The Dogs of Propaganda War Keep on Barking, the Ethiopian Camel Keeps on Walking…

By Alemayehu G. Mariam

Author’s Note: In the commentary below, I explain why every Ethiopian should rise up and defend Ethiopia’s name and honor against the well-planned and coordinated attack of the Axis Gang of Five who masquerade as human rights defenders and impartial media. I shall argue there is a well-coordinated global propaganda and psychological war being waged on Ethiopia and Ethiopians today. This is the time for all Ethiopian intellectuals in the country and in the diaspora to come to the aid of their country and repel the Axis Gang of Five foreign propaganda armies who have declared a war of smear and fear on Ethiopia’s good name and honor.

“Ask not what Ethiopia can do for you. Ask what you can do to vanquish Ethiopia’s enemies.”

The Axis Gang of Five ganging up on Ethiopia last week

In “Julius Caesar”, Shakespeare’s Mark Antony portends doom and gloom:

… And Caesar’s spirit, ranging for revenge,/ With Ate by his side come hot from hell,/ Shall in these confines with a monarch’s voice/ Cry ‘Havoc,’ and let slip the dogs of war/ …/ That this foul deed shall smell above the earth…/

The inveterate Ethiopia Haters and Doomsayers, the AXIS GANG OF FIVE – Al Jazeera, Crisis Group, Human Rights Watch, AmNasty International, Freedom House – last week joined forces, cried “Havoc” and unloaded a blitzkrieg of lies, fake news and disinformation on Ethiopia.

Al JAZEERA, or as I prefer to call it, “Ethiopia Hater, and proved it, once again unleashed its attack dogs of propaganda war on Ethiopia.

It has now become part of Al Jazeera’s weekly agenda to dog and hate on Ethiopia with its usual pack howling, “The sky is falling on Ethiopia.”

It is the usual sensational drivel which I will not dignify by repeating.

I recently asked, “Why Does Al Jazeera Hate Ethiopia?”

Now, I know.

Al Jazeera’s mission of hate on Ethiopia is part of Egypt’s not-so-secret agenda to destabilize and demonize Ethiopia.

I have analyzed Al Jazeera’s reporting in English on Ethiopia over the past couple of years.

There is no doubt in my mind the Al Jazeera’s systematic slant, bias and distortions on Ethiopia are calculated to blacken Ethiopia’s international image and vilify its people.

Then came a “report” from some imperious, self-important, hoity-toity outfit called “CRISIS GROUP”.

Truth be told, this outfit should call itself, “Wanna Start a Crisis Group”.

Their reason for existence is to imagine, fantasize, invent and cook up nonexistent crises in Ethiopia and Africa so they can pontificate.

This “Group” issued a report entitled, “Toward an End to Ethiopia’s Federal-Tigray Feud” masquerading as some sort of policy analysis.

These arrogant and pretentious pseudo-intellectuals smugly offer their elixir of peace and assure us that if we dutifully follow their instructions all our problems will be solved.

Their latest report is the same old crock of dog poop they have been peddling for years.

With one exception: These days, they are so desperate they have brought out their long knives to go after PM Abiy Ahmed.

(Truth be told, the Axis Gang of Five began their plot against Ethiopia the day PM Abiy Ahmed was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

If there is Peace in Ethiopia, they knew they were all headed from moral bankruptcy to financial bankruptcy.)

The name Crisis Group is just right because it describes their business model to a T.

Crisis Group exists by manufacturing crisis.

They thrive by monetizing crisis.

They survive merchandizing crisis.

No crisis in Ethiopia, no donations, no money!

No money, BIG, BIG Crisis in Crisis Group.

Crisis Group has no interest in promoting peace and good governance in Ethiopia.

Peace in Ethiopia is against their self-interest.

Peace in Ethiopia is bad for the business of Crisis Group.

More crisis in Ethiopia, mo’ money, mo’ money for Crisis Group. That is just the way it is!

Crisis Group has no interest in the welfare of the Ethiopian people.

The Crisis Group crew thinks they can hoodwink the Ethiopian people with their half-baked report and ill-conceived “recommendations”  about how the Federal  government and the TPLF should resolve their disputes.

