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Tamrat Layne on Hailemariam Desalegn Resignation

Tamrat Layne on Hailemariam Desalegn Resignation

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  1. This man is criminal. He must not be allowed to escape scot-free. He should be charged by the International Criminal Court. There are tons of evidences to indict him. this coward has mindlessly supervised the cold blooded killing of innocent civilians at much greater magnitude than has ever been seen under this fascistic regime. We have seen the displacement and ethnic cleansing particularly of close to 1 million Oromos in what was state-sponsored campaign. Hailemariam was at the epi-center of this cynical misdeeds. He is the willing actor and executioner. He is now forced out of office because things were crumbling before his eyes. A man who sanctified himself with “Tigre is God” religion is suddenly caught in a tremor of unending public protest. He of course did his animal-best to maintain the Tigre apartheid statusquo. But he failed and failed miserably. Now he is jumping the ship. What a born coward.

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