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The Co-Pilot need protection! Ethiopians in Norway held demonstration [Video]

Nebiyou Alemayehu (oslo)
Ethiopians in Norway, Bern held demonstration to ask the Switzerland government grant asylum to the Ethiopian Airlines Co-pilot Hailemedehin Abera who took the Ethiopian Airlines plane Boeing 767 to Switzerland and landed peacefully. The protesters shouted “Hailemedehin Need Protection !”

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  1. I am ashamed to be a diaspora Ethiopian and I hate the burger eater animal Ethiopian diaspora. every time they bark, they never make any sense, this guy sold his ethical value for his cheap political propaganda and he put 200 innocent lives in danger. you try to tell me He is a hero. Go find the meaning of hero and then we can talk.

  2. i can not understand how people will demonstrate to support a hijacker this is madness he is a criminal by any standard he is a terrorist who risked hundreds of passengers life the world will lough at you you guys are moron .the funny thing is you even do not now what his motive was .

  3. Bo sun Woyanew, when is it a Woyane knows what ethical value means. stay away what TPLF feeds you, your brain is rotting to understand value.

    Also choose a better name than bo sun

    leba Woyane

  4. I do not understand how hijacking plane be praised, hero?. For whatever reasons be, hijacking couldn’t be supported. I know problems in airlines, or somewhere else. This can not be the way to fight for our freedom; endangering others. Please you people, stop and think. Are you doing this for woyane or against woyane?

  5. Bo sun and garuma, It is a pity that you yourself hamburger eater ethiopian diaspora, with no atom of courage in your heart, want others to be the same as you. Unless people are stone headed like you, If they are determined to achieve their goal, they use whatever meance they have at hand. The smart and sober once do it in away that there would be a minimum collateral damage. From the events that took place during the diversion of the flight (you call it hijacking but i don`t) we can see how safely it was done. This young pilot made his( and many others like him) agony known to the world in a way he knows how to do well. He sacrificed his future. Look at the diaspora like yourself, You don`t want to loose the hamburger you are eating, and you talk nonsense hiding yourself in a safe heaven. This guy has sacrificed his future first class life for his cause. He is a hero not a coward.

    • Thank you for your … words. What I’m saying is ,one, it is too early to support, you do not know why he did that, only guss! Listen to what his family members said; why you let those woyane lough at you doing this? Two, he(the pilot)is not in the state of war to do that. Finally I respect your stand but do not hurry to do things by guss! That makes human being human!!! ok Tonga

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