But these Crisis Group idiots have no clue (or are willfully ignorant of) about the repeated efforts made by highly respected Ethiopian elders and faith leaders to resolve the bogus crisis manufactured by the TPLF.

They have no idea how many times people of good will and good faith have labored to mediate and bring the TPLF to the table and reasonably address its issues with the federal government.

They have no clue how many times the TPLF has been given the opportunity to resolve issues in a peaceful manner.

They completely ignore the fact that their TPLF client has an obligation to live by and resolve issues under the very Constitution the TPLF wrote to protect its own interests in Ethiopia for over a quarter of a century!

But Crisis Group has the audacity to issue their bull_ _ _t report on how the Ethiopian federal government should resolve its differences with a bunch of thugs calling themselves the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front.

Talk about the height of ignorant arrogance!

For years, Crisis Group has been predicting Armageddon and Apocalypse in Ethiopia.

I know the Crisis Group crew ragging on Ethiopia today is crooked as a dog’s hind legs.

I know for a fact that during the days of the thug days of the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front, they kept their mouths shut.

Those who are today speaking as experts and authorities and making grand recommendations to solve Ethiopia problems used to cower, grovel and hide as the TPLF kicked their asses. I have the goods on them!

Now that there is freedom of speech and of press in Ethiopia, they yap, groan and growl like hungry kennel dogs.

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL or as I prefer to call it AmNasty International joined the assault with its statement.

It is the same old crap dumped on a different day.

Recently, I exposed the AmNasty International frauds.

The AmNasty hypocrites trash the human rights of their employees and without blinking an eye lecture Ethiopians on human rights.

Read my article and judge for yourself.

They are rotten to the core!

HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH opened up its propaganda shelling of Ethiopia in a hyped headline, “Opposition Figures Held Without Charge”.

Read Aloud:   ADP, the Black Sheep of the Amhara

The “opposition figures” Human Rights Watch is howling about are murderers, genociders, terrorists and corpse snatchers.

The “opposition figures” Human Rights Watch is crying about “smiled as they murdered innocent Ethiopians and burned down their houses as they smiled”.

Human Rights Watch does not have a doggone thing to say about the pregnant Ethiopian woman who was decapitated in front of her husband and children under the command and control of the “opposition figures.”

Human Rights Watch does not have a doggone thing to say about the thousands who were burned out of their houses and rendered homeless and are hiding out in church yards under the command and control of the “opposition figures.”

Human Rights Watch does not have a doggone thing to say about the criminals who murdered and maimed innocent people because of their ethnicity and religion under the command and control of the “opposition figures.”

Human Rights Watch watches with indifference the tragic plight of innocent Ethiopians who were murdered and champions the cause of those “opposition figures” who engineered, planned and coordinated the killings, plunder and destruction.

I know Human Rights Watch makes its money trafficking in the misery of Africans and others.

I know the stories they tell the Hollywood glitterati to make them open their wallets.

I know how they demonize us and monetize our misery.

I was there watching them like the fly on the wall!

LO and behold, FREEDOM HOUSE came out of the woodwork and sermonized, “The government, citizens, and the international community should act now to prevent the promise of a new Ethiopia from slipping away.”

Really! “Freedom House, Savior of the New Ethiopia!”

The hubris of white privilege!

Freedom House usually stays on the sidelines but in the coordinated blitzkrieg offensive last week, they were called up to man the rearguard.

One truth all Ethiopians must understand it this: Our “human rights saviors” are actually HUMAN RIGHTS PIMPS!

They generate hundreds of millions of dollars for themselves commodifying our pain, chattelizing our suffering, merchandizing our miseries and trading on our misfortunes on the global human rights market. 

They pimp us like street whores to their donors telling them we are hopeless basket cases, charity cases.

They tell their donors, just like their colonial forebears, the African savages must be saved from themselves. Their ancestors called it, the “civilizing mission”. Today, these pimps call it, “the human rights mission”.

Truth be told, it is Human Rights Watch, AmNasty International, Crisis Group, Freedom House and their ilk that are the true charity cases.

They collect donations grating on the consciences of their bleeding heart liberal donors of their divine mandate to save the lawless, brainless and hopeless Africans.

But who the hell are these PIMPS to tell us what is good and bad for us? What we should do and do not. How we should handle our business.

