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Tamagne Beyene was accorded a hero’s welcome upon his arrival in Munich, Germany



  1. i no more respect and admire this guy. how u even dare suggest that GORADE is a soultion. muslim b/hood branch of egypt want to est. islamic govt in ETHIOPIA. tamage u are a sell out!

    • TR, does your name stand for terrorist or does it just mean TPLF robot? Either way you are a moron brain washed by woyane propaganda. Don’t just barf here first know your facts. You will never be tamage!

  2. @TR do u know muslims will establish islamic state in Ethiopia? I think keep lying like Sibhat nega and meles zenawi…go and fuck yourself

  3. Everytime Tamagne or Abebe strike the Hagos’ss Propagate propoganda, What they don’t understand is that Abebe and Tamagne are just two People standing up for what they belive, Imagine waking up and witnessing 80million martching against the donkoro bandas, They will vanish from the face of the planet. I am proud of teddy afro as well encouraging the linkage with our northern Brothers Eriterians. My woliyta connections telling me Hailemariam came as disguise Pente he is really working tirelessly to Wipe TPLF From the PLant of Habesha and Restore the Mehal Hage EMpire back to the Thorne and he is doing it while he kept repeating how great meles was, give it a little time before Tplf is history and Sebhat Nega will toss Azeb Mesfin from Behind. Real talk CIA hated TPLF they wanted the new breed like of Brahnu AND Birtkan kind of Puppets to the throne of 4 kilo. Woy azeb last i heard sebhat is seing her daughter in secret places and what he has in mind only time will tell..close ties to hailemariam also confirmed expect meles daugther to consive a kid from sebhat Nega!!

  4. well history and Ethiopian christian will always recognize tamagnes speechs in the meeting of 1 st anniversary Ethio muslim movement in DC thats a BLACK point in his future carrier simply he was emotional to please the muslim community .he knows how many church has been burned by radical muslims

  5. Tr korkoro ras terrorist you are in no way have the moral capacity to ceiticise Tamagne as you and all the woyanne gang members are born only to deny the fact
    and worship liers like Melese Zenawi and the old guard Sebhat Nega

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