The Common Home Great Oromia As a Win-Win Solution for The Conflict Between The Pro-Independence Oromo and The Pro-unity Amhara

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Fikire tolosa OLF and Ethiopia
By Fayyis Oromia

The current discussion among the different political groups in the Ethiopian empire, which was ignited by the open letter written by Dr Fikre Tolassa and directed to Dr Bayan Asoba containing a different, but relatively new, version of the Amhara-Oromo “history” motivated us to think about the possible win-win solution for the hitherto conflict between the elites of the two big nations (the Amhara and the Oromo), so that they can find a common ground to cooperate against the currently ruling fascist and racist regime. Because of the short opinion I forwarded as a response to Dr. Fikre’s open letter, I was asked from many readers per e-mail to elaborate a bit more about what I mean by “Great Oromia”; thus, I do try in this piece of essay. First of all, to make clear to my readers, I am not a historian, a geologist, a politician, an anthropologist or an ethnologist to falsify or verify this version of history. I am a simple Oromo individual, who is interested in the Oromo cause and who tries to dig about the Oromo in books and websites. Let me then try to describe the two interesting Oromo perspectives regarding our history as well as our destiny and look at the variety regarding their implication.

As I have read and understood till now, there is one perspective, which tries to show us how the Oromo is related to Egypt, to the origin of the Cushitic civilization, to the city of Meroe, and it tries to figure out how the Oromo destiny should include a possible Oromo (Cush) renaissance. It teaches us how the Oromo-proper is a “stalk” for all the Cushitic nations in the North-East Africa. I think Dr. Fikre’s view belongs here. The other perspective seems to be a view of the genuine Oromo nationalists striving to achieve freedom of the Oromo, including liberation of Oromia from the current Abyssinian subjugation, whatever the history of the Oromo could be, even though it concentrates on the colonial narrative, including the very different origins of the Abyssinians (the “Semetic”) and the Oromians (the Cushitic). The other area of difference between the two perspectives seems to be that the first one is more history-oriented whereas the second one is highly destiny-oriented. The first one is digging into the history of the Oromo from different perspectives whereas the second one is doing its best to promote the liberation of Oromia at any cost.

To me, very interesting is the implication of the two positions: the implication of the first perspective is to forge our final goal as the desired RENAISSANCE of Oromia, defining the Oromo as the people to include the Oromo-proper (who now identify itself as the Oromo nation) and the Oromo-progeny (all the nations which seem to have emerged from the Oromo-proper). That means the Oromo is inclusive of all the Cushitic nations including the Semitized Cush nations in the region, i.e. inclusive of most nations in the Ethiopian empire and some in the neighboring countries. The implication of the second position is that it concentrates on the importance of the imperativwe LIBERATION of the Oromo-proper or an independence of the presently demarcated Oromia by any means from the subjugation and suppression it is suffering since the last 3000 years. This time span, which is usually adored by the Ethiopianists as the time of Ethiopian freedom, is actually the time of Oromia’s gradual shrinkage and Oromo’s continuous assimilation so that a lot of its parts lost their original Oromo identity (Oromummaa) and became Semitized and Arabized.

I personally can look at the move of the first perspective also as a support for the ongoing liberation movement, and I would like to call its move and its supporters as the part of the ODF (Oromo Democratic Front), a movement which seems now to fight for Oromo liberation within a union of nations, and which then may try to influence the other progeny nations to look at their Oromo roots. Even though this movement strives for Ethiopian union (true federation), it only needs a simple change of the name Ethiopia to Oromia in order to see the suggested Great Oromia within the United Nations (UN). Very clear is that the political stand of the second perspective seems to be the position of the OLF, i.e self-determination per referendum of the Oromo public on the issue of an independent Little Oromia (the map now demarcated by the OLF). If the ODF will push further for such Great Oromia and this will be accepted by the Amhara and other nations, then seeking to see a Little Oromia within a UN is just unnecessary. Surely the Oromo nationals will be satisfied with the Great Oromia in the UN and the Amhara- and other patriots just need to swallow the change of the name as a compromise, if they are really interested in the territorial integritiy of the country they seem to love.

Just accepting the Oromo modern history, at face value, which suggests that Oromo is an indigenous nation in the region and it is the origin for most other nations, I can say that the Oromo till now used to exercise self-destruction under the influence of different forces from the Middle-East and from the West. Just as an example, the Axumite Oromos (Semitized and Christanized ones) destroyed the traditional Oromo of Meroe, and the Amharanized Oromo like Emperors Theodros, Minilik, H/Sillasie and the dictator Mengistu as well as the Tigranized Oromo individuals like Emperor Yohannes and tyrannt Melles Zenawi destroyed the well preserved cultural identity and attacked the heroic resistannce and resilience of the Oromo-proper. Here, it is important to mention that the Oromo-proper is the most dissent which resisted the influence from the outside world and kept its indigenous religion and language. Some scholars even tend to say that this is the reason why the name “Gaallaa” is given to this NO-sayer nation. The word seems to have been driven from the Arab word “Qallaa” which means simply “said NO”. I can say that Arabs gave the Oromo people this name for they resisted accepting Islam at the cost of Waaqeffaannaa (traditional Oromo religion). Of course, then the Habesha elites (the Semitized Oromo-progeny) further gave it more negative connotations.

The question to be raised and to be answered now is: how can we, the Oromo-proper, who are now fighting for our liberation from the domination by the “ignorantly arrogant” Oromo-progeny (by the Woyane elites), achieve this goal? What is the implication of having these two positions (the pro-ODF perspective and pro-OLF perspective) in the Oromo society? Are the two positions irreconcilable? Is the position of the ODF the prerequisite to promote the position of the OLF or the vice versa? I just write this opinion and ask these question to provoke a thinking and to stimulate an action in the Oromo community. My political stand here is not necessarily the last well thought and not the most important.

As far as I am concerned, the two perspectives and positions are complementary, not contradictory, to each other. Fact on the ground is that now the Oromo nation (Oromo-proper) is suffering under slavery by the Woyane, and it needs to be liberated unconditionally. To be successful in this struggle, we need both the ODF and the OLF with theirs noble positions on the human and national rights of the Oromo-proper to self-determination. This ensures our national liberation at any cost without any compromise. As long as there is Habesha domination (mind you Habesha are the Oromo progenies) over the Oromo-proper, there will be Oromo liberation movement, and surely, there will be a viable front to fight for freedom/bilisummaa. After dismantling the existing Abyssinian empire and achieving the transitional goal of both the ODF and the OLF (Ethiopian Union, i.e true federation), we can opt further for either Great Oromia (if the Amhara and the other nations agree) or Little Oromia (if the Amhara and the other nations refuse to live under the name Oromia, but insist on the name Ethiopia).

