The Barbaric Slaying of ONLF Officials by Al Shabab

ONLF-symbolgreenbackgroundMr Abdiasis Muhumed Dahir, a central committee member and Mr Maki Omar Abdi, an officer responsible for orphans who were traveling from Baidoa to Ogaden disappeared, on May 8, 2015. After intensive search by ONLF scouts, it was discovered that Alshabab have kidnaped them near Baidoa.

After months of searching and covert enquires, ONLF intelligence services have now established that the abducted were taken to Yaaq Badhiwayn, when the group discovered that they were ONLF officers. Then, the Alshabab strongman in the area, Mr Isaaq Dhuhulow, issued an order to kill them. Thus, the Alshabab militia beheaded the abducted on May 10, 2015.
This is not the first time that this militia had killed ONLF officers and members. Alshabab also murdered eight other members, including ONLF retired former Defense Secretary Ilias Sh. Ali.
ONLF condemns this despicable action perpetrated by Al-shabaab militia. ONLF is not a party to the conflict in Somalia and has always distanced itself in getting involved in the despicable carnage in Somalia. Some Somali militia’s and corrupt Somalia regional administrations trade ONLF members and Ogaden refugees for favours from Ethiopia, which in turn kills or detains and torture them for long periods. However, Alshabab is the only militia group that wantonly kills ONLF members, despite claiming that they are fighting Ethiopia. There are signs that there is a strong relationship between the Ethiopian security and considerable elements within the Alshabab establishment.
Issued by ONLF
September 21, 2015

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