Susan Rice’s “SECOND May Surprise” Dirty Trick: Use the U.S. Senate to Declare Genocide in Ethiopia!

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May 17, 2021

Susan Rice & Her Gang of Five Senators Against Ethiopia

… We Ethiopians have always been free. We will continue to be free. We may be poor today. Tomorrow, we shall prosper and become the crown jewel of Africa. We will set an example for the world. We shall teach these hubristic juveniles what it means to be an Ethiopian… Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, May 15, 2021


I expect the “Susan Rice Choir” (a/k/a U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee) after its secret meeting on “challenges” and “opportunities” in Ethiopia on May 17 will grandstand and call for

1) a genocide investigation in Tigray.

2) cutoff of U.S. aid.

3) in-country protection of Tigrayans as “victims of ethnic cleansing”.

4) “full, independent, international investigation” of human rights violations in Tigray.

5) denial of loans and financial support to Ethiopia by the World Bank and other multilateral organizations.

6) issue visa-based sanctions against Ethiopian leaders and others under the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act.

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Susan Rice’s Hallelujah Choir (a/k/a U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee) to hold secret meeting on Ethiopia

Last week, I wrote about Susan Rice’s first “May surprise” dirty trick in the run up to the June 5, 2021 Ethiopian parliamentary elections, which is now moved up to the end of June.

This week, I write about the SECOND May surprise of the Princess of Darkness who has orchestrated her Hallelujah Choir (a/k/a U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee) to hold a secret meeting on Ethiopia and begin the process to declare sanctions on Ethiopia and proclaim genocide is taking place in Tigray region.

On May 17, 2021, the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, at the direction of Susan Rice, has scheduled a “Closed” session on “Challenges and Opportunities for the United States in the Horn of Africa”.


“Gang of Five Senators Against Ethiopia”: Cardin, Kaine, Rosen, Booker and Markey

Rule XXI of the Senate Standing Rules allows “closed session” on “business that requires secrecy”.

It is rather odd that secrecy should be required to discuss “challenges and opportunities for the United States in the Horn of Africa”.

The reason secrecy is needed is simple.

The “challenges” that will be discussed in secrecy have to do with the difficulty the U.S. is having in restoring the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) to power in Ethiopia. The multilateral conspiracy (TPLF-U.S.-Egypt-Sudan) which gave the green light to the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) to seize power by force of arms on November 4, 2020 failed spectacularly.

Since November 12, 2020, Susan Rice has been working like a beaver 24/7 to return the TPLF back in the saddle of power.

Suzie knows there ain’t no way, no how the TPLF will return to power in Ethiopia.

But she is desperate and at the end of her rope.

As I told Suzie on November 22, 2020, the TPLF is permanently consigned to the trash heap of history. Cut ’em loose and let ’em be swallowed in the abyss of history.

Humpty Dumpty TPLF sat on a crumbling wall, (“kilil”)
Humpty Dumpty TPLF had a great fall (when it attacked the Northern Command)
All Queen Susan’s horses and all the President Biden’s men
Won’t be able to put Humpty Dumpty TPLF together again.

The “opportunities” that will be discussed in secret are dirty tricks the U.S. could use to  destabilize Ethiopia and pave the way for the TPLF to be restored.

The TPLF-U.S.-Egypt-Sudan covert operations to incite terrorism and interethnic violence in Ethiopia have failed because Ethiopians came together united. It is an irrefutable fact of history that when Ethiopians are united, they can never be defeated.

All of the efforts to demonize Ethiopia and dehumanize Ethiopians using the Western press-titutes has also failed spectacularly because in the Age of Covid nobody gives a damn.

Read Aloud:   The Smart Way for Ethiopians (By Muluken Gebeyew)

Presenting evidence and analysis on “challenges” and opportunities include Robert F. Godec, Acting Assistant Secretary of State, Bureau of African Affairs, Jeffrey Feltman, U.S. Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa, Bryan Hunt, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of African Affairs and Official Briefers from USAID and Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

Godec is a Susan Rice bot (robot) and Chicken Little who has been parroting the song of the Princess of Darkness. He has been calling for a ceasefire with the TPLF dregs dragging their sorry rear ends in the countryside pillaging and plundering.

Feltman, Susan Rice’s lead bot, was recently dispatched to read the riot act to the “authoritarian” leaders of Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia.

No doubt, Robo Feltman will demonize Ethiopia and dehumanize Ethiopians at the secret meeting.