I think Ethiopian union as a transitional solution to independent Oromia is the reason for the fact that also the OLF wrote in its programme not only the necessity of independence, but also the possibility of a union. So shortly put, the Oromo do have yet three optional goals to achieve based on the objective realites in the future. The next stop of our liberation journey, which started in Djibouti (colony/slavery), passing through Ayisha (status quo of a limited cultural autonomy), will be Diredhawa (true federation); that is why we need to support the ODF with all our power. Then, the true federation can lead us to either the goal of the OLF, i.e. Adama (an independence of Little Oromia) or to the common goal of both fronts – Finfinne (a union of independent nations called Great Oromia), which is a necessary step to achieve the required Oromian (Cush) renaissance.

Sure is that if there will be a true freedom and democracy in the future, at last we will achieve the final common goal (the Oromo renaissance), in which both the Oromo-proper and the different Oromo progenies including the other nations in the Horn (which might not have emerged from the Oromo) will grow together. Here again, without the imperative liberation of the Oromo-proper, it is fact on the ground that the whole region will continue to suffer under the present poverty and tyranny. So, the key to prosperity in that cursed region is the liberation of the Oromo-proper, be it within or without the desired union called Great Oromia. In short, let’s all Oromo nations (the proper one and the progenies) move now from our hitherto self-destruction to the future self-determination. Let’s continue to be NO-sayers to slavery, injustice and tyranny.

To emphasize again, it seems there were always, and there are still today, the above mentioned two views and two perspectives among Oromo nationalists. The cause of these two perspectives seems to be the version of Oromo history we do have in mind and the variety of our own individual biography. According to the discussion I had with many fellow Oromo individuals, there are even some who do just swim and paddle between the two blocks of ideas. What are these blocks and how can we accommodate them in our liberation journey? We can classify our fellow Oromo individuals into two in respect to their view about our history and their wish regarding our destiny:

– Oromo individuals who seem to accept the history version that we are the original Cush nation and even that we are the “stalk” for the other Cush nations. The implication of such history is that this group tends to believe and accept that we, the Oromo people, should stay together with the Abyssinians, who are also “our siblings” from the same origin. So. it is clear that this group tends to advocate for liberated Oromo people within a Great Oromia and, if possible, struggle for the Oromo renaissance (here Oromo being both the Oromo-proper, who now identify themselves as Oromo, and the Oromo-progenies, who “lost their Oromummaa gradually in the last 3000 years history”). This is the reason why some Oromo politicians started to speak about a necessity of a change of philosophy in the Oromo liberation movement, which up to now concentrated only on liberating the Little Oromia.

– Oromo individuals who seem to accept that there can be historical relations between Habesha and Oromo, but believe that the most important is the colonial relation, which started to develop after Habesha rulers invaded and subjugated Oromia at the end of the nineteenth century in connection with the European colonizers’ movement of the Scramble for Africa. No question, this group thinks that the only destiny of the Oromo is a complete liberation of Little Oromia from the colonization or domination of our neighboring Abyssinia. Of course, this group also sees a possibility of a union of nations in the region after independence of Oromia for the possible common benefit of all peoples in the region.

Some Oromo nationalists wrote to me about the concern they had because of the position like that of Dr Fikre, which try to tell us that the Oromo are the origin for most of the Ethiopian nations and, as a consequence, the Oromo must take the responsibility, not only to liberate the Oromo-proper, but also the other nations, including the Habeshas. This position, of course, seems to be detrimental to the Oromo liberation movement, unless otherwise the Habeshas are ready to accept the renaming of Ethiopia as Great Oromia. That is why also some ODF supporters, who nowadays started to say “we are Ethiopians” need to correct their rhetoric and boldly assert that they do belong to the Great Oromia, so that even the Habeshas can start to say “we are Oromians”. Simply put, the concern is that if we believe that Abyssinians are Oromos who lost their Oromummaa in the last 3000 years, it will be difficult to make a radical liberation struggle against our “own”. But this concern is only legitimate if we are ready to be enslaved by “our own” and if we further call the future union of free nations as Ethiopia; otherwise, if we agree to rename the union as Great Oromia and if Afaan Oromo will be the primary working language of the union, no need to have such concern.

I do personally share this concern only if we accept to live under colony now and as liberated Ethiopians in the future, disregarding our identity as Oromo and giving up the name of our land – giving up Oromia. The reasons for this concern are firstly, the so called “modern Oromo history” is not yet verified exactly; secondly, Habesha elites, as crooked they always are, try to use this “modern Oromo history” as an instrument against the Oromo liberation movement. That is actually what we could observe in the cyberworld in the past many years and in the current move of Dr Fikre. Habesha elites always try to dilute Oromo’s radical step towards freedom and independence by telling us that we, the Oromo people, are part of them as “Ethiopians”, and they actually used such history to try to convince us. They untiredly told us that both the Amhara and the Tigreans are from the Oromo origin, so the liberation of Oromia from the Habesha subjugators, who “are Oromo” themselves, is as such “not logical”.

But, let’s leave history for historians. We don’t need either to believe it or deny it. We just start from the status quo. No question that at the moment the Oromo are already enslaved by the Woyane elites; so we need to be liberated from this domination unconditionally. Just in front of our eyes, a lot of Oromo nationalists have been killed just for they are Oromo nationalists and still a lot are languishing in jails. During this time of tribulations, the Habesha elites (“our progeny”) didn’t look at the Oromo as their own. Why should then the Oromo look at this barbaric tyrants as our own? Let alone the Oromo, even the oppressed Habeshas and other nations should fight against them. To decide our destiny, we need our own public verdict; that is why our goal is self-determination. Whatever our history is, we have to stick to this goal.

