The Apartheid Document Must Go !!!!

By Tedla Asfaw

Carving ethnic map currently at 10 “soverign states” into unknown numbers in the near future has been a recipe for ethnic cleansing and thousands of deaths including hundreds week ago in Benishanguel Gumuz. Killing non Oromos in Oromo state has been non stop in the last two years.

TPLF that carved its map by taking fertile land from Welkait Tegede, Raya and currently shooting Afars to expand its map is the owner of the illegal document called “Constitution”.

The Oromo tribalists are expanding, catching TPLF carving huge land in the last 2 and half years ethnically cleansing the south in hundreds of thousands.

They are confiscating newly built condos for their tribe and empty lots in Addis Ababa.This is executed by an unelected mayor and the Oromo Prosperity Party. The Balderas party leaders are locked up for organizing Addis Ababa residents fighting the Oromo take over of their city.


Abiy Ahmed lost its support in the diaspora two years ago when he declared a war on the Balderas party.

There is no difference between TPLF and Abiy Ahmed led PP. TPLF built roads and houses in Addis Ababa and many of which it owned and kept collecting rent for the last two years after it was kicked from power it controlled for 27 yrs.

Abiy Ahmed is building a river park and renewing the old palace, the 7 million residents have no say and are treated less than the animals in the zoo in the park !!!!

The Oromos are working 24/7 to officially declare Addis Ababa as their future capital for Oromo Republic when all the tribal states followed Tigray Republic, their vanguard that won 100% of the election it organized a few weeks ago. Tigray Republic is on the pipeline !!!

The total war to break Ethiopia can only be averted unfortunately by African Union. African Union has to prepare sending its peacekeeping force in Addis Ababa where its headquarter is located.

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African countries will not allow Tribal States formation by Anti Africa forces by destroying Ethiopia. Old friends of Ethiopia like Russia and others will not seat idle either.

It is time for Ethiopians to denounce both TPLF and the Abiy Ahmed administration who are taking Ethiopia to catastrophic war using their illegal document called constitution. Down with the Apartheid document !!!!

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  1. Tedla Asfaw,

    Are you saying the merry-go-round did not brake down? Hope you’re aware that the Ethiopian government is fighting a civil war with the separatist and tribalist elements associated with OLF’s ሽፍታ force that no doubt is financially aided both by TPLF and the invisible but ever present Egyptian hand. These killings are tactics designed to create a wedge among the population in order to weaken and exasperate to the point of breaking the federal structure. So please help us clarify the question that are you on the side of the tribalist Apartheid Document or are you on our side of Ethiopia? This is not your 20th century fight with MiG- Jets and tanks. Oh no, this is a much more sophisticated 21st century war fare of disinformation and panic and turning one against the other. The good news as always Ethiopia is a lucky country and protected by some higher power that we have cleaned up the TPLF mess right in time for this new challenge with a calm, cool, collected and forward looking premier. His recent move to change the currency was an exceptionally clever move. Abiy is very quick-witted and intelligent and despite some of the things he says, he’s smart as a whip. Ethiopia lucked out. So let’s show our support, not the other way around.

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