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The Bond, Fund and Dam Preaching Intellectuals, Why Your Pens Dry  to Write about  Amara Genocide?


By Belayneh Abate

“It is better to be a human being dissatisfied than a pig satisfied” John Stuart Mill

No genocide in history has occurred without active participation of governments, and support and silence of intellectuals. The Jewish, Rwandan and Armenian genocides were implemented by the governments, which were highly supported by intellectuals. Similarly, Amara genocide has been implemented by the Ethiopian People Democratic Front (EPRDF) supported by you the opportunist intellectuals. Some of you have been actively participating in Amara genocide and the rest of you have been supporting it with deafening silence.

Weeks, months and years ago, you the opportunist intellectuals were invading the websites, newspapers, radios, televisions and other media outlets preaching about the dams, bonds, and funds. Principled Ethiopians know that damn dam, the bond and the fund fiascoes are fake national agenda EPRDF has been using to cover up heinous crimes including genocides.  Now, you are nowhere  to be found when the ongoing Amara genocide is escalated supported by the regional government security apparatus.

The genocide survivors have repeated told us that the regional and the local police and security guards were either actively participating in the genocide  or refusing to protect the genocide victims.

Despite these facts, many of you the opportunist intellectuals still serve the EPRDF rulers that committed genocide, ethnic cleansing, massacre, torture and forced sterilizations of Ethiopians. Similarly, some of you have bribed and fell under the knees of criminal rulers just to open businesses and buy pieces of lands to build your villas on the coffins of the people your masters massacred.

It is fresh memory that  some of you  supported when  Legesse Zenawi, the  Iscariot Judas of Ethiopia, barked “a physist who seeks to  know about what is happening in Bale is no more a physist.”  Majority of you kept silent and continued to eat your  Kitfo when this racist traitor picked up the race hammer and  dismissed 42 indispensable professors from Addis Ababa University. [1] To make the matter worse,  some of you became vocal cadres of Zenawi to take the positions of the dismissed professors and to crush down the voices of students and principled faculty members who stood firm for the unity and sovereignty of our nation.

When professor Asrat established an organization to stop the madness running in the country, many of you picked up your knives and forks to eat him alive. While your tongue was bridled to speak against power, you attempted to teach the veteran physician and surgeon [4 ] about human body, race and gene.

Your shameful story did not stop there:   When Legesse’s Ethiopian People Democratic Front (EPRDF) committed genocide and ethnic cleansing on Amaras, Agniwaks and the people of Ogaden, you kept silent driving your luxurious cars in Ethiopia, America, Europe, Canada, Australia, South Africa and many other places. [3-15]

Even the animal pigs grunt in disgust when they foresee omen of slaughter in the communities of pigs. But you refused to  breath a word out when Ethiopians’ bodies were hanged upside down, their legs amputated,  their skins grilled,  their organs sterilized, their ears deafened, and their eyes blinded in infested prisons for nearly three decades.  [3-15]

You know you consumed the poor people’s fund for your education, but you slept like Canada bears when  the ethnic-based rule of EPRDF displaced three million  innocent Ethiopians  and massacred hundreds within the last two years. [16] You continue to live your luxurious lives as if nothing has happened to the very people that fed, hugged, kissed and carried you from cradle to adulthood.

You kept quiet and continued to live your luxurious lives when beasts evicted thousands of Amara university students and kidnapped many female students. [17-29] You devote your time and money to overindulge your stomach and acquire material satisfaction in life while the families of the kidnapped students suffer from EPRDF’s ethnic-based Hell of rules.

You continued to hibernate and drink your beer and whisky while Lake Tana and Abay are drying in a speed of electrons. [30-31] Some of you continued to preach about  the damn dam non-stop instead of working hard to save the streams.  You failed to realize no damn dams in the absence of the graceful Blue Nile falls.

You have heard that Amara  men, women and children were slaughtered like lamb Infront of their loved ones, not because what they did but because who they are. During this Amara genocide, some of you are supporting the government who exhibited dereliction of duty to protect the people and the rest of are supporting the genocide with deafening silence.

Disgusted by the nature of individuals like you, John Mill once said, “It is better to be a human being dissatisfied than a pig satisfied.”  This philosopher of the Enlightenment era was right when he  juxtaposed  glutenous pigs with selfish dudes, who sell their souls  for material wealth. Like the story of yours, the history of pigs reads “pigs lived eating everything with no conscience and died leaving no traces of footprints.”