I say to the Axis Gang of Five, “GO TO HELL! HELL! HELL!”

Al Jazeera, Crisis Group, AmNasty International, Human Rights Watch, Freedom House and the rest love to hate on Ethiopia just like a dog loves to chew on a bone.

No matter the barking dogs.

All of these pretentious and self-important human rights pimps think they can somehow change or control Ethiopia’s fate by issuing their silly ass dictats, edicts and recommendations.

I can tell them all with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY no self-respecting, patriotic, Ethiopian gives a rat’s ass about their reports, dictats, pronouncements, declarations, pseudo-injunctions and decrees.

An old African proverb teaches, “When the dogs bark, the camels just keeps walking.” More importantly, “The barking of dogs does not disturb the man on the camel”.

Let me make it crystal clear.

Truth be told, I don’t give a rat’s ass about what Al Jazeera, Crisis Group, AmNasty International, Human Rights Watch, Freedom House and their ilk say or do not say about Ethiopia.

The reason is simple:

They have no skin in the Ethiopian game!

If Ethiopia goes to hell in a hand basket, so much the better for them.

Ethiopia in tatters is the best thing that can happen to their business and will help them generate more donations and expand their audiences as they save the savage Africans from themselves.

If large scale ethnic conflict occurs in Ethiopia, Al Jazeera, Crisis Group, Human Rights Watch, AmNasty International, Freedom House and the rest will be happier than a dog with two tails.

They have no interest in the well-being of Ethiopia, the Ethiopian people or Ethiopia’s future.

They are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They preach democracy, human rights, good governance because they believe we are too dumb and stupid to figure it out ourselves.

Make no mistake about who they are and their true intentions.

In Shakespeare’s words:

The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose. / An evil soul producing holy witness/
Is like a villain with a smiling cheek, / A goodly apple rotten at the heart.
O, what a goodly outside falsehood hath!”

These villains will preach the religion of human rights and produce holy witness to convict Ethiopia in the court of world public opinion.

These villains will smile and smirk as they hate on Ethiopia and scandalize her name.

These pompous asses will pontificate about what needs to be done in Ethiopia and hector PM Abiy Ahmed what he should and should not do.

Frankly, they can criticize all they want. It does not bother me. I believe in free speech.

But what I will not put up with the imperious commands, dictats and pronouncements.

To me, Crisis Group, Human Rights Watch, AmNasty International, Freedom House and their ilk masquerading as human rights organizations are nothing more than the modern-day reincarnations in Africa of Rudyard Kipling who waxed poetic about the “White Man’s burden”.

These self-appointed White Knight messiahs have the gall and audacity to tell the “half-devil, half child” Ethiopians how to run their politics and societies and save them from themselves.

I am not just offended. I am outraged and insulted.

Truth be told, I am madder than a three-legged dog trying to bury turd on an icy pond.

The Truth if you can handle it…

Crisis Group is emboldened to preach and teach crisis in Ethiopia because Ethiopian intellectuals do not have the courage to tackle and take them down.

Read Aloud:   Evolving backwards, EPRDF’s way of forward

Human Rights Watch is dragging Ethiopia’s name in the gutter because Ethiopian intellectuals do not have the guts to smack them down.

Al Jazeera trots out its lapdogs to churn out lies, fake news and disinformation because Ethiopian intellectuals are not willing to do what it takes to hold them accountable and to defend the honor and dignity of the Ethiopian people.

Unfortunately, Ethiopian “intellectuals” are no where to be found to take down these self-righteous, arrogant and sanctimonious hypocrites.

Ten years ago, I wrote a commentary entitled, “Where Have the Ethiopian Intellectuals Gone?”

My question today remains unanswered.

An old Jewish saying teaches, “A nation’s treasure is its scholars (intellectuals).”

I guess the Ethiopian treasury is bone dry in more than one way.

Because Ethiopian intellectuals have gone AWOL, Al Jazeera, Crisis Group, AmNasty International, Human Rights Watch and rest of them continue to put on their old and tired dog and pony Ethiopia Hate Show.

Because Ethiopian intellectuals have fled the intellectual battlefield, Ethiopia’s name is dragged in the mud in the international media like wild dogs dragging carrion in the bush.

