The dying gangsters and the thriving youngsters

by Tullu Liban

As things stand now, it is crystal clear that the TPLF oldies are fighting with an ardent young generation across the nation (may be not with those in Tigray?). In fact, the fight is between those who have the machine guns but with no hope of hope winning the battle and those who are armed with hope, moral supremacy and a just cause to die for. The Oromo youth, (aka Qeerroo) are at the center of the war, inspiring the rest of the nation’s youth for change. The difference between the two antagonists is visible. The oldie Tigrian thugs represent the twilight of a declining sun, going down to obscurity behind the horizon, while the youth symbolize the dawn rays, the breaking light of the morning that heralds new hope and a new day.

The oldies are products of an out-dated Ethiopia, the generation of post fascism and Nazism; residues of the cold war era, and students of the 20th century guerrilla warfare. The Tiray ex-rebels who are in the bureaucracy and the military are all alike. They are leftovers of yesterday. They are boys of the jungle. They are butchers of the bush.

Can one draw any ideological, psychological, temperamental or convictional differences between the civic masters (like Sebhat Nega, Abay Teshaye, Seyoum Mesfin, Addisalem Ballema, Abay Woldu, Arkabe Equbay, Kassa Tekleberhan, Bereket Semon etc of Tigray aristocrats. and military lords (like Samora Younus, Seare Mekonnen, Abraha Woldemariam, Gebre Dilla, Getachew Aseffa etc.)? They are all hatched from Dedebit “mama”. The only difference one can see may be that some of them were high school drop outs and others never went to school or ran to the bush from elementary school.

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Now they turned to be billionaires and millionaires all together, of course just robbing the country together. Do they have any different agenda or vision for the nation? A big NO! They have only one goal: establish Tigray supremacy, perpetuate Tigrian rule enrich themselves and their homeland Tigray. In a nutshell “Tigray above All!” That is the motto. Sadly enough, they do all the injustices at the expense of other Ethiopians. They have been and are building Tigray by impoverishing others and embezzling the country.

Though it is not the purpose of this tiny piece to discuss how the end of the cold war brought the Dedebit bandits to the throne and how global and regional politics helped them to hinge to power to date, one can certainly argue that the bandits are still living in the olden days’ style, in a different objective setting.

Don’t forget that these people are dispels of Stalin, not only when they were in the bush, even today in the palace. Their guiding philosophy is democratic centralism, revolutionary democracy, and one party rule. When they were in the bush they used to murder their own comrades and fellow compatriots (for silly reasons such as having love affairs). They eliminated freedom fighters from their own community. They orchestrated mass massacre in an open market for propaganda purpose against their rivals. They still remained loyal dispels of Stalin: massacring civilians in the open, kidnapping and eliminating their opponents is characteristically injected into their blood system. This is not a rare behaviour. Their god (if any, god of Stalin) demands sacrifices not only on the altar but also on the streets, in farmers’ garden and in the hut of a poor family, where they cruelly gun down husband and child before a wife and mother.

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The TPLFtes were fans of Pol Pot of the Cambodian dictator, who was responsible for the deaths of 1.5 million citizens (for extermination of 20% of the Cambodian population). Thus, the TPLFtes are perfectly implementing their role model’s policy. In fact they are doing it with some modifications to exterminate the Oromo people. They have introduced additional methods of elimination such as eviction, starvation, exiling all combined with gunshots. They are also expanding torture chambers as Pol Pot did in Cambodia for terrorisation and execution.

The TPLFtes were followers of Enver Hoxha, an Albanian communist leader who stayed in power for 40 years + until his death. Tigrian communists and ethnicists are dreaming to rule not only for life but also for centuries to come as royals of the medieval period.

Unfortunately, the Tigrian oldies have terribly fallen short of sight. They are trapped in a quagmire of archaic mindset. They seem to miss that they are fighting with a completely different generation. A generation of the digital era. A generation that humiliates killers with huge backlashes. A generation that believes in human dignity. A generation that understands the global world in its entirety. A generation that utilizes modern technology efficiently to expose butchers. A generation that believes in civility and simplicity. A generation that aspires to speak up and live freely.

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You, the oldies of cold war era, go to hell and visit Stalin, Pol Pot or Hoxha for advice, if you can develop a better mindset, if you can’t change, stay with them in agony in the underworld.


