earth shaking young generation without limitation to only the “mountains”.

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Having said these, the imprisoned freedom advocates have been through extreme, and painful physical tortures and mental anguishes, and lost their livings, families are dysfunctional, love ones are either dead or misplaced, they lost their jobs though they are freed from captives. They should be paid restitutions to reinstate their lives. Money to compensate the freed prisoners must come out of TPLF’s bank accounts. After all, TPLF has accrued wealth through corruptions, and illegal networking companies it has established inside and outside the country.

Now, where is the country heading? A choice is still remains on the hands of TPLF. For the best interest of its own people and a country, with no further delay, a transitional government must be stablished. TPLF must realize that to wish to reorganize for repositioning itself to govern Ethiopia is impossible. It is a dead end. People have demanded, they do not want to see TPLF. “Down! Down! TPLF!” the answer is simple, TPLF must exit, there is no other way around to stop the revolt.

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Note that the ruling organization which called itself “EPRDF” is an aggregate of four ethnic groups, and it is not a political party, with the exception of Amhara (represented by Tigrayens) the rest three are represented by its corresponding ethnic representatives, though it is a fake aggregates that is fully controlled by TPLF.

What would be next? It is dismaying that no viable political parties yet to be formed in the country. One reason is that TPLF had made sure no political party to be stablished in the country. Secondly, individual political organization is fractured, unable to form unified political party. Though, there are some political organizations, they have no obvious blueprint how to formulate a political system to govern the country.

The lasting peace and prosperity would only be possible by establishing a formidable democratic government. All stakeholders must join forces to better the lives of every Ethiopian. The necessity of establishing transitional government is overdue, nevertheless, it maybe for a better to come. I believe civic organizations must lead a transitional government, with representatives from political groups with a mandate for one year to transfer power to a democratic elect party.







  1. I am just wondering how many times will Ethiopia will go to transetional government? Mr.Tseyehaye’s power dream can’t come by the you dreaming it. To come to my main ppint, if you think this is the end of TPLF, you should makr ready your sleeping medicens. TPLF didn’born to die. If you have a better idea than narrow ethnick hate, let us see it. But prying for the death TPLF is a day time dream. One thing that I like about you is, yes, you have a great potential of writing. But, I felt sorry that all is for hate and targeting to kill a party not to replace by a better principal.

  2. Mr. Berane Hailu:
    Sir: we all need a solution to people and a country we love, Ethiopia. Would TPLF has shown any love to our people and a country, we all respect and accept TPLF as one of our own, but TPLF has gone wrong way. It has chosen to murder people. Please understand, TPLF does not represent the people of Tigray nor the people of Tigray is responsible for TPLF’s crime. You or TPLF does not define a destine of the country, only Ethiopians do. TPLF will soon be defeated, trust me. I know you are from Tigray state, stop for while and think those children, elders old and young murdered by TPLF. I want to think for a moment what if this happened to your brother, sister father and mother. My advice to you is just leave behind your ethnic thinking and be nationalistic.

    • Where did TPLF murder children, elders? This is the main reason TPLF is not disappearing into thin air because it is very disciplined party. Yes, it got corrupted in Addis. But there is no any party that is better than TPLF. What we have are scumbags only. Ethiopia is still alive because of TPLF. If it was not TPLF? Already civil war has been ignited by OLF when it beheaded Ethio Somali three times. The Ethio-Somalia in consultation with TPLF hare sucking up OLF crime and saving Ethiopia from civil war. It is TPLF which is stabilizing the country, if not? Ethiopia would be much worse than Syria. TPFL is not killing chidren or elders. It is Amhara and Oromo are who beheading, chopping, stoning, burning people alive. TPLF is now very clean with exception of the incident in Moyane. I also oppose TPLF politically, but I now see, TPLF is better than anyone. TPLF need to eliminate OPDO/ANDM which are parasites parties and who are worthless.

  3. This is really hard to believe that people like you was still believes on backward,all everything you wrote is it just your wish.we all know that Ethiopian diasporas are very interested to the power, at the other pages non of you people aren’t think poletical solution.bleave or not TPLF,or EPRDF they started leading the state,that means they will gonna last longer than they had.