Shame on Ethiopian intellectuals for allowing these intellectual charlatans and imposters to dictate to us.

Shame on us for not standing up for Ethiopia’s honor.

Shame on us for letting them indoctrinate us into believing we are dumb and stupid to stand up for our rights and we can be saved only by the grace of their benevolence.

Let me make it crystal clear!

Nobody ever won a war on land, air, sea, or in propaganda by running away or fighting defensively.

Let there be no doubt!

The Axis of the Gang of Five has declared an all out propaganda war on Ethiopia today.

They are on the warpath!

It is a relentless psychological war.

It is a pernicious propaganda war of words.

It is a war calculated to annihilate our self-confidence.

It is a war on our hopes.

It is a war calculated to instigate fear and despair in our minds and hearts.

It is a war calculated to demoralize the Ethiopian people, demonize Ethiopian leaders and scandalize the glorious name of Ethiopia.

Al Jazeera, Crisis Group, AmNasty International, Human Rights Watch, Freedom House and the rest have weaponized information.

Every day, they bombard us with their lies.

Every day, they shell us with their fake reports.

Every day, they attack us with a barrage of unsubstantiated allegations and innuendoes.

Every week, they coordinate and unload a blitzkrieg of disinformation to destroy our will to fight, to resist, to take charge of our destiny.

What is their strategic objective?

Their grand strategic objective is to knock out the ONE BRIGHT STAR in the African constellation: ETHIOPIA!

If there is PEACE in Ethiopia, there will be PEACE in all of Africa.

PEACE in Africa means total bankruptcy for Axis Gang of Five!

1) Capture and control our hearts and minds.

2) Demonize Ethiopia and turn world public opinion against her.

3) Dominate the national dialogue and discussion on our politics and society with their agenda.

4) Dictate terms on how we should manage our affairs and

5) Line their pockets on our misery.

We, all Ethiopians and especially Ethiopian intellectuals, are at the crossroads.

We can choose to stand with Al Jazeera, Crisis Group, AmNasty International, Human Rights Watch, Freedom House and their ilk and serve as mercenaries in their propaganda wars against Ethiopia, or

We can choose to stand up for Ethiopia like our forefathers and foremothers and be on the right side of history.

We can watch and bellyache as Ethiopia comes under attack by its propaganda enemies day and night or

Stand up and defend her honor and dignity.

We can wait for our enemies try to dismantle Ethiopia with their poisonous propaganda day by day and piece by piece or

We can stand up to them and tell them to mind their own businesses and to leave us the hell alone.

We can let the neocolonial pseudo-intellectuals tell us what to think, what to believe in and what to do or

We can tell them to go to hell, hell, hell!!!

Call to action to Ethiopian intellectuals wherever they are…

Ethiopia is under a relentless and devastating global propaganda attack.

Ethiopian intellectuals and scholars must be the tip of the spear in fighting the propaganda war online, in cyberspace, in the halls of government, in the professional forums and wherever else the enemy attacks.

We can no longer stand on sidelines as spectators as the Ethiopia’s enemies rain their propaganda venom on our people.

I will say it plainly. You cannot afford to be “summer soldiers, sunshine patriots” and fair-weathered friends of your country.

You must be actively engaged in combating those who use propaganda, disinformation, lies and fake news to vilify Ethiopia.

Diaspora Ethiopian intellectuals have a special duty and responsibility.

Nearly two decades ago, the late Prof. Edward Said of Columbia University in one of his serialized lectures offered counsel to exiled intellectuals.

Said urged exiled scholars to aspire to become public intellectuals connecting their scholarship to issues and policies that impact the lives of ordinary people.

Said argued exiled intellectuals have special responsibilities to advocate and work for progressive change while remaining vigilant over those who abuse and misuse their power. Above all, they have an obligation to always speak truth to power and stand for and with the voiceless, the powerless and the defenseless.

We Ethiopian intellectuals should be the bulwarks of liberty and human rights in Ethiopia, NOT Al Jazeera, Crisis Group, AmNasty International, Human Rights Watch, Freedom House.

We Ethiopian intellectuals should investigate and issue reports on human rights violations NOT Al Jazeera, Crisis Group, AmNasty International, Human Rights Watch, Freedom House.

