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Teddy Afro – ETHIOPIA: Araya Getachew Response to Reyot

Teddy Afro – ETHIOPIA: Araya Getachew Response to Reyot


  1. Araya (Denez) Getachew, you are really Denez Enkuro!
    Listen boy, any publicity is better than nothing. I have not watched Reeyot program on Teddy, but the fact that Teddy is the topic of conversation by itself is blessing. There are many good artists but unknown nobody mentions their names, they wish to have free advertisement to be the topic of conversation which in the long run promotes their products. If Teddy is not very important person(VIP), nobody talks about him. The problem is our culture, we hate to be criticised but we love to be worshipped, the government put people in jail for simple criticism, we are too sensitive people. My father used to say do not trust someone who praises you unnecessarily. Criticism can only makes you stronger, if there is no challenge no progress.

  2. ante weslata weyane tmeslaleh. you trying to create confusions for a mission. You cheap TPLF garbage go get a job.

  3. The thing that amazed was before demonizing
    Teddy’s Album they were admiring so much the Gurague
    new Albem that was produced released recently .
    I think there may be some kind of conspiracy to
    a weaken the Ethiopian nationalism .
    One thing is sure Shabiya’s and those who are
    loyal to Issais are working day in day out to
    destabilize my country . I do not trust anyone
    who works with the worthless evil old man Issayas, ‘
    including so called Arm struggle fighters in Eritrea.

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