Disregarding the different versions of our history and our biological origin, we can agree that our nationalism (Oromummaa) depends on the view we do have on our national (Oromo) interest. Those of us, who do support and serve this national interest, are the ones with genuine Oromummaa. So, Oromummaa is not only about biological origin, but more about psychological make-up. To that matter, we have seen a lot of biological Oromo individuals who do identify themselves with our foes. I personally think that beyond our origin and beyond the language we do speak, an Oromo with sound mind of Oromummaa is the one who identifies himself with being Oromo, with Afaan Oromo, with our liberation cause and with the Oromo way of life including Oromo culture. Do the so called Oromo-progeny have such mentality to be part and parcel of the Oromo? Do they and even Dr Fikre accept and respect Great Oromia as suggested here?

In short, I must say that whatever our history might be or our status quo is, we should push together for our final destiny of freedom and independence, be it in the form of Great Oromia or Little Oromia. What matters is the Oromo nation we want to build in the future, i.e. an independent and a prosperous Oromo land, and an emancipated Oromo people (including both the Oromo-proper and the Oromo-progeny); that means bilisummaa saba Oromo (freedom of Oromo people) and walabummaa biya Oromo (sovereignty of Oromo land, be it Great or Little). Are the Amhara and the other nations ready to accept the Great Oromia as a means to achieve their highly desired UNITY? If they are really concerned about unity, the better way is to accept and respect our INDEPENDENCE in this form of Great Oromia; if they fail to do so, an independent Little Oromia is inevitable. After all, just as the city they called Addisaba is our Finfinne, the country they named Ethiopia is our Oromia. Now, it is up to them to choose either to live in the Great Oromia or to be the future good neighbours of the Little Oromia. May Rabbi/Waaqa give them a wisdom to choose the better one!



  1. FO, you have your head[ing] wrong once again. You should title it in permutations, Pro-Independence Oromo v Pro-Unity Oromo; Pro-Independence Tigray v. Pro-Unity Tigray; Pro-Unity Tigray v Pro-Unity Oromo; Pro-Unity Amhara v. Pro-Unity Oromo. Once your head clears go ahead and tell us your legal name. Or simply write another piece titled, Pro-Independence Fayyis v. Pro-Independence Oromia.

  2. Nice alternatives: either Great Oromia or Little Oromia, but never take the identity which the Europeans gave us (burnt face)!

  3. I was born in Becho woreda Busa, around Remicha River with Oromo mom and Amara dad. My first tang was Oromigna. Since I am not practicing that much these days I am about to forget the language. I am so proud of my parents. But now a days when I read all kinds of comments from the so called OLF leaders and supporters I am asking that, are these people can lead the Oromo people? Which I don’t understand is what do these “Oromo leaders”want from Amara people? What do these people suppose to do for the crime done by their ancestors? Do they have to pay the price which they never been committed? Do African American’s have the same interest like these people? Because African American’s were abused by the white people. What is your motive? I don’t think you guys are feel sorry for Oromo people. If you are sorry why don’t you go there and live and struggle with them. You guys just only want to show your hatred and jealously to Amara people. If the rest of Ethiopians could vote for you try to change even the language. If the Oromo people are benefiting from the language. I like to remind you about the language, by being the national language of Ethiopian, The Amara people couldn’t get any benefit. Instead of trying to find a way to get rid of the problem that Oromo people have you guys are trying to spread hatred. If your hatred has a little power by now all Oromo people even kill and destroy the rest of Ethiopians especially Amara. Pls learn if you have a brain. Love buys everything. Love can win. Change your mind by loving every human being in the world. Even if they are your enemy, For that matter I will recommend for the people who have a hate for any human being read the book “THE SECRET”. Then everyone will bow for you,
    Long live Ethiopia and Ethiopiawenet.

    • Neither OLF members nor its supporters said Amharas of this generation are responsible for the crimes done by their ancestors. In simple language they have one demand: The Oromo people has been oppressed by Habeshas till today and this has to be corrected for the future by allowing the Oromo people to make referndum on the kind of soveriegnity it needs: either to be an independent country or a state in federal Ethiopia.

  4. Good point! I like your argument about little vs. greater Oromia. Now the ball is in the Habesha’s court. The aspirations of people of “Greater Oromia” (Ethiopia) must be clear.

  5. Money….,
    can’t you say long live Great Oromia and Oromiawinet based on the definition given by the author of the opinion?

  6. I did not know until now that there are a group of Orommumaa who are fighting for greater Oromia. The writer also tried to black mail the Ethiopian majority, in order to preserve the unity of the country that we all have to chang our national identity.
    Ethiopia is the home of more than 80 Ethinic Grops.The Oromo’s are one of them in this composition. Suggesting that 79 Ethnic Groups have to change their national identity is an idea that exists only in his mind. Ethiopians will not buy your black mail. If I were you, I would first put this idea for sale on ebay or craig list. Good Luck

    • @Bekele Tullu

      You said Ethiopia is home for 80 ethnic groups; that is right. If this is so why not U accept the supremacy of Amhara language and culture over others? Unlike Amharas Oromos do not want to Oromize other etnic groups. What the Oromo people demands is to rule itself and to freely exercise its language and culture. Unlike Amharas we do not say we have “veto-powers” over Ethiopia.

    • Did you read the opinion exactly? Where did you see the black mailing? The opinion is just a suggestion how to reconcile the unity wish of the Amhara and the indepedence will of the Oromo. How can it be hard for you to rename the country as Oromia, instead of Ethiopia, just for the sake of saving the territorial integrity of the country??

  7. Money Magnet, your points are worth-reading than those in so-called liberation fronts. Whatever has happened has happened then, allegedely though whoever has committed crime against humanity 50 or more years ago has nothing to do with the present generation at all. But ethnically based attitude is always inferrior to that of our national pride which is why narrow nationalists happen to be that low. Indeed, too low to deal with.

    Down with narrow nationalism, Long live Ethiopia!!

    Gudu Kassa

  8. Black Hitler ( Menilik) statue is an insult to oromos.

    Fact is, The black hitler (Menilik) was a hero for Amaras, but cruel mass for Oromos.

    How could you blame oromos/OLF for wanted to desperate from Ethiopia, as we all know the Amhara Dominated governments since Menulike era directly and indirectly waged evil war against protons, oromos culture and oromos history, including stealing oromos land in order to reward and promote the Amharas tribe in expense of the poor helpless oromos.

    • This has to be the most ignorant way to express one of the great leaders of the world has ever seen. You call him because he was a hero? he defended the land from Italians? Is that what this is?