All Ethiopians should look to build homegrown human rights organizations who know the real deal on what is happening NOT Al Jazeera, Crisis Group, AmNasty International, Human Rights Watch, Freedom House who sit in air conditioned offices in Doha, London, Paris, New York and wherever else they hang out churning out their half-truths, lies, fake news and disinformation on Ethiopia.

We have our own human rights monitoring group led by an individual with integrity.

I will listen to the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission before I pay any attention to the hectoring of deluded white radicals and liberals sitting in their air conditioned  offices in London, New York, etc., trying to save the “African savages.”

Read Aloud:   Healthy Man Lost His Both Legs to Torture in Ethiopian Prison

The Axis Gang of Five are captives of the lunatic fringe in Ethiopia – terrorists and their sympathizers, murderers and genociders. If you don’t believe me look up the names of their local snitches, excuse me “informants”. Indeed, they make a special effort to hide the names of their informants!

The fact of the matter is that the Axis Gang of Five have been willingly infiltrated by terrorist sympathizers who serve as their local representatives.

These local representatives have their own agenda promoting terrorists and criminals masquerading as “freedom fighters”. and “opposition figures”.

The Axis Gang of Five are merely the all-too-willing tools promoting the “Hate Ethiopia” agenda because that is the once credo that united them all.

How long are we willing to be the patsies and dupes of Al Jazeera, Crisis Group, AmNasty International, Human Rights Watch, Freedom House?

How long are we willing to allow Al Jazeera, Crisis Group, AmNasty International, Human Rights Watch, Freedom House to trash Ethiopia’s sovereignty?

How long?

My answer: Not anymore!

My call to (young) Ethiopian intellectuals

Lead and I will follow you to hell and back in fighting Ethiopia’s enemies in the global propaganda war.

Or let me lead you in fighting Ethiopia’s enemies wherever they rear their ugly heads.

It is your choice!

Postscript: On a personal note

I realize that there may be some who will dismiss the Axis Gang of Five as a bunch of crybabies. They tell me, “Their bark is worse than their toothless bite.”

I am tempted to feel the same way paraphrasing the lyrics of Elvis Presley:

“The Axis Gang of Five ain’t nothin’ but hound dogs
Cryin’ all the time
Well, they ain’t never caught a human rights violator and they ain’t no friend of mine.

But I never underestimate the enemy.

There comes a time when a (wo)man must stand for one’s country or watch it fall into pieces, dismantled piece by piece by its enemies.

That is the grand strategy of the Gang of Five, the slow, persistent and methodical dismantlement of Ethiopia by infecting the minds of Ethiopians with self-doubt,  distrust, confusion and fear and loathing.

Like a dog returns to its vomit, I expect the Axis Gang of Five to return and vomit their venom on Ethiopia day after day, week after year, month after month.

I harbor no illusions.

What I aim is to do everything in my power to make them eat their own vomit each time.

It is said, “One cannot teach an old dog new tricks.”

The Axis Gang of Five will never learn or accept the fact WE Ethiopians, and WE alone, are masters of our fate and captains of our destiny!

The era of colonialism where white masters dictated to savage Africans is over.

The white European colonists who tried to break Ethiopia’s back and bring her to her knees were kicked out of Ethiopia on their knees because my forefathers, our forefather, taught them a lesson they will never forget.

That’s what Ethiopia’s patriots must rise up and do today. Kick the Axis Gang of Five in the rear end anytime, any place.

Let me put it with brutal honesty: Let’s tell these cloaked neocolonial white supremacists, using their black lackeys in Africa, stay the hell out of our business.

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of white radicals and liberals sitting on their asses in their London, New York and whatever offices they have telling us what to do and not do.

Let this be timeless truth be a lesson to all of us.

In 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., in his “Letter to Birmingham Jail” wrote:

I must make two honest confessions to you, my Christian and Jewish brothers. I have been gravely disappointed with the white moderate. I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro’s great stumbling block in the stride toward freedom is not the White citizens’ “Councilor” or the Ku Klux Klanner, but the white moderate who is more devoted to “order” than to justice; who prefers a negative peace… Shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will…

Let me make my honest confession too.

