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Tedros’ Misconduct Defiles The WHO & Disrespects His Compatriots

By Andrew Korybko
American political analyst

Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs filed an official objection to the misconduct practiced by World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. They drew attention to how he’s consistently abused his high office to meddle in his homeland’s internal and foreign affairs. He’s also accused of continuing to remain a member of the terrorist-designated TPLF that’s responsible for bringing untold suffering upon millions of people in northern Ethiopia as a result of the war that it started in early November 2020.

Furthermore, the objection details other examples of Dr. Tedros’ misconduct. For instance, he’s accused of inflating the emergency level in Ethiopia in order to warrant a humanitarian intervention. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that he then used these false assessments to mislead the UN Security Council. The WHO Director-General, according to the objection, also uses his platform to mobilize the international community against his homeland on top of providing financial and technical support to the TPLF. It’s for these reasons why Ethiopia is urging a full investigation into his misconduct.

The international community should take note of this latest development. It’s with a heavy heart that Dr. Tedros’ own government that originally nominated him for this globally prestigious and impactful post is now calling on the WHO to fully investigate his alleged misconduct. His track record confirms that he’s behaved as a partisan activist in support of the terrorist-designated TPLF instead of the impartial technocrat presiding over the world’s most important health body like he’s supposed to be. His misconduct defiles the WHO and disrespects his compatriots.

These shocking violations of the WHO’s own code of conduct risk ruining its reputation in the eyes of the world. The UN and its associated agencies are supposed to be neutral in all respects lest they lose credibility and thus find it much more difficult to carry out their important functions as stipulated under international law. Regrettably, Dr. Tedros exploited the global attention given to him by his prestigious office and the COVID-19 pandemic to aggressively lobby on behalf of the TPLF’s terrorist campaign and to cover up its countless crimes against humanity throughout the course of the conflict.

The global masses no longer regard him as a neutral technocrat like he’s supposed to be since he’s proven himself hellbent on becoming the TPLF’s top global activist against his own homeland and its people. There’s a reason why that terrorist-designated group’s supporters sing his praises on social media. That’s because they regard him as one of the TPLF’s leaders, which is the same reason why most Ethiopians condemn him. The WHO’s Director-General has thus unquestionably become a divisive partisan force in total contradiction of his professional mandate to focus solely on health-related issues.

This objective observation alone should be enough to relinquish him of his duties. The longer that he remains in his role, the worse that the WHO and its UN parent organization’s reputation will become. Neither of them can afford to have one of their most well-known representatives continue blatantly meddling in a sovereign country’s internal and foreign affairs since this provokes fierce distrust of those institutions among the global masses. That outcome is contrary to their interests and is directly due to Dr. Tedros’ repeated and fully documented misconduct in support of the terrorist-designated TPLF.

The WHO and its UN parent organization would therefore do well to immediately prioritize a full investigation into Dr. Tedros’ misconduct. In fact, it would even be best if he’s indefinitely suspended from his duties while this process is ongoing though that’s of course their decision to make. He’s done unprecedented reputational damage to those global bodies in the realm of international popular perceptions that’ll take years to repair. They must urgently ensure that he’s held to account for the misconduct that he’s continually committed and spare no effort to prevent this from happening again.

1 thought on “Tedros’ Misconduct Defiles The WHO & Disrespects His Compatriots”

  1. Subject: “Tedros’ Misconduct Defiles The WHO & Disrespects His Compatriots” By Andrew Korybko
    American political analyst, January 14, 2022

    Humble Comment, 14 Jan 22
    In all honesty, the Ethiopian Government FAILED, at one point in time, in the election process of Dr.Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus for the UN Post. Ethiopia cannot go back without destroying its image and honesty. of ancient respectable Nation in the WORLD. The SPIRITS of so many Emperors would twist in their graves, uncomfortabley!!!!! No body twisted Ethiopia’s arms to elect Dr.Tedros. What does it mean?
    a) Ethiopia pledged to the UN Organization that its nominee is the top most qualified person for the advertised post.
    b) Based on that qualification, WHO did its own search and accepted Dr. Tedros.
    c) Now, Ethiopia changes its mind and displayed itself as a laughing stock whose words have no value.
    d) The End of the Game. What follows can take any route.
    e) I have no grudge not to wish him GOOD LUCK as a Human Being.
    f) May the Ethiopian Administration learn a lesson out of this case. — without grudge, please

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