      To be honest you do not have any proff to the claim you made. He did not build gas chambers and try to exterminate a whole ethinicity. Those who made mistake were simply put to prison. Thats what you hate about it. TYo be honest you are some shallow guy who love to hate and wants the TRUE ethiopians fight his war so that he could simply boast how he is a proud Oromo. Well mate you cant have that. You get what you paid for, Nothing. Except hatred.

  9. Amharic was imposed on us by oppressor Amhara governments.

    Voiding Amharic is logical and democratic move.

    Ethiopias national language should be democratize and changed from Amhara minority language (Amharic) to Ethiopias majority language ( Afaan Oromo).

    Beside why we oromos forced to speak our oppressors language within our Oromo lands ? ? ?

  10. Denbedollo,
    I am half oromo and half amhara and proud to say I am an proud Ethiopian and Emye Menlik. I can tell one thing for sure I was born in addis and that is the only home I know and no hater/olf will tell me I don’t belong there.

  11. Some Oromos ( who says they are Ormos(believe me if you study their back they are mixed with …)) they says that they should be king of Ormos. But they are afraid that they may not be if ever Ormos lives with other Ethiopians . As to me these guys have inferiority complex . If you think that you are not enough for it there are million Oromos who have self confidence to lead not only Ethiopia but also Africa. So grow !!! no Oromo follows you ( including me) .If you have support of Ormos you wouldn’t have splitted to million pieces. We are Ethiopians and Ormos.

    You are a joke Feyis;
    You really need medical help seeing you faking yourself knowing you are not talking from your gut. You want independent Oromia? You can try Minnesota where your earlier refugee settlers from Oromo are living- I bet after few years, OLF will demnd Oromia independent in Minnesota ( I mean it- these elements are sick in their head).

    seriously, if you want Ormia, you need to remove yourself from America and leave that habit of eating Sandwich and get and airplane ticket to Kenya and walk to the jungle to Ethiopia. How hard is it to do this? Is it hard? This question is to all OLF cults. I meant it! you want independent Ormia, but your coward belly can’t cross Kenya and you still live in America and talk behind computer about Oromia. How is it going to be possible? Sorry, it is not going to happen while you live your comfort life here. You are talking apple and orange. Just remove yourself from America and go to Ethiopia and stay a fighter in the juggle. You find it hard to resist the heat from the powerful Ethiopian fighters for the last 50 years and run away from Ethiopia and here you are faking yourself and others. I love those sandwich lovers when they talk about fighting and liberating Oromia knowing they are medicating themselves with myth thinking behind a computer

    By the way, as I told you the other day- even if you get , you will turn the Oromo people into hellish like Somalia fighting between the Wahhabi and Christian and between the Wahhabi/Salafi Oromo Islamists and the government who ever it will be claiming Sharia to govern Oromo people. The conflict will start in Harar and Bale and then spread to other areas as we see the Wuhabist’s strong hold where they are gaining grounds as we speak. That time No UN or Ethiopia to save your Wuhabiya Ass… from killing each other as Somalia turned hellish to its people. Please do better do full time job than to talk rubbish about Oromia independent witch is myth and fake to collect money for cult leaders who are most of them retired and weak. You want it- go get it! But, coward belly can’t do it. Is it hard to cross Kenya? You bet it is. shooting bullet and resist the heat of Ethiopian fighters is different than to talk garbage in the internet. I will repeat- you want Oromia independent? Go get it. You can’t cross Kenya , because you know that eating Sandwich from MacDonald is hard to leave it alone! Thanks

    Let alone after you get your fake and imaginary Oromia,- even while you are in America as citizen of America and and living as refugee in America you clash each other in court spending poor Oromo members money for your ego. Here is your evidence.

    Asmara Group’s lawsuit against the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) is dismissed by the District Court of the Fourth Judicial District of the state of Minnesota, United States of America (USA), on 8th September 2008 (Court File No. 27 CV 07-20487).

    The Asmara Group had claimed exclusive right to the name “Oromo Liberation Front” (“OLF”) and logo and had brought lawsuit against the other OLF group for “violation of the deceptive trade practices act, interfering with prospective economic advantage, false statement in advertisement and declaratory judgment”. You see, this is you OLF cults. What would you do if you get your independent? Wuhabists and Christians and others will murder each other to control power. You do this here to take away name “OLF” while living in America, what will you do to take “government Power”? You will slaughter each other and give us a havoc like the Eritreans coming back again to lovely Ethiopia!You think we do not know your inside out?

    Getcahew Reda

  13. Shame on these Oromo Libration Front gangestors, they are extremely racist. Woyane is the one who is oppressing the people but they go back to attack the oppressed Amhara people, shame on you racist Beyana soba, Daud Ibsa, Lencho Leta, Dema Nego and others, many oromo youthes are in jail because of you racists.

    • @Fake Megersa

      Do U know who initiated the present political argument? it is the Habeshanist Dr Fikre Tolossa/Tolessa. Shame on Amhara affliated opposition groups such as Ginbot 7 and ANDINET. They are exteremely racists. Woyane is the one who is oppressing the people but they go back to attack the oppressed Oromo people.

  14. You are saying (acording to Dr Fikre) Amahas and Tegreans have been Oromos. Let it be, BUT NO MORE!!! THEY HAVE THEIR OWN IDENTITY NOW. That is the nature of social dynamics. There is no such thing as FIXED IDENTITY!! It changes over time and space for whatever reason. Some coutries who have been Islamic have changed to Christian and vice versa. It is better to deal with the status-quo as it is. It was not by choice that most African countries are using French/English…as their national languge, is was what the status-quo required. You can’t change the national languege over night. I don’t have any objection if Oromifa is a national languge but it has to pass through many phases before it is well spoken by the rest of Ethiopians. It has to be done carefully and smoothly,and till that you have no option but to use Amaharic unless your hatrate towards Amahara and Amaharic holds you back. Let me tell you as an Amahara, Amaharic being the national languge have never give me or my relatives in the countryside any advantage. We, Amaharas, as people have been in poverty and oppression like all other fellow Ethiopians all the time. Don’t mix up ruling classes with the poor people. Through out our history it was the ruling class and people who work for the ruling class that have been benefiting irrespective of their ethnicity. Gobena Dache was well better of my grand-grand father during Minilik and Aba Dula is well better of than Gebremedhin Araya.