I have reached the regrettable conclusion that the great stumbling block in Africa’s stride towards human rights are hypocrites that run the Axis Gang of Five.

They have a shallow understanding of our history, our people, our hopes, dreams and aspirations.

They don’t give a rat’s ass about us.

In the grand scheme of things, I know the Gang of Five will never defeat Ethiopians UNITED!


But I want the Gang of Five to know NEVER to tread on the green, yellow and red.

So, paraphrasing Shakespeare, the Axis Gang of Five will

Strut and fret their hours upon the international stage, /And then are heard no more. Theirs is a tale told by arrogant idiots, full of sound and fury, / Signifying nothing.

But I never underestimate the enemy because the enemy is smart, resourceful and always ready to use his ultimate weapon: Divide and conquer.

I will need the help of every Ethiopian, especially young Ethiopians who can use a pen, paper or computer keyboard to help me fight the enemies of Ethiopia in the global propaganda war.

Let there be no mistake.

Even if no one comes to my side, I will fight the Axis Gang of Five alone with my pen and keyboard, tooth and nail, until hell freezes over the and the devil goes ice skating.

Then I will fight the Axis Gang of Five devils on the ice mano a mano!

I NEED YOUR help in fighting the Axis Gang of Five. YOU who are reading this piece!

My offer to the Axis Gang of Five they can’t refuse



The Ethiopian camel will just keep on walking…slowly, patiently, unstoppably. Indeed, the barking of the dogs does not disturb the man driving the camel.





  1. Ethiopia will be fine. We’re just going through some growing pains. It has been said that “freedom is nothing but a chance to be better” and “freedom [is indeed] one of the deepest and noblest aspirations” of the Ethiopian spirit.” Still these are uncertain times for our beloved Ethiopia and the last thing we need is more propaganda, duplicity and hypocrisy of this type from the expected selfsame four-legged and forked tongued Canidae of  flip-flop from one day to another under various internet emojis, symbols and aliases of contradiction in character. Patriotism consists “not in waving the flag, but in striving that our country shall be righteous as well as strong.” In the years before the table flipped the Crisis Group, Human Rights Watch, AmNasty International, Freedom House were your hero when you called yourself a “human rights activist.” Now even if sympathetic questions are abundant: A nation is the same people living in the same place, if you are not there and if you’ve long given up your citizenship does that still count? We know the Hill and Al Jazeera rejected your personal letter and the later you told the public so but does that really mean they hate Ethiopia? Why should your personal crisis be our emergency? We call up on you to stop personalizing our country’s troubles and therefore dumbing down through deliberate oversimplification of intellectual content and public discourse concerning Ethiopia. In a nutshell this is another reminder of the classic children story of “The Shepherd Boy & the Wolf” in this case the Dinosaur with the moral tale that Liars are not believed even when they speak the truth. “A Shepherd Boy tended his master’s Sheep near a dark forest not far from the village. Soon he found life in the pasture very dull. All he could do to amuse himself was to talk to his dog or play on his shepherd’s pipe. One day as he sat watching the Sheep and the quiet forest, and thinking what he would do should he see a Wolf, he thought of a plan to amuse himself. His Master had told him to call for help should a Wolf attack the flock, and the Villagers would drive it away. So now, though he had not seen anything that even looked like a Wolf, he ran toward the village shouting at the top of his voice, “Wolf! Wolf!” As he expected, the Villagers who heard the cry dropped their work and ran in great excitement to the pasture. But when they got there they found the Boy doubled up with laughter at the trick he had played on them. A few days later the Shepherd Boy again shouted, “Wolf! Wolf!” Again the Villagers ran to help him, only to be laughed at again. Then one evening as the sun was setting behind the forest and the shadows were creeping out over the pasture, a Wolf really did spring from the underbrush and fall upon the Sheep. In terror the Boy ran toward the village shouting “Wolf! Wolf!” But though the Villagers heard the cry, they did not run to help him as they had before. “He cannot fool us again,” they said. The Wolf killed a great many of the Boy’s sheep and then slipped away into the forest.

