Tedros Adhanom EXPOSED | #NOTedros4WHO

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Tedros Adhanom EXPOSED | #NOTedros4WHO

Read Aloud:   No more rehearsing and nursing a part, we know every part by heart


  1. Haha, this completely different. This will not affect the candidate because everyone knows you are advancing your dirty amhara hate and jealousy politics. This is about WHO and this is about professional healthy practice. It is not about Amhara burning factories and killing Tigreans. They know where you are coming from.

  2. Ahun Amara yenilwun min ametaw? endet aynet inferiority complex endezachewuna meche new yenafeqegne?

    lemohonu haymanot leh? be Allah woyim be Egziabher tamnaleh? mesh kehone: zeregnet keyet ametahaw? Ate pagan Nene Kali degmo: Sew years ke zinjero mesel zirya bezigmete Lewis new kalk: zeregnetin keyet ametahaw.

    mini ekuo bezer balninim: ye enable tilacha like yelelew zeregna edition eyasgededegne mohonun singers, nege min liameta endmichil endtasbebet bemeker new: to be gifachuh: Tigho balhonku yemtlubetin gize ebdayametaw. “Eyugne eyugne malet behuala debqugne” endayemeta “Litay litay yalech mashila andim le wofe andim lewonchif” ekeseten enayewalen….beza

    • Is it because you have religion you are talking shit? Haha, does your religion tell you other people are monkeys? funny, it is only Amhara who spreading hate politics, only them, no other Ethiopians tribe are engaged in hate politics. Only people from Amhara ethnic opposing Dr. TA. What does tell you? you are telling me I have to have religion? I have to be a muslim or Orthodox according to you? what about if I do not need any of them? According to you, you only see people through religion? wow

  3. *yemilewun
    *haymanot Aleh
    * melsu Awo kehone
    *Aye Pagan Negne kalk
    *Sew yemetaw
    *bezigmete Lewit
    *yenante tilacha like yelelew zeregna endhon
    *bezi gifachiw Tigre balhonuk
    *edme keseten enayewalen

    • There is no racist people like Nephetegneas. You can ask the Oromo, Gurage, Dorziyie, Gambela, … racism, hate is in the gene of some of Amhara like you, not all of them. But those who talk too much. Enante Aydelachum endie begidie sew yeanate quanqa endinager ymtasegedudut? is not Amhara who forced other Ethiopians to speak only amharic? if you do not believe me ask the people whom you call Shankla, baria, gala, kuli, yefew quanqa tenagariwoch? who is really racist? the one who force his own language, culture, … on others and call other people Shanka, baria, gala, kuli, yefew Quanqa tenagariwoch or Ambeta beliwoch? who is really the racist? the one practice like a religion racism and hate or the one who does not ? who sold Tigreans to Italy? Who sold half Tigreans to Italy for guns? who sold the entire redsea to Italy ? who signed away have Tigrai to Italy just after the death of Yohaness? who died defending Amhara people? who gave his head and neck to defend Amhara? not single Amhara died doing that to defend people whom you hate and calling them monkeys? Monkeys are those who claim God them rules of Ethiopia and who made Ethiopians poor of the world. Monkeys are the people who were killing people and selling dead body on the streets of addis. Monkeys are those who do not respect other. Monkeys are those people who were killing Gonderies like animals. You are calling others monkey? There people who preach hate to like some people from Amhara, not all Amhara bad. But you are one of the bad ones and that is why you are calling monkey. How can a human be monkey? Asafari neh ante, Balegie neh

  4. All of you bigot love to see him in the WHO not happening fake ass money grabbing bitchs
    To bad there are many and more qualified candidates then this blind man

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