    As for youR Great Oromia, I tell you there are many Oromos who don’t accept it let alone None-Oromos. But the languge, we don’t have problem if we use it with Amaharic side by side and let it well developed through-out Ethiopia. I don’t negotiate with the name ETHIOPIA nad ITS FLAG!!! It is a little wishy. It is the present day residents(reality, status-qo) not history that determined the destiny of the Fokland Islands. I’m talking about Addis Ababa(you kept calling historical name’finfinne”). The question is what the residents of Addis Ababa want?? Not who was living there 100 years ago. the same is true for the rest of the country.

    • You see! You just exposed your intention and all the others are also tested by this opinion from Fayyis. A cry for unity is just a smoke screen for your intention of seeing Amhara and Amharinya be the dominant element within the country or behind the name you want to hide yourslef! If you want your UNITY, then only if the country will be renamed as Oromia and the Oromiffa will be the main language of this future country! Otherwise, try to develop Bahirdar, surely Finfinne will not be yours!

  15. Getachew = approximate meaning Lord , landlord

    I have seen your reply so many places, you still live in 60′ you still think like 60’s. You hate Oromo. Love wins love Oromo people …. Peace is good so does love. Stop the hate spread the love. Do not assume every attitude is OLF if that is the case then every Oromo is OLF.

    Oromo bayyee sijalata !

  16. What a poor soul? you are a poor nigger. As long as you think this way you will remain a hopeless nigger. Try to come out from poverty first and think of a country. Are you not suffering under TPLF? and TPLF is totally slave of a white man. To hell with you all. Hopeless refuges.

  17. I think Fayyis just silenced with this piece of opinion all the pro-unity bravados! Now they do have no logical and rational arguement, but only emotional tantrum, which is simply a sign of desperation! Good job Mr Author!

  18. I got an idea. why should we not have greater Amhara , greater tigraie, greater afar, greater somalia , greater ……….and then we can all live happily ever after.

    If the demand for greater oromo is not accepted then little oromo is acceptable.
    is it really.

  19. Feyyis , is now telling us the dead tyrant Meles satan zenawi was a ‘tigrenized oromo’. History is being re-written as we speak folks.

    In the next piece, Feyyis would not stop saying that all people on earth were originally oromo. They some how changed over time and became ‘arabized oromos’ , ‘indianized oromos’ , ‘europeanised oromos’ etc etc and by conclusion all the world should should become oromo and embrace greater oromo.

    Such is the height of hallucination this guy has reached. What next!

    • You are not wrong; all nations are descendants of Aadde Caaltuu (Lucy) from Oromia; so they all were Oromo! KKKK

  20. Oppressing, degrading and killing Oromos in order to implement greater Amara domination.

    Black Hitler (Menilike) was mass genocider to Oromos, but a hero for Amaras. The Amhara dominated governments since Menilike have committed heinous crime against Oromos people, oromos culture, oromos languge.

  21. My goodness! All of us are now what? Oromuma? The Amhara is Oromo, The Tigre is Oromo, Hadya is Oromo?? Wait a minute, is it not true that the Arsi Oromo were Hadyas only few hunder years ago? That is before they were invaded by the Oromo tribes. And countless Amharas and Sidama were usurped by the Oromo tribes not long ago in our history. Tell that to the Somalis! Aren’t the Somalis saying that the Oromo are new comers who have taken over the land of the Somal. I hear that in Diredawa all the time from the Somalis.

    Wow is the word! While the rest of the world is marching into a new world full of technological wonders and thinking of missions to outer planets, our learned idiots invent and reinvent history. Hopeless, useless, crack heads. Anyway, this useles psychpaths will soon be on a social security payroll. The future of Ethiopia will be decided by the young and they are nothing like this retarded writer.

    • Fayyis is trying to help you swallow the bitter pill of reality on the ground! It is up to you to choose: either your UNITY under the name great Oromia or our INDEPENDECE in a form of little Oromia. Is this hard to comprehend?? KKKK

  22. Just so curious, why is Zehabesha keeping Dr. Fikre Tolossa’s picture in every post of this bullshit Gala called Fessam Oromo? Why?

    • Amora be bahir lay silarach bahir ayideferisim, gin bilginawa yitayal; you are the same to such bird; you just showed yourself and Fayyis did show himself with such noble article!!KKKKKKKK

  23. Getachew Reda,

    You used Fikru Tolessa as a conduit for your expansion of anti-Oromo hate you have been espousing since your EPRP days, years ago. The EPRP’s position against the Oromo people has been well documented in the early years. They used Haile Fida, the chairman of Mei’son and an Oromo, to label a socialist movement with the same program as their own an Oromo organization and went through the killing orgies that the Derg labeled as the “white terror”. You are now using a misguided person in the name of Fikre Tolessa ( I am not sure whether he has any Oromuma in him because he declares that he is an Habesha) to advance a hate propaganda against all Oromo organizations. You just have to look back to see where your effort has taken you. There was one organization alleged to be an Oromo organization when you started your incubation of the hate some 35 years ago. Today there are several Oromo organizations all prepared to cut you in pieces when the opportune time arrives. Your hate only multiplied Oromo organizations. Your EPRP had died a natural death, because you cannot build a national movement with out the particpation of the largest single ethnic group (Oromo) in a country balkanized across ethnic lines. Tigreans consider themselves as “good Ethiopians” only in so far as we allow them to extend their apartheid ruling system in Ethiopia (All things to Tigreans). In this system you are the beneficiary. Amharas are crying for the “Ethiopia” only to return to the old good days (Nostalgic Ethiopia at the corner). Ormos have no take in all of this. With a population of close to 40 million, it is a matter of time that a tide of change will catch you while you are bluffing hot air. It has been 40 years and you have not succeeded. I can tell you that we will come of what is going on stronger than what you think- you will either have a country in which we have a legitimate and proportional say with a peaceful co-existence or we will exit with Oromia as many other countries have done. Civilized people know how to handle their differnces. Uncivilized wild people follow your path towards distruction.

  24. Argamo

    I think is is the revers,i think we somali coming from Oromo.That is why our language is so close.About the language,South Africa with less population than Ethiopia has 11 official languages.It is wise to have amara,oromo,tigray,afar,somali,sidama and………. as official language.gambela and the others have also to chose.We must be able to build a real federal ethiopia.Or a confderation of ethiopia.

