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Teddy Afro – ETHIOPIA – New Official Single 2017 – With Lyrics

Teddy Afro – ETHIOPIA – ኢትዮጵያ – [New! Official single 2017] – With Lyrics

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  1. This boy and his co-acters are not promoting unity, mutual understanding and respect, but they are rather imposing the ideology of the already failed Ethiopianism of the northern neftegnas on the Oromo nation and the others southern peoples. Do they think with thier undignified intentions and songs that they can win the hearts of the Qubee generation of Oromo people? No! No! They will never! They pave the deep grave for such idolog. It shows us that they are ignorant and blindly interested in business. That means if they really care about Ethiopian peoples, they missed the big picture of Ethiopianism which can embrace the great Oromo nation, Sumali, Sidama, Affar, Kamata, Gamella, Konso and so on.

    How poor are they! They will pay a price for all misconception and undermining the power of peoples.

    My advice for them is simple: Stop worshiping the ever existing bad ghost!

    The Truth and justice shall prevail!

  2. Gammadda! Your dream of building a nation called oromia will be melted down with the destabilizing of the great nation ethiopia. This brings ofcource misery for the whole people in ethiopia. If u are an ertrean yes you will get that what you had dreamed for a long time. But this will exist only for a short period of time.

  3. Hi Gammadaa
    I have a question for you; how does Teddy impose an ideology? Do you think Ethiopia is an Ideology? If this is what you think then there is nothing wrong for Teddy to sing as every country did the same. As you have every right to talk about your divisive opinion, Teddy has also every right to sing about unity, love of the country Ethiopia. By the way you and your friends are determined to create havoc and create hatred between innocent Ethiopians. On the contrary Teddy is working for unity and love among people. That is the difference between you and Teddy. There is a massive ideal Gap between you and Teddy. I have to tell you one incident regarding my childhood experience. As a child we used to play football and hangout together with my friends. we never ask each other from what tribe one comes as it wasn’t necessary as Being ethiopian is more than enough for us. One day a mad man whom we know asked us the following question; Why do you think that hyena always attack donkey? We tried to answer his question but at the end he told us that of all animals donkeys are not vigilant and as far as there is grass to eat never bothered to look around and check for the danger. To sum up my thought the difference between you (Gammadaa)and Teddy is that you are here just to eat and die. May the good God give you a sound mind.By the way Ethiopianisim will still not only will survive but will getting stronger by the minutes. Ethiopian Oromo are part and parcel of this process. How dare you talk about this gallant people.

  4. Dear Ali,

    I disagree with most of your massage. But I can see certain honesty and genuineness in it. I think that you may understand the other sides if the medals if someone is ready to talk to you. I would like to apologize, if some of my words were rough.

    I want to hear and see the preaching of the true love and unity, but not deceptions. We need the healing process for the past and present bad deeds under all the administration systems of that country. But fake unity and love will take us no where. Loving only territorial integrity is meaningless if someone has no respect and love for the psychological and social makeups of the entire peoples within that territory.

    We need persons who have the capabilities to understand the wounds of the past and present on the one hand and the aspirations for the future of all Ethiopian peoples on the other hand. We need persons who can tell us the beauty of the different languages, cultures and social makeups of all the peoples of that country.

    Only honestly, mutual understanding and respect among the peoples can bring peace, stability and prosperity to that country. I would like to promote that. No more and no less!