Bryan Hunt is Godec’s sidekick and served as Office Director for South Sudan and Sudan. Hunt is just a programmable bot.

“Official briefers” provide highly classified intelligence analysis, information about U.S. covert operations and reports from moles, sleepers and other intelligence assets (spies)  sources.

Susan Rice’s Tigray genocide narrative and the coordinated action to put Ethiopia on the U.S. sanctions/genocide chopping block

On May 14, 2021, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee tweeted:


[It appears the Committee’s tweet is more appropriate for Egypt than Ethiopia. Perhaps the Committee confused the two countries since they both start with “E”.

In 2013, Sisi took power in a military coup by overthrowing Egypt’s first democratically elected president and then changed the constitution to let him remain in power until 2030.

Abdel Fatah al-Sisi’s government in Egypt has interned over 60 thousand political prisoners. Sisi has been on a “horrifying execution spree putting scores of people to death following grossly unfair mass trials.”

“Judges and prosecutors kept thousands of people in pretrial detention, often solely for exercising their rights to peaceful assembly and free expression, and many beyond the two-year limit Egyptian law provides.”

Egypt is indeed building a stable and prosperous democracy by the Committee’s standards.]

In a letter dated April 29, 2021, the “Gang of Five Against Ethiopia” senators wrote Jeffrey Feltman, “Special Envoy to the Horn of Africa”, with a single concern:

We are all deeply disturbed by the humanitarian and human rights consequences of the conflict occurring in the Tigray region since early November 2020. … Numerous credible reports have emerged of serious human rights abuses committed by security forces against civilians…

On January 19, 2021, during his confirmation hearing, Antony Blinken said, “We’ve seen a number of deeply, deeply concerning actions taken, including atrocities directed both at people in Tigray…”

On March 10, 2021, Blinken declared “ethnic cleansing” is taking place in Tigray region.

On May 15, 2021 Blinken tweeted and issued a statement:


The bogus genocide in Tigray narrative began in earnest on November 14, 2020, eleven days after the TPLF attacked the Ethiopian Northern Command.

Following the TPLF massacre at Mai Karda, Susan Rice began to shape a narrative of gloom and doom in Tigray.

On November 14, 2020, Rice tweeted:  “We need principled leadership on this @StateDept. @AsstSecStateAF  Please and fast.

Rice was pleading with the Trump administration to save her TPLF which were wiped out by the Ethiopian National Defense Force in two weeks flat!

Four days after Susan Rice’s tweet, on November 18, 2020, Anthony Blinken tweeted:,

Deeply concerned about the humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia, reports of targeted ethnic violence, and the risk to regional peace and security. The TPLF and Ethiopian authorities should take urgent steps to end the conflict, enable humanitarian access, and protect civilians.

On November 18, 2020, Susan Rice retweeted Blinken’s tweet with 3 emoji fingers pointing at Blinken’s tweet.

On November 24, 2020, the future National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan tweeted:

I’m deeply concerned about the risk of violence against civilians, including potential war crimes, in the fighting around Mekelle in Ethiopia. Civilians must be protected and humanitarian access must be opened. Both sides should immediately begin dialogue facilitated by the AU.

When Susan Rice tweeted pleading for “fast principled leadership”, she knew the only option she had was to pressure the Ethiopian Government into “negotiation”, “discussion” or “dialogue” with the TPLF.

Read Aloud:   The prison with in - By Mastewal Yideg

Beginning on November 14, 2020, the agreed upon litany — talking points and narrative — for Rice, Blinken, Sullivan, members of Congress, the Western Press-titutes, inside the beltway think tank policy-stitues, TPLF lobbyists and diaspora TPLF dregs has been “humanitarian crisis”, “ethnic cleansing”, “targeted ethnic killing”, “war crimes”,  “atrocities”, “serious human rights abuses against civilians” and so on.

The aim of the narrative was to stoke up white American public opinion and build a groundswell for interventionary action.

Truth be told, white Americans could not care less about “humanitarian crisis” happening in what Trump called “s**t hole countries.”

America is in deep humanitarian crisis!

America is undergoing racism crisis. Police brutality crisis. Covid crisis. Opioid crisis. Homicide crisis. Unemployment crisis. Crisis of a do-nothing Congress.  Financial and economic crisis. Federal debt crisis. Education crisis. Environmental crisis. Moral and ethical crisis. Poverty and homelessness crisis. Health care crisis. Immigration crisis. Ideological crisis. Crisis of common sense. Crisis of fake news and disinformation. Crisis of confidence in government. Crisis…

What Susan Rice and the Obama internationalists do not seem to get through their thick fog-filled heads is that the American people do not want their country to be entangled as the policeman of the world. They do not want their taxes to be wasted on unwinnable wars. After two decades of war, the U.S. is hightailing it out of Afghanistan.

