Tg Tv Mesfin what a puppet TPLF journalist first you have to know who is the President of USA ?

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Tg Tv Mesfin what a puppet TPLF journalist first you have to know who is the President of USA ?


  1. The tigray Tv reporter is hilarious He sounds more like a woyane government spokes person than a reporter. he does not feel ashamed when he asked why a peaceful demonstration was allowed inside a free country.

  2. This TPLF Cadre has the same attitude like those who are interviewing The Fake PM Hailemariam.He has taken a side already and decided the protester who have no weapon are guilty in his Narrow mind.If he is a journalist its really shame on him.The TPLF journalist are always asking such types of questions to non Tigress fake power holders in Ethiopia and give a hint to get the answer they wish to get.To day we have got the answer from ESAT as usual.The TPLF murderer who tried to kill Ethiopians has been Deported from USA.Personally i am not surprised that he is a member of TPLF:Soon Ethiopia will be free from the invasion force Guarantied.Viva G7,EPPF,EPRP,SEMAYAWIW,ANDINET,AEUO,OBANG METHO,MEDREK ETC.I AM ANDARGACHEW AND ESAT IS MINE.

  3. We need the the embassy to be relocated to Colorado that way we will protected it and use it to our advantage those terrorist group don’t deserve to have the embassy and the ethiopian air lines even in my view the flag with the star has to be trown in a garbage can we fought and win by the tplf flag that has to be ethiopian flag we have to burn all the red yellow and gren flag including the one with the star! Is that clear? Denkoro amaroch?

  4. He said ” no one is arrested ” Infront of world class journalists . On the top of it, he and his bunch of gangren compatriots needs assurance to feel safe. You should have been known there is no safe heaven to all of you across the globe any more.the war Against TPLF is is already declared the moment you have kidnapped Andargachew Tsege.

    • What a saying!
      To be honest his judgement and ‘comments’ before he had forced to focus on question is very very childish. This guy who called him self journalist should need to return to dedebit too.what the hell is going on in the minds of these stupid guys? How can a normal person try to justify shooting on armed demonstrators and declared the embassy are in-secured in a country with 100 of years experience in freedom of expression and democracy.And who gave him a mandate to speak about the security of other embassy’s.Oh my God he is foolish.

  5. Ohhh.. boy … ohhh… boy… it sad to learn woyanie is a collection of such empty heads.the question he was asking was from his point of view of the protesters …he can’t think in broad mind how other people’s would think about the peaceful protest… he want hear the answer he want… how stupid… and the most embarrassing part was …. when he flirt like a teen age girl blubbing ” i vote for Obama ”… disgusting !!! this people should be shinning people’s shoes in Addis …. they are in wrong place. BIMNIM TEAAMIR LESRAW AYMETNUM. ZERO IQ.

  6. Deeply embrassing! Does not even have manners in talking with an official!!!! ( There you go-money does not buy class!).
    First and for most, let me confirm to Mr Mesfin, there is nothing The State Department can do for you to stop unarmed protesters from protesting. This is USA not Weyane jungle sir where you shoot at will!!!!!
    Who is Tg TV? It is this sort of unfair and shameless domination that is upsetting Ethiopians grossly. Tg TV? why should Tigray have a special TV as oppose to the rest of Ethiopia???? Weyane mafia is truely running Ethiopia as a private mafia club as oppose to a country.
    Would there be Sidama, Gurage or Amara TV? Even if there was would they make to the State Department press conference? NO.
    Weyane is the Government, the journalist, the TV station, the reporter,the merchant, the tax man,the importer, exporter, the judge and jury. The 80 Million Ethiopians are simply subject to this anarchy. It is this madness that upset Ethiopians, make no mistake though, it is also this injustice what is going to bring Weyane down. No matter what, a handful of jungle despotic minds cannot rule 80 million people with this ” we run or kill everything” attitude.
    As for Mr Mesfin’s silly attempt to highlight that the protesters were upset by Obama’s appraisals of the Weyane regime.
    Obama can praise what he likes sir, his words are not that of god, you know! He is a worldly man who is trying to save his own arse. Like all his predecessors he is only pouring money and praises on those who are doing his dirty laundry, got it!!!!!! Nothing new here. Remember a certain Saddam Hussain or Col Gaddaffi, yes they were once American’s golden mates. So, don’t be fooled by words.
    If Obama really wants to know what goes on in Ethiopia, I suggest he speaks to his not yet corrupt interns who were left deeply traumatised by what they witnessed ( level of poverty and repression) in Ethiopia. Not what he is being fed by the gun totting, kleptocratic Weyanes. Obama does not decide the fate of Ethiopian people we do!!!!

  7. What a shameless and ignorant Tigre who wanted peaceful protesters to be arrested lol this Zombie forget this America not Ethiopia where people arrested for no reason and fabricated charges.
    Tigrians arrogance has no boundary they think they can kill and arrest anybody no matter where they are the last time this Stupid Tigre threatened Addisu Abebe to arrest ing him let alone in USA I can arrest u even u live in Heaven kkkkk ignorance of Tigres at its best
    This other stupid Tigre also think he could kill these Ethiopians who were protesting peacefully now he learn his lesson he will never ever see USA in his life time and I am sure he will miss America badly
    The zombie reporter eventually made it clear Woyanes are terrified of these brave Ethiopian protesters who harassed Redwan Hussien and you Tigres are harnessing, killing, displacing and arresting our people hence we will not give u peace and walk freely when u come to Europe and America

  8. You forgott one thing,how do see some one interrupt,president of U.S.A,dinot get mad at all becouze he,the president himself is the most wise man on planet earth,so americans react same way too,the did not get mad at demonstrator,if any one does crime ,will be judged according to thelaw,hey if you make a wrong traffic,you will get a tickket…..jezeba is you are yerrorizing many oromo you put in jail.?

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