  2. የዕለቱ ምርጥ ምሣሌያዊ አነጋገሮች:

    ቄስ ካፈረሰ ዲያቆን ከረከሰ

    ቆመው የሰቀሉትን ቁጭ ብለው ለማውረድ ይቸግራል

  3. From hello poetry Ovid

    On Duplicity

    Then must I always bear your endless accusations?
    They all prove false, but still I have to fight them.
    If I happen to glance at [my Ethiopia]
    or if a beautiful [Ethiopia] looks at me wordlessly,
    you charge using wordless signs.
    If I compliment [her] you try to tear out my hair;
    if I criticize one, you think I’ve got something to hide.
    I wish I really had committed some such sin:
    punishment hurts less when you deserve it;
    but as it is, your wild indictments at every turn
    themselves forbid your wrath to have much weight.
    Think of the little long-eared donkey’s wretched lot:
    continual beatings only make him stubborn.
    Now look, here’s another charge: [pimp]
    [Human rights PIMP that’s you]

  4. It is hard to think that you are in control of your faculties anymore. And now you are extremely demonizing the same groups that you relied on during the struggle with the TPLF. Now we have Abiy Ahmed’s government worse than simply TPLF 2.0. It is a government who sponsors ethnic cleansing, hides and abates genocide, jails journalists and more much more. And yet you write this increasingly demented stuff gushing on the Abiy Government, government of supreme stupidity, arrogance. What are they giving you? a Well, nobody will take you seriously anymore, actually for a long time now.

  5. It is very saddening to read such an article written form a man whom i respected it for a longtime.
    i even less care what al-jazeera said.
    BUT how can you deny mr. Almariam that ppl are slaughtered, in a manner which the we didn’t heard before. And this happens because of their Ethnicity .
    In Ethiopia we r dealing now with Genocide. The one who denies or who do not speak out it, is also responsible as one who did it.

    You have been fighting , for a long time, during the TPLF era, for equalty, peace good gov. etc .
    AND now u forgot or put this ideas on a side, adn you keep silent.
    In the last time – as u were an activist, this has been done by TPLF. And now
    when u support or when u r silen, this has been done bei OPDO. Have u see the difference ?
    We will speak, We are also Ethiopians, no one will deny or give this.

  6. Thank you, Prof., for this – as usual well argued, well written, timely and no-nonsense piece. You poured an avalanche of evidence that unmasks these charlatans!
    We should say enough is enough!
    I’m sure thousands of Ethiopian patriots will respond to your call and rise to defend their country and its people from these coordinated and relentless attacks. Previous enemies launched their attacks by land, sea and air, but the modern ones know that would be suicidal and chose the (mis)information battlefield. And as before they are using internal conflicts for their divide and conquer mischief.
    Let’s expose, confront, and fight them in every forum. As the Prof. said we should not ignore their campaign as trivial. Our forefathers clearly understood the power of (mis)information / propaganda when they say, ‘ttor kefetaw, were yefetaw’.

  7. Thank you Professor A. Gebremariam for driving the Ethiopian camel away from the Bermuda triangle and towards the status of a Middle Income Country, with the best Human Developmental Index (HDI) ranking in the world.

  8. Professor Alemayehu,
    How could you turn your face away from decent, ethical, upstanding Ethiopian citizens Abeye locked up, case in point: Eskinder Nega?
    I just hope that outspoken, candid people like you are not threatened in any way not to speak up.

    “The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.” — Dr Martin Luther King Jr

    “Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph.” — Haile Selassie

  9. Professor,
    Rather than denouncing Amnesty International, you should join them and speak up against the current injustices, imprisonment of upright harmeless Ethiopian citizens, police brutality and unnecessary killings in Ethiopia!!
    Amnesty international:
    “There is never justification for the use of lethal force when it is not to protect lives. This unnecessary force has claimed so many lives in recent days, including protesters and bystanders. Among the 16 people who have been killed are a boy who was homeless and a woman with a mental disability, neither of whom were participating in the protests. No one should be killed for exercising their right to freedom of peaceful assembly or for being around a protest.

    “The authorities must urgently stop the use of lethal force in the context of protests and thoroughly, effectively and impartially investigate these killings. All those found responsible must be brought to justice in fair trials. Victims and their families must also have access to adequate reparations.”