  4. Dear writer,I am Eritrean, therefore a Habesha. Your article is very scary and a concern demonizing your fellow Ehiopians. I have lived through Derg Red Terror but the current government of Ethiopia cannot be compared to Derg. Even the imprisonment of one citizen should not be tolerated but your characterization of the current government as simply TPLF does not add up. weakness of the government and over reaction has led to many mistakes but calling it fascism is over the top. The way you are heading in demonizing fellow citizens is a recipe for disaster an outcome we all live to regret unless you wanted to dismantle Ethiopia.

  5. Tesfye yigzaw you sound like one of the banda’s form the Italian about our Tigrain people have been killed tortured and burned there belongings. Have you think about that? But there is one thing I agreed with you that is wrong doing of TPLF by giveing you all the possibility and comfort of life and this what they get biting there hands.

  6. Sibhat nega said “Meles has killed TPLF”. Actually he was wrong. TPLF will not die until the last 5th graders die. That includes all the believers of the TPLF. It started with ignorance and will end up with unforgettable consequences. It is going to take the lives of millions and another 30 years of bloody fights. It doesn’t seem like we understand the depth of our problem. Thank you for the TPLF, OLF, & EPLF geniuses and their supporters who got us here. Enjoy the blood shed of innocent human beings just to satisfy you lust to power. Remember, what ever we do today will be a legacy for our children. We should all be part of the solution. It is easier to give up on a failed party than killing innocent people and destroying a country that we all should LOVE. TPLF is a historical mistake designed by kids who dropped out of their school and then some of them are still believe that they were young and stupid to make that mistake. The irony is that, even today that wrong cancerous disease is still dewelling in our sytem and hunting us one by one. It is hunting the innocent and finally kill itself.


  8. Dear friends:
    I read your comments, and thank you.
    I am obliged to respond to some of your comments if not all. First of all for an Eritrean individual, please mind your own affairs. Since you are not Ethiopian you have no right involving in Ethiopian affairs. Dergue and TPLF differ first in a question of nationalism. Dergue is nationalistic and TPLF is tribalistic . Economy, politics, security, etc. are controlled by Tigreans under TPLF. These sectors are open to all citizens regardless of ethnicity based on ideology and qualifications that includes Eritreans. Both Dergue and TPLF are murderers I do not deny; the difference is TPLF kills every one. Dergue killed million people mostly brilliant young and educated generation. Those young generations, some from wealthy family led the protest to liberate the interest of poor people; land for tenant is one of their struggles. However, TPLF has been killing children, old and young for 27 years for no reason but they are not Tigreans. How many people TPLF killed? Time will tell. The truth is TPLF went to bushes to fight Dergue, and has claimed losing 45,000 Tigreans. I feel sorry for those lost their lives because they did not know the reason they were fighting. TPLF came to power only by chance because the cold war was over, USA and Briton wants peace should be secured after Dergue exit from power. The fact the matter is people disliked Dergue, and wanted a change, that how TPLF was welcomed. Had Ethiopians knew TPLF’s sinister, trust me TPLF would not pass Gonder. And only the people in Ambo are enough to defeat TPLF.
    The word diaspora used wrongly, however I will use same word to answer. I do not represent diaspora, I can speak of myself. I have no interested in politics, in other words I am not interested to have a power. Most Ethiopian diaspore they speak out to bring peace, freedom and democracy to their country. They do not need a political position in Ethiopia. For myself, I wish, I am in a position to help children and be an advocate of environment.
    I am not only against TPLF; I am against OLF or any political groups that organized under ethnicity because it is a Stone Age politics. For me all Ethiopians are same. I love human being because their created by God, but I chose to associate with those well fit based on their character. I do not dislike individuals because they are members of TPLF or OLF, I do not like their actions and way of thinking.
    The article is self-explanatory I do not get in detail. You must able to read and understand what has been written. In fact, you should not be blamed, since Ph.D is purchased online, and your fellowman calling themselves Dr. it is shame education in Ethiopia lost its slandered. It also not all educated ones are intelligent because they have doctor of philosophy ( it is a paper). You need able to think!!

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