  5. Dear Gammadaa
    It is nice of you to reply again. I was very much eager to see your reason for disagreeing with my message but I couldn’t see any. You keep on saying about true love and unit but It should start from you to show us what it is. You see you are blaming the people who gave you what they have. What you have is hatred, animosity towards those whom you never ever met. Don’t forget Ethiopia is a country where most people live in rural area. If there was any injustice in the past, it was due to the governance of that time and it was mainly manipulated by the elites from different tribes. Here you are talking as if Ethiopian’s problem is between ordinary people. It is not. It is between dishonest elites who use ordinary people as a means to fatten their belly( I am not sure if you will be included in this group as I can’t see your reasoning to call you an elite). So please for God sake don’t create havoc among innocent people for your evil desire. You keep on telling us that Ormo etc was subjugated and marginalised by Amhara etc. But the fact of the matter in Ethiopia is that the majority people are peasants. All peasants lived in difficulty due to the governance system and all were equally marginalised and subjugated by elites like you(If i call you Elite). So please don’t keep on telling us that your ali baba kind of story. There was much evil things happen all over the world and they live harmoniously by improving their system with love and forgiveness. When it comes to Ethiopia you hypocrite selfish elites want the people to kill each other so that you(tiny elites) get a better life. The only difference is that You guys are very shallow and hypocrite. Instead of teaching and showing us the right way, you want to create havoc and resentment among innocent people. I would like to argue my case face to face with you if you are genuinely mean what you wrote here.I have a funny feeling that this is your business. You see Gammadaa (I am not sure this is your real name by the way) we don’t live on this earth for 100 years. Our life is limited. I don’t want to be called he lived and died. I would rather want to be a blessing for all people. The idea of supporting just one tribe itself is very wrong as it contradicts with the co-existence of another tribe. how can you be different from the current government? Why don’t you fight for the right of every human being in Ethiopia instead.
    Lastly, you and the like of greedy elites fight for your belly, China, india, Turkey, Arab etc exploits our country’s resources. Do you call this education? How stupid we are!! I have never seen a stupid elites like ours. You may not understand it now but please take time and contemplate. Please have shame and don’t even say a word. We can do better!!!

    • My morality and value don’t allow me to use malicious and wicked tongues like you. It is up to you, if you Keep on insulting.

      I have never said that the ordinary Amhara and Tigre have their own shares in the bad deeds of the past and present systems. What I said is very simple: stop worshiping the ghost of the evildoers like Menelik, Haile Selassie, Mengistu, Meles and so on.

      If you really want to solve the problems of the empire’s state of Ethiopia seriously. First, you have to denounce all the bad deeds of all the past and present repressive systems. Second, make sure for yourself that the hegemony of the Habesha will not have place in Oromia and in the southern parts of that country henceforth.

      Calling the ghost of Minilik or crying for fake unity in order to regain the previous privileges of neftegnas will not help any more.  We are in the 21st century. The real solution is only in mutual understanding and respect, but deception has no more places in the Ethiopian politics.

  6. Hi Gammada
    Thank you for your reply. However you still did not answer my question. Instead you are philosophical in your approach. What makes Ethiopian problem different from the rest of the world? Why you and the like of you pause on the fabricated history I.e. neftegha, Amhara etc who is Neftegha by the way? Do not tell me the Amhara!

    I still challenge you that our problem is not among ordinary people of Ethiopia. It is the greedy elites from all tribes.
    Our stupid elites destroy our country for their own belly. I repeat again while the elites fighting for their belly, India,China,Arab,Turkey ( just to mention few) exploit our resource. You and the kind of you are in deep sleep and by the time you awake it will be too late.
    By the way you are talking about the 21st century but you are acting and thinking as If you live in 1st century. Those people you mentioned mainly Menilik,Haile silasie they tried their best at the time. If they did mistakes, it is because they are human beings and when you form a united country it is possible to make a mistake as this happen to all countries eg. USA, UK, Germany, Australia etc what is unique about Ethiopia. As an educated person what you do is improve the system and make it better for all. You can learn from history and make sure that it will not happen again. It is also very important to diagnose the cause accurately,if you want to solve the problem.

    My advice to you is that we can do better. Please stop blaming those who did their best rather try to do your bit to improve the life of every Ethiopian. Your approach is not bring long lasting solution and very devicive and unhelpful. I wish if you sit down and think what you are writing.
    By the way if my words were strong I am so sorry I don’t mean it. Nothing personal.The whole sutuation annoy me that the educated are fighting here for nothing while our country is destroyed.Please accept my apology.

  7. Dear Ali,
    please try to understand me. I am a very moderate and humble Oromo. I love all Ethiopian peoples from the bottom of my heart. I am only against the evildoers and the motto of fake unity. I will fight for the rights all Ethiopian peoples. I don’t want to see the oppressive systems of the Oromo. I want to see first the system in Oromia respect the rights of all people (Oromo and non-Oromo) in that regional state. I would like to see mutual understanding and respect among our peoples.

    Therefore, let’s us learn from the previous and present oppressive systems and make the future better for the coming generations. We have the capacity to do that if we are genuinely facing the realities of our time. It is better to stop the preaching and claiming that try to tell us the betterment of the past systems.

    I wish that we as Oromo, Amahara, Tigre, Gambela, Afar, Sidama and so on live side by side with peace, love and respect. Besides that, we encourage one another and work harmoniously for the betterment of our whole nation.

    Thank your for your courage and positive thinking.

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