    I want to recall you it is the right of each nationality to secede or to be memebre of ethiopian federation art 39

    • Mohamad,

      The Somal is not a branch of the Oromo tribes as far as the sources I have read to date. That is a different discussion.

      As for the Oromo, you may want to read the book written by Sihab ad-Din Ahmad Abd al-Qader bin Salem bin Utman to get a clue of the ethnogeography of Ethiopia around 1543. In this epic book you can read Sihab ad-Din Ahmad bin Abd al-Qader’s account of the early sixteenth century Jihad in Ethiopia, of Imam Ahmad bin Ibrahim, better known as Ahmad Gran. The book tells a one-sided story of the battles faught between Ahmad Gran and successive Ethiopian kings.

      The most interesting part of the book however is the ethnographic discription of who is who in the Ethiopian Empire during that period. All of the southern Ethiopian tribes, the Amharas, the Tigres, the Somalis and numerous other tribes and places which are now completely erased are mentioned by the writer. Ahmad Gran’s campaign covered most of the geographical areas of today’s Ethiopia including the major regions where most Oromos live today. But there was no mention of the Oromo (or Galla) anywhere in this epic book. Why? Obviously, the Oromos were not residing in the borders of the Ethiopian Empire around 1540. This is also supported by many books written by other writers during that period. Harold Marcus, in his most fascinating book, The Ethiopian Borderlands, also have reached to the same conclusion.

      The Oromo tribes however were around the corner, as only a century later both the Adal Sultanate and the Ethiopian kings were busy campaigning against the many tribes of the Oromo. A campaign which got them no where, as most regions were completely overran gradually. The Oromos became kingmakers in the Ethiopian Empire for many centuries till the advent of the modern Ethiopian State. I can also tell you that this history is supported by the oral history of the Sidama and Hadiya, which I am very familiar with. The Hadyia still claim that the Arsi Oromo are their own keen overran by the invading Oromo tribes and gradually lost their identity.

      The fate of the people of the Ethiopian Empire is intertwined and the future is better built together than making fancy stories as the one written above. The young generation will make the decison in the context of this interconnected modern aage. The old guards should start applying for their social security checks including this writer.

  25. getachew Reda,

    The above article should read as “……………Today there are more ……..prepared to cut your program of hate into pieces……”

    amo Kilu:

    Not only Haile Fida, according to the information we got, your leader Beyan was also Derg Cadre. So what are you talking about Hailu Fida? You do not know OLF leaders that many of them were Derg ministers and cadres. You do not know them, do you? Do you? You poor cult follower knew nothing about them. I laugh, how cults can become fools. Getachew Reda

  27. The Crime of OLF Bedeno Massacre

    As there is Nazi hunters by the Jew, Ethiopians need to establish hunters of OLF criminals who sheltered in America and Europe hunt them and bring them to justice. They are still dangerous and vicious animals who still want to kill human beings living comfortable spreading all over the civilized world. Here is a sample of OLF crime sent to IHC with 800 pages of reports of OLF crime and their photograph attached. One of them is still foaming to kill more after released from jail. Ethiopians need to hunt criminals who are still foaming to kill. Their citizenship or refugee status must be re-examined and take them to justice as it is now started to reactivated again.

