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The City of Bahir-Dar is under siege

bahir dar today august 31 2016 v
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(ONA) The city of Bahir Dar is flocking with Agazi military forces and it is reported they are all over the city.

The city’s entrances and exits are under control and every human and vehicles going in and out are being searched. Soldiers who usually roam the city on foot are replaced by soldiers that move around the city loaded in military trucks. It is reported, the city looks like a war zone. The residents do not know why the regime is doing this but say they are playing psychological and emotional games on them.

Those who applied to live the force, especially from Gordema Gabriel crowd control force, including those with medical conditions, have been denied leave. It is reported, the order came from higher authorities.

Last October, armaments were lost from the military camp. Two officers who were on guard duties at that time were imprisoned and now there whereabouts is unknown. The case of the two guards whose whereabouts became a misty have increased the tension within the group of the crowd control forces.

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Source: Ogaden News Agency

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