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Teddy Afro – Ethiopia (First Review) | Video

Teddy Afro – Ethiopia (First Review) | Video

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  1. This boy and his co-acters are not promoting unity, mutual understanding and respect, but they are rather imposing the ideology of the already failed Ethiopianism of the northern neftegnas on the Oromo nation and the others southern peoples. Do they think with thier undignified intentions and songs that they can win the hearts of the Qubee generation of Oromo people? No! No! They will never! They pave with it even the deep grave for such ideologies. It shows us that they are either ignorant or they are blindly interested only the in business of selling the songs. That means if they really care about Ethiopian peoples, they missed the big picture of Ethiopianism which can embrace the great Oromo nation, Somalis, Sidama, Affar, Kamata, Gamella, Konso and so on. How poor are they! This also will pass. They will pay a price for all misconception and undermining the power of peoples.

    My advice for them is simple: Stop worshiping the ever existing bad ghost! Try to find the real unity and mutual understanding.

    The Truth and justice shall prevail!

    • When I listened to Teddy’s music and read the lyrics I detect no politics in it. The artist is singing in a melody traversing the past and present history of the country in an enchanting manner. Since the majority of Ethiopians are infected with ethnic politics or thereof they have already taken a default position. No matter what the subject matter is they will always want to have the last say. They will dissect, split and spin everything and anything to confuse and diffuse their poison among us.
      Why can we not take the artist’s music as just that? Let us take for example Tamrat Amare’s song “Atsey Yohannes” which is in Tigrigna, it is a wonderful work. In it, he glorifies the king and his achievement. I liked it a lot. Had king Yohannes been tribal and wishing to be a Tigrean king, he will not march and die in Metema. He was the king of Ethiopia. He loved his country. He fought against foreign invaders to defend Ethiopia’s boundaries. For those morons that lump the Tigrean people with the atrocities of the TPLF, wake up, and know this: Without the Tigrean people there will never be an Ethiopia! They are country loving and God fearing people. As the whole of Ethiopia is, currently under the yoke of the TPLF, so are the Tigrean people. My point is belittling others and criticizing their work without any merit or constructive criticism does not help us move forward.
      Mr. Gammadaa, I suggest for you to take a hike around a forest and watch the birds and collect some butterflies. Or get a hold of a big Onion and start taking off its layers it may keep you busy for a while. It’s is clear you have no worthy thing to do with your time other than spreading venom among the innocent. Your kinds are the problem of our continent. All they hear and see is what is not there. Being an Oromo, Amhara, Tigre or whatever you wish to be is valueless without peace and tranquility to our people. Digging up the bones and using it as a divisive tool to aggravate the pains of our people is a cruel attempt to start a fire where it is not needed. Wake up and be part of the solution!

  2. ገመዳ ወይም ሃጎስ ገጣሚውንና ከያኒውን መኮነን ብቻ ሳይሆን ዛቻና ማስፈራሪያ ለነፍጠኞች ይመስላል አስፍረዋል፡ በመጀመሪያ ቃሉ ወይም አረፍተ ነገሩ ከባድ ነው በአማርኛ ቋንቋ ለሚሰበቁትም ያንገዳግዳል በዋሸራ በቃያ በሃይቅ በዋልደባ በአሰቦት ያለፉ ሊቃውንት ተዉበው ያስዉቡታል፤ የገባው በተጠበቡት ሰወች ይደመማል፡ ሜሲ እሚባለውን የእግር ኳስ ሊቅ የአገሬ ቆለኛ ቢመለከተው ምናባቱ ነክቶት ነው የሚንቀዠቀዥው ይላል፤ ዘፈኑ ለኢትዮጵያ ነው እሷ እኔ ነኝ ይላል እኛም እሷ ነን፡ሌላው ታላቅ የሚባለው የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ነው እኔ ለብቻየ ታላቅ ነኝ ያለ የለም፤ የፖለቲካ ነጋዴወች ለገቢ ማስገኛ የፈጠሩትን ማማለያ እያስተጋቡ መንደፋደፍ ጎደሎ ያደርጋል፤ ህዝብ በአገሩ ላይ ቁጥሩ ትንሽም ይሁን ትልቅ ታላቅ ህዝብ ነው፤ኢትዮጵያዊ እንኳን መፈክር ታንክና ጎራዴ ሲጨብጥ አይፈራም፤ ማስፈራሪያ ለዶሮ ነው፤

  3. Dear Mengesha Cherinet,

    I have never said that only big nations and nationalities of that country have deserved respect and appreciation. For me every single person or soul of our country deserve respect, love and full democratic rights. I fully agree with these principles without reservation! If we agree on that matters, what is about the big picture? Shall we deprive it’s rights with the context of you are better than others or by the so called you aren’t alone deprived your rights? No! No! We have to make all what we can to restore the justice and rights for all which were provided by nature without reservation.

    I want to hear and see the preaching of the true love and unity, but not deceptions. We need the healing process for the past and present bad deeds under all the administration systems of that country. But fake unity and love will take us no where. Loving only territorial integrity is meaningless if someone has no respect and love for the psychological and social makeups of the entire peoples within that territory.

    We need persons who have the capabilities to understand and empathize the wounds of the past and present on the one hand and the aspirations for the future of all Ethiopian peoples on the other hand. We need persons who can tell us the beauty of the different languages, cultures and social makeups of all the peoples of that country.

    Only honestly, mutual understanding and respect among the peoples can bring peace, stability and prosperity to that country. I would like to promote that. No more and no less!

  4. IF THAT IS THE CASE , Ethiopia’S NAME AND THE flag must be a curse on us if it means everytime we hear the name ethiopia mentioned with the flag on our face we are willing to fight for whoever AS TEDDY SAID IN HIS SONG.

    In 1998 Ethiopians fought for Meles, close to 100,000 Ethiopians died and noone knows the amount of disabled people because of that war.
    What did Ethiopians got out of that war? NOTHING ZILCH

    Ethiopians still suffer and get killed while being ruled with the worst dictators in history . If those 100,000 patriotic people were still alive TPLF would not have committed all these crimes it committed against Ethiopia since then until today with little resistance from the people without TPLF being punished since the best 100,000 Ethiopians died in that war the whole country fell under Meles TPLF without noone challenging their authority .Millions more went in exile leaving noone to defend Ethiopia from TPLF . How sad!

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