    based on an interview we in SHINE conducted in 1996
    in USA with some survivors among them an elderly lady who survived the Bedeno massacre
    thanks to the intervention of a very humane Oromo young man who saved her life by risking his
    own life. This feat of humanist altruism is a testimony to the existence of a loyalty to the
    universalistic values of humanism that cut across ethnic and primordial barriers which the
    present ethnocratic political system of TPLF and exclusivist opposition political groups like
    OLF, IFLO, ONLF, etc are trying to erect between the people of Ethiopia. Here follows the list
    of the victims and the condition in which they were victimized.
    II – Victims From Bedeno Town
    Ato Abebe Mitike (lost 9 family members and two of his sons were tortured, one blinded
    and sent back to him. His families : W/o Asselefetch Demissie (tortured and dumped in
    The Bedeno Massacre Page 4
    Enkuftu). Eight other family members (tortured, killed and dumped in Enkuftu) His two sons,
    Admassie Abebe and Mamoush Abebe have been tortured and crippled and sent back alive.
    TKD = tortured + killed + and dumped in Enkuftu ravine
    Ato Yohannes Demissie – Malaria Control and Prevention worker in Bedeno (TKD)
    W/o Yeshihareg Yilma – killed near Ramis river by W/o Dehabo Abdurehman (OLF
    W/o Asselefetch Demissie, the wife of Ato Abebe Mitike was likewise killed by W/o
    Dehabo Abdulrahman an OLF cadre at Dertu Goshima area by bullet.
    Others killed by OLF bullets were :
    Ato Webiye Haile Gebriel
    Ato Tilahun Zeleke
    Ato Sintayehu Wolde Tsadik
    Memire (priest) Tsegaye Abebe
    W/o Bekeletch Mekonen
    Among those whose bodies were dumped in the Enkuftu ravine after they have been brutally
    murdered by OLF cadres were:
    Ato Mengiste Tessema – He was the father of 10 children and a poor man. He pleaded
    with them to save his life but they did not spare his life.
    Hamsaleka (corporal) Webishet Zegeye
    Ato Engida Zegeye
    III – Amharas Abducted From Lange and Murdered in Bedeno
    Lange is a town on the main road to Harrar city. 13 Amharas, whose names have not yet been
    identified, were taken away and killed and their bodies dumped in the Enkuftu ravine. W/o
    Yeshi, who was an inhabitant of Lange town, was also taken away from Lange and murdered and
    dumped in Enkuftu.
    Another Amhara woman, whose name was not identified, was also taken away from Lange,
    murdered by OLF soldiers and her body dumped in Enkuftu.
    The woman who was leading the massacre of Amharas and Amharic speakers was known by the
    name of Asli. She, as a cadre of OLF, was the chief executioner of the massacre and she is
    believed to have come from another region outside Bedeno. On one Friday morning, the OLF
    cadres announced that all Amharas should assemble at the market place in Bedeno. Some
    Oromos, who were privy to the planned massacre of Amharas, warned their Amhara neighbors
    The Bedeno Massacre Page 5
    and friends not to go out of their houses and to remain within their homes. Those who were not
    warned of the looming danger and massacre went to the assembly place as ordered by the OLF
    cadres and were taken from there to Enkuftu where they were brutally murdered and dumped
    into the Enkuftu ravine. A. M. N.* a courageous and humane Oromo from Bedeno, leaked to the
    person who related this interview to me that she should not leave her home and go to the meeting
    where Amharas were ordered to assemble by OLF cadres. He told this Amhara woman who
    brought him up just like his mother and whom he fondingly calls as Ayo (mother) that he will
    all he can to save her life and that they will only be able to kill her after they have killed and
    taken away his life. It was an exceptional feat of human commitment to a fellow human being at
    a time when OLF had such a great sway and control on the life of the inhabitants of Bedeno and
    the neighboring countryside.
    On this same day that OLF cadres ordered all Amharas living in Bedeno town to assemble for a
    meeting, W/o Asli, the chief OLF cadre in the area broke into the shop of Ato Berhe by force and
    ransacked the shop. This was how anarchy and chaos was allowed to reign in the town of
    Bedeno. The OLF had an army stationed in Bedeno area from where it was able to spread panic
    and terror among the Amharas, Amharic speakers and Oromos the latter of whom refused to
    massacre their fellow Amharas.
    Later the corpses of the following people were dug up:
    Ato Mengiste Tessema
    Ato Engida Tessema and the bodies of some of those who came from Lange.
    Two brothers were killed and dumped in the Enkuftu ravine. These were:
    Ato Abebe Webeneh
    Ato Asnake Webeneh
    Both brothers were killed in Bedeno at a place known as Iliko. The wife of Ato Abebe Webeneh
    survived after sustaining various bullet injuries that damaged her jaws and teeth.
    Ato Mengesha Bogale – an Amhara inhabitant of Water town was told to pay a sum of
    five thousand Birr ($1000 US Dollars). This he had to pay as bribe to the OLF cadres so that
    they would spare his life. However after they got the 5000 Birr which he dutifully paid he was
    murdered by these same OLF thugs.
    W/o Yeshi was likewise murdered by the OLF thugs after she paid 1000 Birr so that they
    would spare her life. However after they got the money, the OLF thugs killed her too like all
    other Amhara victims which they killed in a similar fashion.
    W/o Genet Endaylalu was killed in her own house by these OLF thugs.
    IV – Victims Who Later Died As A Result Of The Torture They Underwent
    The Bedeno Massacre Page 6
    The following people died of the torture which they underwent in the hands of OLF soldiers.
    Ato Lealem Girma (who died of the severe injuries he sustained while he was tortured by
    the OLF thugs).
    Ato Mersha Beyene (who likewise died after having sustained severe injuries. He used to
    pass off blood with urine). This is a condition which is medically dubbed hematuria and is in this
    case a result of the damage done to his kidney in consequence of the trauma (physical torture) to
    which he was subjected.
    V – More Victims From Bedeno
    Corporal Engida Zegeye (aged 58 years) was abducted on Megabit 3, 1984 EC (March
    11, 1992) and killed on Megabit 13, 1984 EC (March 21, 1992).
    Ato Mengiste Tessema (aged 60 years) was abducted on Megabit 8, 1984 EC (March 16,
    1992) and killed on Megabit 13, 1984 EC (March 21, 1992). He was a head of a family of 11 and
    used to earn a living by writing appeal letters in a court.
    Corporal Woubishet Alemu – an inhabitant of Bedeno town was abducted on Megabit 2,
    1984 (March 10, 1992) and later mercilessly mutilated and dumped in the Enquftu ravine.
    W/rt Ayne Ahmed – this is a young girl who used to support her blind mother by taking
    up jobs in different areas such as Bedeno, Girawa, Kurfachele. The nature of her work forced her
    to move between these places. Her movement from place to place in search of work as the only
    bread winning member of her family made her suspect. The OLF accused her of as an EPRDF
    agent and informer and abducted her and brutally killed her and dumped her body in the Enquftu
    Mr. Beyene Birhanu was a merchant in Bedeno and head of a family of seven. He was
    taken from his home to Enquftu and murdered and dumped there.
    Mr. Hailu was an old man who used to be an inhabitant of Bedeno. He was killed
    together with his wife and his 10 year old daughter after OLF soldiers broke into his home and
    shot them dead. An 18 year daughter of Mr. Hailu was beaten by the OLF thugs and her two legs
    broken but her life was spared.
    Mr. Abera Wolde Mariam – father of three children was killed in Bedeno although he is
    not inhabitant of Bedeno. He came to Webera awraja to visit his sister who lives in Bedeno.
    W/o Yeshihareg Yilma – was a 58 years old woman who was an inhabitant of Bedeno
    town. The OLF soldiers who came to her house looking for her husband, took her away when
    they realized that her husband was in Dire Dawa for medical treatment. The fact that her husband
    traveled to Dire Dawa was misconstrued by OLF as an attempt on his part to give information
    about OLF to the EPRDF authorities in Dire Dawa. The OLF that has a pathological hatred for
    the Amhara people used to consider all Amharas as EPRDF spies.
    The Bedeno Massacre Page 7
    Mr. Mengistu Amare – employee of the Ministry of Coffee and three who was imprisoned
    with 18 former Dergue militias the latter of whom refused to fight alongside OLF against the
    EPRDF government soldiers were all killed and dumped in Enquftu ravine.
    Aleka Tafesse Wolde Mariam was a pensioner. He was killed and dumped in the Enquftu
    Mr. Yohannes Demisse – employee of the Malaria Control Program of the ministry of
    Health used to be an inhabitant of Bedeno. He was abducted from Bedeno town and brutally
    killed and dumped in the Enquftu ravine.
    W/o Abebetch Tesfa was also likewise abducted and later killed and dumped in Enquftu
    W/o Asselefetch Demisse (an 80 years old lady) was abducted with 5 other family
    members and killed after all her property has been confiscated by the OLF.
    The people that have been brutally killed and dumped in the Enquftu ravine of Bedeno were all
    taken from the following areas i.e Bedeno, Lafto, Burka, Genemi, Grawa, Water, Lange, etc.
    VI – Amhara Merchants And Inhabitants Abducted From Water Town And Later Killed.
    (Water town is located in Hararghe.)
    Mr. Werke Abebe aged 55 was abducted on Nehassie 2, 1983 EC (August 10, 1991) in
    Water town. He was a merchant and head of a family of 12.
    Mr. Mengesha Bogale – was abducted on Nehassie 2, 1983 EC (August 10, 1991) in
    Water town. He was a merchant by profession.
    Mr. Mullugeta Tirfe was abducted on Nehassie 2, 1983 EC (August 10, 1991) in Water
    town. He was a merchant by profession.
    W/o Yeshi Desta was abducted from Water town on Nehassie 2, 1983 EC (August 10,
    1991). She was owner of a hotel in this town.
    *A.M. N. is an abbreviated name referring to the young Oromo inhabitant of Bedeno who saved
    his elderly Amhara neighbor by telling her not to assemble at the Bedeno market place as has
    been ordered by OLF. For the security of this man’s life (against possible OLF vendetta), we
    have not mentioned his full name.
    End of the Documented Report by SHINE