  10. AL Mariam and other Old Voltures, are advising the rising baby dictator, Abiy Ahimed to wage war on Oromo people and on federalism.
    The old unitary system mongers and backward amhara dominated system advocates are driving the country to very deep ditch.
    The country will pay unimaginable price (disintegration) unless tou old dogs stop this madness immediately.

  11. When a person of your caliber, your status and profession (lawyer) fails to stand for the people who were slaughtered by wild animals in the name of “kero” for being non-oromo or Orthodox christian, then I say PROFESSORSHIP, JD or PhD sucks.

  12. A very timely and very important message. Last time we completly rejected the wrong diagnosis and wrong treatment, it seems the so called crisis group are dreaming to serve some purpose.

  13. In regard to the comments about the Al Mariam being educated it was said: “Strange as it may seem, no amount of learning can cure stupidity, and formal education positively fortifies it.” As such, if you were naturally stupid, education is not likely to cure you. In any case, we don’t even know that any of the claims to this or that credential to be true,

    I wouldn’t believe anything this man says, neither should you, He tells us that there hasn’t been ethnic cleansing and genocide in the country, despite the fact been chronicled by so many reputable organizations and individuals. Moreover, he goes out attacking these groups and individuals that reported what happened. Is this man believable in any way? Some of these organizations are the very same organizations that Al Mariam himself and and others relied during the struggle against TPLF.

    Anyway, Al Mariam was probably the same idiot that he is today during the struggle with TPLF. We just didn’t see it. Well, All Al needed to stop his weekly writing against the “Tugtatership” TPLF was for Meles to put his hand around his shoulder and to say to him you are our lost brother or something and invite him to the palace.

    Voila, and straight afterward he would have written the same fawning, gushing and deranged stuff about Meles Zenawai that he is now writing about Abiy Ahmed. The man has no principle, the only thing driving him narcissism! Malignant Narcissism!

  14. The issue is not that he supports Abiy (we all should) or talks bout genocide, which is a political word in context of Ethiopia that’s better avoided. The issue is not that. Meeting the PM ብርቅ ሆኖበታል። For those who have always been close to power in our own terms this may not be a big deal, but for some people and obviously for Al it’s a big deal and gets into their head and totally become delirious to the point of becoming oblivious that to the public none of it really matters. At the end of the day what counts is character in the eye of the public. Character that he does not have and in the last two years his true nature has been reveled. Re-read this quote from this article and think about the state of his mind. “What I aim is to do everything in my power to make them eat their own vomit each time.” hooooof. LOL sounds like crazy Idi Amin Dada without the power.

    He also quoted “One cannot teach an old dog new tricks.” Look who’s talking? Sometimes you just got a laugh and shrug your shoulders in amusement at these clowns and not take them too seriously. They’re mainly entertainers. Nothing more and nothing less.

  15. I don’t know about you but I find him to be an extremely envious of other Ethiopians in the diaspora, whIch is really his unseen primary motivation in most of his contrarian disposition than moral conviction for the past decade or so disgusted as “human rights activism.” I never read more than two paragraph of his self-centered, boring and ungracious view.  Used to think he sincerely cared about “nesanet” freedom of the press, the importance of independent and responsible journalism, etc as being good and necessary for the future of Ethiopia (or any other country for that matter).  But it turns out that was  all fake and all about himself and his lackeys as this article contemporaneously proves that point beyond recovery. The other thing is that there was nothing  to admire in his record before Abiy here in the Diaspora. History will record that by those of us who will end up writing his obituary some day that his legacy from our view is a march of wanton, uninterrupted tragic obstruction and creating unnecessary enmity within our community. And his questionable commitment to democratic values, faith in reason, concern for fellow Ethiopians in the struggle both in the Diaspora and at home, respect for public service, belief in civility and honest debate,  aspirations to equality and diversity of views and basic decency — he  torched them all.

  16. Talk of envy. That is what the little guys commenting above are doing. Prof. Al Mariam is a man of wisdom and dedicated to the wellbeing of our motherland Ethiopia. Nobody stood for Ethiopia in the dark days of Woyane as he did. The little goons know very well that they are miles behind him in every positive measures. Maybe they think by criticizing him, they can raise their social strata. Not so. Credits must be given where they are due. He is a jewel of Ethiopia.

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