Thousands of Americans died for a meaningless cause and trillions of dollars wasted. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Afghanis dead because of a misguided neoimperial misadventure.

Susan Rice now wants to open a new Afghanistan in Ethiopia.

So, Suzie’s song and dance now is to threaten and bully the Ethiopian Government and people.

She has given her ultimatum: “SUSAN RICE’S WAY OR THE HIGHWAY.”

The Princess of Darkness’ way is not the highway to heaven.

The Princess of Darkness can go to HELL, HELL, HELL…

What is the Revival Meeting of the Susan Rice Hallelujah Choir about on May 17?

The Susan Rice Hallelujah Choir (a/k/a U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee) will meet in secrecy on May 17 for two purposes:

1) Prepare a plan to sanction Ethiopia and

2) declare genocide is taking place in Tigray.

After the secret meeting, the Choir will pontificate and issue sanctimonious statements about “humanitarian crisis”, “ethnic cleansing”, “targeted ethnic killing”, “war crimes”,  “atrocities”, “serious human rights abuses against civilians” and so on taking place in Ethiopia.


Specifically, after the secret meeting, I expect the “Susan Rice Choir” will grandstand and call for

1) a genocide investigation in Tigray.

2) cutoff of U.S. aid (Biden is already continuing Trump’s aid cutoff).

3) in-country protection of Tigrayans as “victims of ethnic cleansing”.

4) “full, independent, international investigation” of human rights violations in Tigray.

5) denial of loans and financial support to Ethiopia by the World Bank and other multilateral organizations.

6) issue visa-based sanctions against Ethiopian leaders and others under the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act.

7) blacklisting of particular Ethiopian business entities and prohibit them from using U.S. banks and firms and prevent specific individuals from accessing their bank accounts and financial resources. (That would be interesting since the only people who have stashed billions of dollars in the U.S. are TPLF leaders, their families and supporters.)

8) impose an arms embargo and export ban on certain types of goods and other restrictions.

Read Aloud:   The Susan Rice-Tedros Adhanom Plot to Sabotage the June 2021 Ethiopian Election

9) coordination of regional governments, particularly in the Middle East, to apply pressure on Ethiopia as well as the E.U. and UN Security Council, and

10) pass Sen Res. 97 (which a call the “Ethiopia Colonization Act”) currently awaiting Senate floor action as a major propaganda offensive against Ethiopia.

A word or two on Susan Rice, the Rwanda Genocide Denier and the one who turned a blind eye, deaf ears and muted lips to TPLF quiet genocide in Ethiopia for 27 years!

In April 1994, when the Clinton Administration pretended to be ignorant of the unspeakable horror and massacres in Rwanda, Susan Rice was unconcerned about taking immediate action to stop the killings.

Rather, Rice she was fretting about the political consequences of calling the Rwandan tragedy a “genocide”.

In a monument to utter moral depravity and conscience-bending callous indifference, Rice casually inquired of her colleagues, “If we use the word ‘genocide’ and are seen as doing nothing, what will be the effect on the November [congressional] election?”

In less than 100 days, 800 thousand Rwandans were massacred.

Rice knew a genocide was underway and a “bloodbath” was imminent. But Rice and company intentionally chose to minimize the extreme nature of the violence and kept on issuing empty declarations, pleas for a cease fire and calls to the parties to come to the negotiating table.

Like Nero who played the violin as Rome burned, Susan Rice was playing bureaucratic semantic games to make sure there were no official references to the Rwandan tragedy as “genocide”, “ethnic cleansing”, “extermination”.

It is the height of hypocrisy for Susan Rice to stand on her hind legs today and “Cry Havoc! Cry Genocide!” in Tigray.

For 27 long years, Susan Rice turned a blind eye, deaf ears and muted lips as the TPLF conducted a quiet genocide in Ethiopia!

For more than 27 years, Susan Rice was a bosom friend of Meles Zenawi, the chief architect of the TPLF’s 27-year misrule and corruption in Ethiopia and one of the wickedest and bloodthirsty dictators in Africa.

Wonders never end!