The intellectual Ethiopians,  please stop living the lives of pigs! Stop supporting genocide in silence! Speak up against genocide! Stand for justice and make the criminals face justice. Eliminate ethnic-based rules to eradicate ethnic conflicts and save innocent lives.  Save Abay and Tana for the coming generations. Thank you .


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26th  of July, 2020

The Writer can be reached at [email protected]



  1. To put “lipstick on a pig” is an expression used to convey the message that making superficial or cosmetic changes is a futile attempt to disguise the undesirable nature of a product.  The fact of the matter is that all genocides are preceded by this type of insidious anti-intellectualism and followed by hostility to and mistrust of intellect, intellectuals, and intellectualism and  the dismissal of art, literature, and science as impractical, politically motivated, and even contemptible human pursuits. We have seen that horror movie in Ethiopia before. This should be ignored as one more  yellow intellectualism of the night before the weekly sermon disguised as “scholarly” work by the usual suspects, or fools, depending on your point of view. In any case, there is a hopeless sect of willful darkness in the Ethioian Diaspora of social security collecting age that anti-intellectualism has been a continual train of thought twisting and turning into and out of our political and cultural life, looked after by the mistaken idea that democracy and freedom means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge. And that you get to speak and we get to catch up. 

  2. R.G . Menelik , I was preparing to respond to this article with the same concept as yours.I, however, decided not to spoil your most articulated response I have ever read in a long time with mine. You wrote nothing but the truth my brother and I am proud to have a brother like you not only who cares but also who shows clearly that genocides doesn’t come from thin air but preceded by anti-intellectual propaganda. I will say the following not because you missed any point but your response is too deep and philosophical that some brothers and sisters may misunderstand it and I chose to reduce the concept into its fundamental so it will be understood by many.
    1- ” Ketenagariw Degamiw”
    By accentuating the negative, which is genocide, the writer is exactly falling into the trap Jewar and company want which is in sighting more violence. While the writer is beating a hate drum, most of us are doing something so that what happened in Shashemene and other places won’t be repeated like deradicalizing the oromo (Kero) and Amara (Fano) youth. And we are encouraging the government to enforce the law of the land in addition to contributing money for fellow Ethiopians that have been affected by the incident.
    2- “Yetemare Yigdelegh”
    “My ignorance is as good as your knowledge” Issac Asimove. This is a false notion and in some cases a cult that now a days ingrained in our political culture. what it means is ” You intellectuals! Get out of my way so that I will implement “an eye for an eye”. As Gandi said ” ” An eye for an eye makes the world blind.” You can’t substitute knowledge with ignorance. Because the writer is angry, we will not stop building or advocating about our Dam. Our problem is multi faceted and we will deal with them one by one. For those who commit the atrocity, they will face justice, not Konchera! I don’t know what the writer wants by bashing Ethiopian intellectuals, but it doesn’t smell good. In fact, it won’t be unreasonable to think that the writer may have other agenda.
    3-” Betesfa des yibelachuh”
    “What ever you do, never run back to what broke you” Frank Ocean. All genocides happened quoting past history, not looking forward. Hitler killed Jews quoting biblical era history and Milosovich killed Muslims quoting what happened 700 years ago, and those kids in Shashemene killed Non Oromos , mind you Gurages and other killed too, quoting Menelik era history which happened 150 years ago. So, we have a choice. Either we learn from what happen and do something about it and move on, or defined by what happened after Hachalu’s death and shade more blood knowing that “two wrongs don’t make right”.

  3. Hassan and the Guy with the fake name Menelik are trying to justify the Amara genocide with the fairy tale of breast cutting.

    They are telling us to forget about the genocides and just to look “forward!” cruel, Not much better than the murderers.

    Guys come to your sense! We have all the pictures, videos and names of people massacred by barbarians. Bring a single shred of Evidence about your breast cutting fairy tales?

  4. Bekele,

    Please ያልተፃፈ ነገር ማንበብ አቁም።

    No, that’s not what we’re saying. You’re wrong again.

  5. To the writer of the article you are exactly right. To RG Menelik really could you come up with a better name. You and Hasan should go get a room LMAO. Hassan nice try with you cultural examples and nuances but we see who you are. There is no doubt ethnic cleansing and genocide occurred at the hands of Oromo Youth called querro, further it was also a religious jihad as they targeted Orthodox Christians. That is the truth and the world is starting to awaken. It’s time to ignore your kind and we go down our path. Mengedun cherq yargelachuh I suspect you two fancy yourselves to be Ethiopian intellectuals. so what does that even mean.. the same ones who have destroyed the country over the past 30 years with the degrees they received from the West??

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