    • Getachewo Reda: You are writing so much garbages with no substance in it. You listed what you called Amhara massacres by oromos. If U are a human right activist why not U also investigate massacress committed against oromos by Habeshas (Amharas and Tigres). Do U know what the black Hitler (Minilik) committed on oromos. He killed 50% of the Oromos of his time.

      • Obsaa,
        mammaaksa Oromoo kan “gadhee salphisuuf jalaa callisuu” jedhu beekta? Why should you respect the imbeciles by responding to their trush??

  28. Ato Fayyis, this is the 21 century; it seems you not much to do and idling about forming a new country that never existed. You wanted the Ethiopian people on the base of tribe or ethnic. This is the 21 brother. It seems everything behind time in Ethiopia. The wall of race, ethnic, tribe, colour , religion,.. is destroyed by new age of technology plus internet. You are trying to create a new microwall in Ethiopia that does not go with the 21 century? why? Leave alone Ethiopians, even South Africans white and black are living together now. The Afrikaaners thought of the same way like you, but they got bankcrupted by the ideology of Afrikaaner nations within South Africa. Now black and white who sharee no culture, language, … are living in peace in a democractic South Africa. You are educated, but you think is not that of an educated person. Man, get of the tribal oromo box and be patriotic Ethiopians. You must understand theree are millions who feel negative to your antiEthiopia attitude. The past is gone man. Do not dwell in the past; being educated is to being open minded, broaded minded. We are all mortal human and live on this planet short. You are oromo, but you soul is not Oromo, you soul has no tribe, ethnic, race, colour, religion. Liberate yourself before liberating anyone. First thing first and second thing second. If you are against Ethiopia? Ethiopian history is against you man. Please do not take or trample on the right of others.

    What we need is prosperous, fail, equal, just Ethiopia, not Oromia. This is outdated idea man. This idea is not for the this century to be honest. People are working day and night how they can go to other planets; You are wasting your life creating a nation in your mind that does not benefit anyone. People are naturally intereconnected; artificial separation will only make people suffer. you need to upgrade you thinking man.

  29. Sorry for the schizophrenic politicians who claim their quest for the liberation of Oromia from the yoke of Abyssinian colonizers is still an issue.First and foremost we don’t have to dwell our entire life for something which is not going to be achievable even if the journy may be legitmate .Therefore lets be realistic and focus on the attainable plan of action
    1- get rid of the woyane regime by all means
    2-form a transitional all inclusive government with an Oromo as head of state
    3 Give two years for the transition and work on healing wounds than scraching
    4 Replace the phony federalism with authentic one
    5 Establish cordial relationship with all neighboring states
    6 After two years of trust building establish a genuiny and democratically elected government in Ethiopia which obviously heralds the emergence of an Oromo heading the executive branch with real power and popular support of the majority of Ethiopians
    7 Finally what I would like to say for some lunatics is Ethiopia is Oromia and Oromia is Ethiopia
    May God provide us healthy ideas and nourish us with positive attitudes

  30. Why is it so difficult to have free ogaden,free oromia,free afar,and free sidama,inside a confederation of horn of africa.These people have suffered under all the colonial rule in ethiopia ,since more than century.We want protection to our population and have a say in our country .Why you want we share your flag and your official language we have ours.Let us sit and decide a new flag,flag of hope and love ,not flag of invasion and conquest.

  31. Crazy guy Fayysa of oromia. Try as you may,you can never change or modify history. Wedezih betelew wedezia,you can not change what happened. You are trying to re write history by fabricating greater Oromia and all others(Amahara , Tigre etc ) are smaller groups which shouldn’t existe. Way gud

  32. Getachew Reda,

    As an EPRP squad member, we have to go back and investigate how many souls you murdered before you escaped to USA. We know many have survived and you must be one of them. The sad part of the Ethiopian history is that some smarts try to make a story out of nothing and still inflict their evil message. We have a way to investigate your contributions to the dark days of Ethiopians.

  33. The bedeno massacre is still vivid in our heads. the butchering of the amhara population by fascist thugs can not just be ignored. It is a crime of immense proportion that is a challenge to humanity. How is it that human beings descend to such level of barbarism in the 20/21st centure. Is it not supposed to be the enlightened age., is it not meant to be a time when human civilisation has become a guarantee for the survival of humanity.

    WE have to get to the bottom of what happened in Bodeno. It cannot be ignored . Without justice there can not be progress. It is ALL about JUSTICE.

  34. Here we go again another day time dreamer. Egypt is looking for such a sick person like you who got sick idea from birth to death. Ethiopian unity is not the issue of Amhara as you twisted the fact. .It is most of Ethiopian citizen may not include you if you do not believe to be Ethiopian who cares.

  35. gud job obbo fayyis
    i dont why habeshas’ are always barking to tell us we are in 21 century and we shouldnt talk about self determination.
    is it not 21 cent for UK or Scotland?

  36. Changing the name Ethiopia (burnt face) to its origiginal Name Oromia seems dificult…. for me… because many people knows and dies for the name Ethiopia than Oromia….. However if everybody angry…. I am with you brother

    Because I only need peaceful life in his poor land of ours

  37. The Bedeno genocide survivors as well as the olf butchers who carried out these massacres are still alive. Sufficient documents listing what had happened exist and eye witness accounts are abound. We will not rest until these savage olf butchers are brought to sccount.

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