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Terrorist Tigray Liberation Front (TPLF) and its culprit must face justice

December 18, 2020
Tesfaye Yigzaw

Tigray terrorist organization (Tigray People Liberation Front’s) top military wing has been collapsed; this is the happiest moment to humanity. However, its final fall yet to come. Anything associated with TPLF, signs and banners must be legally prohibited. More than thirty illegal companies it owns with money stolen, must be confiscated and debts should be paid to Ethiopian Banks. For over thirty years, TPLF has built its own financial dynasty depriving society, military, economy and diplomacy. Several untold despicable, dehumanizing crimes such as torcher, sexual molestation including children, mass murder, incarcerations with live hyenas as a method of torture, burning and live burial is just few crimes to mention. Several underground prisons having been discovered where humanity viciously suffered.  Regrettably, some of the crimes are unsuitable to wright. For twenty seven years, Ethiopians around the world appealed through demonstrations, had voiced by writing to the United Nation, Human Right organizations and western politicians and had no heed. After Rwanda’s genocide was exposed to the world, the UN and human right organizations declared this “will never happen again”. Well, it has happened again under its conversant, in fact, they may be deceived by Tigray Liberation Front’s mendacious diplomatic missions, and lobbying groups. As it is well known, Tigray Liberation Front installed its own corrupt Tigreans in international bureaucratic organizations. Nevertheless, the United Nation and Human Right groups are not spotless of the crimes. Example, the civil war in the republic of Zaire was complicated by UN and Human Right groups. Among those went to Zaire to aid in humanitarian crises made a profiting business, including smuggling out expensive precious minerals, and importing in deadly weapons. The mater of the fact, some aid workers hide behind a good name of UN and humanitarian organizations for a shield and journalism to commit such crimes. Some European citizens are directly responsible for African crises. For example Martin Plaut, born in apartheid temperament in South Africa lives in Britain, makes his living in denigrating and provoking fight between countries. William Davison, a pretentious journalist who lives on by conning and spreading hateful propaganda among society. There are many alike.

In regard to TPLF, its crime history goes back to a time of its guerilla warfare. First, it started in a bank robbery. Subsequently, it continued with mass killings, and even after its ragtag army seized power. Specifically, ethnic Amhara and Orthodox Church were labeled to be annihilated, according to its manifesto written during guerilla warfare. For forty five years, TPLF has killed and imprisoned thousands of Amharas, destroyed Churches and displaced and killed priests and monks. The discoveries of recent mass graves have been fresh killings, and not to be account for previous massacres.

Similarly, mass graves in Ogden, Eastern Ethiopia (Somali Region), and in Gambella in Western Ethiopia were in thousands. Oromia, Afar and other regions were suffered in similar crimes, which is to ascertain TPLF’s horrifying, ferocious terror. Mosques and Churches had been vandalized, worshipers imprisoned and killed. After all, only time can tell how much Tigreans suffered or how many died with this terrorist gang because no information has yet available. Money the federal government allocated for developments directly goes to the TPLF’s bank accounts and the mafia group divides among themselves and family members. Instead of providing potable water they were building underground bankers to prepare themselves for sedition. I was heartbroken to see young Tigrean children in war captives. TPLF’s must be charged for the crime of underage soldiers.

Egypt is instrumental behind TPLF’s mutiny. Egypt is, as I said on my pervious writing has involved in subverting acts in East Africa and Middle East. It has sponsored numerous extremist organizations to destabilize different countries in these regions. For instance, in regard to Ethiopia, TPLF and OLF are directly funded and trained by Egypt. TPLF’s terrible defeat is a great loss for Egypt and its “good” dictator and a friend. It would be very wise for Egypt to terminate funding subverting terror groups; had it not heard yet, the cold war was over and should put back that money to help poor Egyptians. Frankly, Egypt should be in list of terrorist countries.

