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The 80th Anniversary of “Yekatit 12th” Commemoration of the massacre of thousands in Addis Ababa

yekatit 12

Let us remember our Ethiopian martyrs massacred by Italian Fascists and demand justice

Join us on March 5, 2017 from 2:00PM-4:30PM

301 Cathedral Parkway (corner of W. 110 St & Fredrick Douglas Blvd. NY, NY 10026)


Amb. Imiru Zelleke Dr. Girma Abebe Mr. Howard Parker Mr. Nicola DeMarco

Special lm screening

Co-sponsored by:

Ethiopian Community Mutual Assistance Association

The Vatican blessed the Italian invasion as if it were a holy mission. This historically for- gotten genocide perpetrated against Ethio- pians took place during 1935-41. Italian Fas- cists massacred over one million Ethiopians, including 30,000 within 3 days in Addis Aba- ba. Plus, thousands of churches and homes were burned.


  1. The payment of adequate reparations by the Italian Government to Ethiopia;
  2. A Vatican apology to the Ethiopian people for its complicity with Fascist Italy;
  3. Restitution of looted Ethiopian properties by the Italian and Vatican Governments;
  4. Inclusion in the United Nations records of the Fascist war crimes in Ethiopia;
  5. Dismantlement of the Graziani monument inaugurated at Affile in the presence of a Vatican representative
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