  1. Dude what are you talking about? is that መተት? All your claims must be supported by hard evidence/ ወረኛ። የምትክሰውን ነገር ሁሉ በማስረጃ ይደግፍ። ቀድዳ አትቅደድ፤ ቄዳዳ ነው። Talk is cheap. Any trash can talk. You are saying Tigrai is being developed? okay, provide evidence of things stolen from you and taken to Tigrai? ዝምብሎ ቀዳዳ ያሃላ ቅር አና የመተት ስራ ነው።

    • አልገባህም ማለት ነው- ማስረጃው እኮ ኢዝያው ጽሁፉ ውስጥ ነው! ማስረጃ ረቂቅ ሃሳብ ነው – እንደበግ ተጎትቶ ፊትለፊትህ አይቀርብም። ችግሩ ያንተ አይነት አላዋቂነቱን የማያውቅ ድንጋይ ራስ ሀገር እየገዛ መሆኑ ነው። ምን ቅይነት አበሳ ነው ባካችሁ – ከግድግዳ ጋር ንግግር!

  2. For quite some time I have been reading so many off limits rants targeting an entire group of people instead of being specific on individuals and their front. Instead of aiming their complaints at those wicked leaders what I have seen are the entire people of Tigray taken as the criminals. I and my fellow citizens have a lot to protest about many issues with the TPLF and its leaders just because that they are the ones who refused to return our territory that was declared as ours by the UN Court at the Hague more than 16 years ago. TPLF and its leaders are the ones who deported tens of thousands of our citizens with only clothes on their backs. Those deportees were born in Ethiopia and lived there until they were forcibly kicked out of the country by woyane leaders. Many of them were taxpaying legitimate business owners with assets in hundreds of millions of US Dollars. My rough estimate is that close to 2 billion US Dollars of business property and personal assets were robbed away by the TPLF leaders. I am confident that one way or the other we will manage to get all these assets back sooner or later and with interest. That is a fact. But this doesn’t mean that we will stand by when people who are very close to us historically in culture and values being mugged and many times killed. That we can’t do. There is a very old saying from my community that says ‘when a toe is wounded and swollen the arm pit on the same side is wounded and swollen also. Many of you are threatening to wipe out the entire of people of Tigray. I can tell this about that. We will not just sit back and watch. The threat against the people of Tigray is a threat to my people too. Your king Haile Selassie used to kill every Tigre speaking people by calling them ‘Agamidos’. That will not happen again. You have to be careful of what you are saying and writing. Those days of ‘zeraf, zeraf, jegnaw teferi’ are from days gone bye forever. Many of you are seen crossing the red line already. Please take this as a friendly advice.

  3. Mr. Wedi Nefasit . Advice your bastard brother gangster tplf to call independent country tigray. If they did the oromo and amara…..inclusive tigray people start to live peacefully in theory Won land. You know very well the oromo and the amara people or welayta …. have not any interest to live in the damen land called tigray. I don’t believe also the eritrireans are interested in that dry land. I Pray that the tigray liberation front call as soon as possible the free country called tigray. I would be the first to congratulate the tigreans and start to love them.

  4. Wedi Nefasit…nice try….don’t mix Eritrea into all this Weyane’s propagated dramatic situation in Ethiopia…Weyane and Tigrai people are one bundle and you can’t separate them even if you try…
    Nice try but leave Eritrea along don’t mix with your dirty politics and we are not the same…
    Eritrea is a free country neighbor to Ethiopia, Sudan, Djibouti and across the Red Sea Saudi and Yemen…
    Hopefully we Will have a good relations with Ethiopia and Djibouti once weyane leaves power.

  5. In the name of defending Tigray,there are some of you out there who are indirectly defending TPLF.As far as I am concerned there is no wide spread hate for the proper Tigray people but Wayanetplf.The hate for TPLF is created by TPLF actions against the rest of the Ethiopian people in particular the Amharas first and now the Oromo Qerro.To through dirt to realistic analysis and speak to the sequence of historical development is educational and is telling how we get to at we are now.All ways it is better to think before we lip as the proverb puts it.As the article puts it perfectly Enver Hoxja or Stalin are dead with their vicious ideology.So Wayane/TPLF go and join them where they are !!!!!!!!

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