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The 60th Birthday celebration of Andargachew Tesige in Oslo Norway

Daniel Alebachew
From Oslo
On february 14.2015 was a big day for DECSON celebrating our Hero Andargachew Tesige 60th birthday prepared by  (Democratic Change in Ethiopia Support Organization Norway)
As its known its has been almost 8 month since the brave hero and freedom fighter Andrgachew Tsgi has been kidnapped and arrested by the criminal regim TPLF.

Andargachew Tsige, secretary-general of Ginbot 7 has been labelled as a terrorist and labelled as working in a terrorist organisation by the Ethiopian government) only because He and his organization movement is a threat to the regime.

The 60th birthday celebration of Andargachew Tsige was world wide and here in Oslo celebrated  with warm cermoney presented about Andargachew’s  previous life history in a projector, like his educational background, where  he studys and also his struggle for freedom.
In additional there was a poem and birthday song.

Their was an invited gusts out of Norway who attend the celebration. People who love him and knows him were presented a speech about his patriotism and honest struggle. They called Him a true Ethiopian and the father of Ethiopians.
We Ethiopians can learn from Andargachew Tsige that freedom can not come without struggle and sacrifice.
Even though he is facing hard time in  Ethiopia he is remebered by the people who cares about him and will never stop pressing for his release until justice is served.
Hi is our hero and symbol of struggle that shows us commitment,devotion who cares for his motherland over his family. who never deserve to be in prison instead he deserves rewards for heroism.

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