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Ethiopia, Bolivia, Sweden elected to UN council for 2017-18


UNITED NATIONS: Sweden, Ethiopia and Bolivia were elected to the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday for 2017-18, with further voting taking place to decide another two seats with Kazakhstan competing against Thailand and the Netherlands against Italy.
The 193-member U.N. General Assembly elected Sweden with 134 votes in favour, Ethiopia with 185 and Bolivia with 183. Countries need more than two-thirds of the vote to win a seat.

(Reporting by Michelle Nichols; Editing by Chizu Nomiyama)

– Reuters

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  1. I am very happy about this news. The sacrifice paid by the Ethiopian youth fighting terrorism has finally shown the fruits of such priceless sacrifice. All of you please join me in solemn silence celebrating the lives of all those young soldiers who paid the ultimate price safeguarding humanity. No matter how we stand on opposing sides in our political views we should never desecrate the lives of those who shed their divine human blood to safeguard all humanity from the scourge of religious extremism. I am very proud of them and I remain gushing with pride about them who never thought for a second giving military support to such destructive goons. They were never caught or eve suspected of shipping deadly weapon to terrorist groups such as Al Shabaab. They don’t even think about that. In stead they had fallen fighting terrorists. Those Ethiopian people!!!! Those upright and glorious people!!! What people!!! What people!!! Almighty Blessed and Harmonious People!!!! Lets pray now!!!!

  2. Ethiopians are sold by TPLF to die for the goals of the Westerns and they are also murdered by TPLF, DAY-IN-DAY-OUT.

    Thus, Ethiopia is being destroyed to achieve Western goals and wishes. TPLF is prized for that!

    But should we be happy in that?
    No, we should be angry at it because we are being removed as nation and as individuals!

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