Susan Rice today demonizes PM Abiy Ahmed and his government for “genocide” even though it was PM Abiy Ahmed who freed tens of thousands of innocent people held in secret jails in Ethiopia for years!!

President John Kennedy said, “Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names.”

Ethiopians shall never forget the name SUSAN ELIZABETH RICE.

Hear Ye! Susan Rice! Hear Ye Susan’s Bots! Hear Ye Susan’s Choir!  

[Commentator’s translation.]

On May 15, 2021, Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed made Ethiopia’s position crystal clear:

Video Player


… With unflinching hopeful anticipation and despite the media disinformation campaigns and bullying to bring us down to our knees, we will complete all of our mega projects, cut ribbons and launch them. It is time now to show the world once again what it means to be Ethiopian. I urge all Ethiopians to be strong and solidify their unity  so that the world will learn to be Ethiopian is to be free and to live in honor. I ask all Ethiopians to join and teach this truth to the world.

It may be that we do not produce enough food. We may not have food to throw away like others. But we have an exceptional identity and a glorious history of being free and independent of which we can be proud.

There are those who want to impose upon us a modernized form of colonialism. They believe we are ignorant and incapable of determining our own destiny in politics, religion or work through the ethnic fabric of our society; they believe they can divide and rule us.

We Ethiopians have always been free. We will continue to be free. We may be poor today. Tomorrow, we shall prosper and become the crown jewel of Africa. We will set an example for the world. We shall teach these hubristic juveniles what it means to be an Ethiopian…


Don’t Tread on Ethiopia!



  1. Hello Ato Alemayehu.
    Thanks for your continued weekly commentaries focusing on the evident nefarious acts of certain US officials against Ethiopia. But you are preaching to the choir. What are you / we going to do about it.
    To our amazement and disappointment , we are finding that individual lobbying effort directed at US senators and congressmen is futile.
    What is needed is organized and targeted advocacy for Ethiopian causes to counter the lobbying of the other side.
    Please write about organized response to the biased and inimical US diplomacy. You might even consider spearheading such an effort, if you are not so doing already.

  2. Have you completely lost your sanity at your pension age? Your words are no better than any uneducated cadres who collect hand-outs to fill their tummies. Please do not joke while the Country is on fire. Igzer yimarih.

  3. Brother Al just does not like Susan. Take it easy, brother! It seems to me that the current Biden administration is committed not to muddy the water in US-Ethiopia longstanding relationship. In any war excesses are to happen and there are human rights violations in the current conflict by both sides. So USA as a sole democratic super power has to say something about it. Someone from the position of strength must say something about the alleged atrocities. Both the UN and local human rights groups are said to be set to jointly conduct investigating the alleged violations of the rules of war. Let’s wait for their investigating report before passing any judgment. I’ll be eagerly waiting for they will be saying, hopefully soon.

  4. Al mariam , ye abiy asheker. He is sponsoring the genocide. Why USA not arresting him and bring him to ICC if USA condemn the genocide ???

    He is supporting abiy and he is genocider by default in the name of ethiopianism. How come he dare to belittle USA now and again living in USA ? there should be a limit for freedom of speech like that of him , arrogant and man suffering from phantassis and schizophrenia .

    lock him up and throw him to the cave !

  5. Nothing Tigreans say has a shred of truth. I had to leave my country in the early days of Derg because Tigreans sacrificed us two southerners to save their thief ethnic man while I was on service in the Ministry of Agriculture. I am speaking from personal experience of their value for truth. I remember the concocted stories they used to pass to me on pieces of paper to get a position as daily labourers in the terraces building and afforestation program under Food For Work program. How much liars the so-called educated people would be is not hard to imagine. US politicians, I am sure, under the influence of Tigray elites. Hence all these accusations by Western politicians. That doesn’t absolve Susan Rice & Co. for their misguided positions because they didn’t try to listen to both sides and do due investigations as to the accuracy of what they are fed.
    Let me try to show TPLFites glaring lies. They said genocide was committed on 750 Tigrayans at Axum. The proof they presented was that of Nigerians murdered by Bok Haram. Also, when they were asked to show the burial places of the murdered, they were not willing because there were none.
    About rape, I hope you have seen one of their women advising women to soil themselves with red ink to fake rape.
    The most glaring of their lies, to me, is that Wolkait, Tegede, Tselemt, Humera and Raya were parts of Tigray when there is no time in history that was the case. Even their own high ranking officials, including Leul Ras Mengesha, have said those Amhara lands were never part of Tigray

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