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The Barefoot Man is Coming | Ali Saeed | TEDxWinnipeg

No one wants to be a refugee. A gut wrenching story of one man’s mission to save as many people as he can with ‘Green Revenge’.

Ali Saeed crossed the Wuchallee desert – 500 kms over 8 days and nights – to escape prison and torture in his homeland of Ethiopia and reach Somalia. There, he was imprisoned and tortured again for promoting free speech and women’s emancipation. The intervention of Amnesty International and the United Nations secured his release in 1984, and with help from the Canadian Embassy he arrived in Canada as a refugee, barefoot.
Since then, Ali has become a successful businessman in Winnipeg, sponsored more than 100 refugees, founded the Ethiopian Society of Winnipeg and co-founded the Winnipeg Multi-Cultural Human Rights Forum. He has received multiple awards for his support of refugees and human rights.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

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  1. when you see someone having a huge amountof money like him you apprecite and treat him like a GOD but those refugees known to be destitutes are considered as abeggars ND LAIRS FUNNY ALL ARE SLAVES IN THE BRUTAL AND FOR INHMANE CRIMINAL EUROPANS

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