Tigray Liberation Front, in fact, is very stupid and mentally sick and as an organization it is very disturbed, and I may add, it is very savage as well. TPLF has built an empty ego of immortality, herculean like fantasy. It spent seventeen years in guerilla warfare by terrorizing, and finally came to power with the help of several countries, and organizations including those inside the country. Instead of living in continuous deceits and robbing resources from poor people, it unwisely moved attacking the army, this time it has 250,000 well trained strong military men with 100 generals, Ethiopian army took only 14 days to deflate their forty five years bloated ego. TPLF’s army melted down like snowflakes within a week.

TPLF and its rascal OLF often ally in acts of terrorism but they clash later for power and resources. This is true looking back their past history. These terrorist groups have supporters around the world, most live in the western democracy. They are fooling western politicians and lobby groups to reverberate their fairytale with misinformation. As we recall, “Radio Television Libre des Mille Collines” is a propaganda machine inciting a1994 genocide in Rwanda. The group was supported by some Europeans including humanitarian and UN workers to terrorize and massacre its own brothers and sisters. Similarly, Tigray TV/ media network and Minnesota, the USA based Oromo Media Network (OMN) used for terrorist propaganda. Additionally, Facebook and Twitter are new modern instruments used for bloodsheds. Both TPLF and OLF constantly commit crimes by killings and murder, and they turn around and cry to get sympathy. It literally, and specifically OMN broadcasted from Minnesota, calling the Oromo radical group to “mascara ethnic Amhara.” Some universities in the west and among irresponsible western journalists’ are rebound their falsehood information.

Here are few among many individuals living in western countries having been involved in terror crimes:

Among the top Tigray Liberation Front’s henchmen: Teowderoes Andualem, the director of the world Health Organization (WHO) is one of them. He is a political appointee with no merit in health profession. Mr. Andualem is a central committee of Tigray Liberation Front. Previously served a head of Ministry of Health in Ethiopia, a position he used to perpetuate despicable crimes against humanity. This man accused of crimes against humanity in whole regions.

Mr. Teoderoes used his position to meticulously and intentionally spread HIV/AIDS, among the ethnic Amhara population. Also, during his administration, he implied sterilizing drugs by injected to sever fertility to the Amhara populations. There are rumors that prisoners have been injected with unknown drugs during torture and were poisoned to death. Had there be leftover of the poison somewhere in prison, the government should submit for toxicology analysis.

Mr. Siye Abraha Hagos is another criminal individual who mysteriously left the country day before TPLF’s terror attack. He was a defense minister, has been involved in criminal activities against humanity. Similarly, General Tsadkian Gebre-Tensea was a military chief he was believed has left the country right away as TPLF (his army) started massacres of soldiers on sleep. Berhane Gebre-Christos served TPLF in several countries as a diplomat. Previously, He was accused by his legal wife for infidelity, and settled for a payment of $6,000,000 when he was an ambassador in the USA. He also served in Europe, and in different capacity in diplomatic status. Recently, he has been lobbying in defense of his terrorist criminal organization through his network. Alula Solomon (Solomon Kebede) who lives in the USA, he may have been falsified his name and immigration statues. He is very active spreading odious propaganda against ethnic Amharas, and maybe responsible for current massacres of ethnic Amhara.

Likewise, many criminals or members of Tigray Liberation Front, including military officers, diplomats and political activists are hiding in North America, Europe, and Asia. It is the responsibility of every human being, not only the Ethiopian government to bring these people to justice; this is about humanity and criminals must be exposed to face justice.

Notwithstanding, among the Oromo Liberations Front Ezekiel Gebissa, a teacher in the USA is a well-known advocates or a boss of a narcotic herb called Chat (Khat). He and his culprit Jewar Mohamed now in prison, Berhane-Maskel Sign who used to be TPLF’s diplomat, this  man by nature, has no stance, Tsegaye Ararsa lives in Australia, and many others living in the USA, Europe and Australia are involved for many violent killings of Christians and ethnic Amharas. Every human being who sympathizes for humanity is responsible to bring these people to justice.

Meantime, the Ethiopian government and politicians must reconsider changing ethnic based politics. It is obvious the reason TPLF has been advocating ethnic based government. The government must release the names and their pictures of all terrorist and criminals to public.



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