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Sweden prosecutor opened a case against Ethiopian officials for the crime committed to their citizens

Prosecutor has opened the criminal charge to the international court in Sweden against Ethiopian officials for the crime committed while holding official duty in Ethiopia. The name of the Ethiopian officials charged of assault,murder,killing and rape on Ethiopian citizens are:

unnamed (2)1. Arkebe Equbay- Former Mayor of Addis Abeba
2. Bereket Simon- Former Information Minister
3. Abadula Gemeda- Speaker of the House
4. Samura Younus- Defense Minister
5. Abay Tsehaye- Minister
6. Workineh Gebeyehu- Former Police Commissioner
7.Tadesse Werede- General
8.Hassen Shifa- Police Commissioner
9.Mulugeta Berihe
10. Nega Berihe
11. Commander Semere
13. name not yet mentioned

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  1. Let us replicate and replicate and replicate it everywhere we are, in North America, Australia and other European countries. Let them know what true justice is!!

  2. these fascist thugs should realise that sooner or later they have to pay for their wrong doing. there is a price to pay. and justice for those massacred in day light by the fascists is still being awaited.

  3. Diaspora living in West!
    Most you are so blind towards the dignity of your mother land Ethiopia due to the fractions of dollars you are getting from car and dish washes in western countries.
    Just ask yourself why Seweden citizen involve in Ethiopian politics? And for example the crazy Andargachew who has British citizenship involve in organising political party in the name of Ethiopian people? Rather he could involve in British government system.
    Do not change your country for sake of money, be proud as you are Ethiopian

  4. This is utter bullshit!! I live in Sweden and Sweden has their own troubles and politics to take care of instead of interfering with our country’s issues. We are in a good shape right now in Ethiopia, the country is in good progress thanks to those people who are being accused of untruthful crimes. LONG LIVE OUR GOVERNMENT AND TPLF!!!! WE ETHIOPIANS SUPPORT OUR GOVERNMENT TO THE FULLEST!!!!!
    To sum up the foregoing: Take care of your own shit first Sweden!!!!!!!

  5. Its really sad to see some Ethiopians are so Blind for what is happening in our land.TPLF is killing and arresting our people every single day and have stolen billions of dollars while our people are hungry.Ermias the former vice minster is confirming to us what we knew and how they totally dominate the power and how bad they are corrupted.How can any body who knows about Democracy would ever associate them selves with these Ethno.fassits,narrow minded ,mafia and Terrorist org.TPLF:Meles was evil person who made sure to work the disintegration of Ethiopia.I am sure soon Ethiopia will be free and all of them will face justice.What ever its I am happy that Sweden is doing this and I know they will never travel to western world any more or end up being extradite to international court.I am sure Arkebe and the others would never leave Ethiopia period.Long live Ethiopia and Death to TPLF and their supporters.I am Andargachew and ESAT is mine.

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