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August 23, 2022

Al Mariam’s Commentaries
August 23, 2022

When it comes to the Biden administration’s policy in Ethiopia, the mastermind, the puppet mistress, the CPU, the head honcho, the boss, the power behind the throne and the invisible hand that rocks the Biden cradle is s none other than the Princess of Darkness, Susan Rice.

Two weeks ago, Rice sent Mike Hammer as special envoy to Ethiopia (on the pretext of peacemaking, yada, yada, yada to the “Horn of Africa”) to arm-twist Ethiopian leaders into bowing down to the Rice/Biden administration’s favorite terrorists, the TPLF.

Within days of his arrival in Ethiopia late last month, Mike Hammer crashed and burned spectacularly after he took a selfie with terrorist TPLF leaders.

Or did he?

I knew better.

Old Sleazy Tricky Suzie had a stratagem up her sleeve when she sent Hammer to Ethiopia.

She staged the whole Hammer selfie deal with the two terrorist leaders of the TPLF.

First and foremost, Suzie sent Hammer as special envoy because she could find no self-respecting diplomat who will touch the job with the 10-foot pole wearing Kevlar gloves.

David Satterfield dropped out after barely three months on the job.

“Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.”

Oblivious or indifferent to the spectacular failures of Jeffrey Feltman and David Satterfield, Hammer waddled his way to Ethiopia.

Suzie could only find Hammer — a bumbling, inept and blundering gourmand-cum-diplomat consigned to the Democratic Republic of Congo — to do a job that will surely challenge even the most seasoned and sophisticated diplomat.

But with the Hammer selfie bit, Sleazy Suzie was gaslighting the Ethiopian government.

In other words, she was trying to get under their skin and provoke them into rash actions.

Since November 2020 when the terrorist TPLF attacked the Ethiopian Northern Command in an attempt to overthrow the government of Ethiopia, Suzie knows the Ethiopian government and leaders are a force to be reckoned with. She knows she will never be able to push or kick them around.

So, Suzie thought she could try some dumb stunts like having the special envoy take selfies, she could drive the Ethiopian government apes**t.

By having Hammer take a selfie with the terrorist TPLF leaders, Rice figured she could get the  Ethiopian government madder than a wet hen and knock them off their game.

Suzie hoped the event will be so provocative the Ethiopian government would come out swinging, shouting, cursing and declaring they will not negotiate with the terrorist TPLF.

If the Ethiopian government had taken the bait, Suzie would now be dancing to the tune of  Suzy-Q.

But the Ethiopian government ignored the whole selfie episode. They were not provoked to act  irrationally or rashly as Suzie had hoped. In fact, PM Abiy Ahmed declared, “Peaceful negotiation is the one and only way to solve the Tigray crisis.”

Biden’s Brain speaks

Suzie’s outrageous provocation continued on August 19, 2022.

Suzie slipped the most outrageous and at the same time the most ridiculous and dumbest phrase ever in Biden’s World Humanitarian Days statement.

No one would have the access, influence, interest or dedication to feature “Tigray” (without mentioning a place called Tigray is in Ethiopia) among 6 nations/countries in a presidential statement other than Susan Rice.

Neither Antony Blinken nor Samantha Power would have the audacity or blind commitment to the terrorist TPLF to insert “Tigray” in a presidential statement.

By inserting “Tigray” among other nations, Rice revealed and made public to the world that behind the veil of plausible deniability she is the puppet master of  US policy in Ethiopia.

In his World Humanitarian Day statement Biden said:


Talk about political correctness running amok: “Supporting traumatized survivors of gender-based violence in Tigray.”

Does that mean supporting rape victims? Why the euphemism? Why not call a spade, a spade?

Rice wanted to communicate several things with the phrase “supporting traumatized victims of gender-based violence in Tigray.

First, Rice is trying to suggest that “Tigray” is another country just like Ukraine, Afghanistan, Somalia, Jordan and Bangladesh. The statement intentionally omitted “Ethiopia”. Rice is effectively saying, “Tigray” should be treated as a sovereign country just like the others suffering from natural and human-made disaster.

Second, Rice is trying to appeal and incite American white suburban women into rising up to condemn the Ethiopian government by using the dog whistle of “gender-based violence.” IT was a deliberate choice of phrasing because “gender-based violence” is a loaded and coded phrase intended to unleash outrage.

Rape is vile criminal act which must be punished with the most severe penalties possible under the law.

Sadly, there is a prevailing “culture of rape” in Tigray which has been amply documented by various international organizations.

Moreover, for Rice/Biden to single out “gender-based violence” in Tigray and no where else in Ethiopia clearly points to the fact that they want to use it for propaganda  purposes.

Truth be told, if Rice/Biden are truly concerned about gender-based violence (rape), they would look at the dismal statistics in the US.

In 2018, the National Sexual Violence Resource Center reported an estimated that 734,630 people were raped (including threatened, attempted, or completed rape) in the U.S.  

Shouldn’t Rice/Biden support victims of “gender-based violence” right here in America before trying to save victims in Tigray?

Third, Rice is trying to give special recognition to the terrorist TPLF which is fighting against “ethnic cleansing”, “genocide” and “gender-based violence” perpetrated by the Ethiopia government.

Fourth, Rice wants to weaponize “gender-violence” (rape) in her grey war on Ethiopia.

Rice’s “grey war” operations in the past, among many others, include coordination of psychological warfare (psyops) to undermine public confidence in the Ethiopian government and create a sense of chaos and anxiety throughout the country and disseminating propaganda to scare American citizens to leave Ethiopia by creating a false sense of war emergency.

Rice has also coordinated with the Western press-titute media to slander and defame Ethiopian leaders and foment ethnic tensions in Ethiopia.

Fifth, Rice by inserting Tigray in Biden’s statement is openly unrecognizing the country of Ethiopia. Biden’s Brain did not say “supporting traumatized victims of gender-based violence in Tigray region of Ethiopia.” He just said “Tigray. In other words, Rice is trying to subtly suggest that there is no such country as Ethiopia, only a “country” called “Tigray.”

Sixth, by using the phrase, Rice is whitewashing the fact that her terrorist TPLF committed widespread “gender-based violence in Amhara and Afar regions of Ethiopia.

A November 9, 2021 Amnesty International report entitled “Ethiopia: Survivors of TPLF attack in Amhara describe gang rape, looting and physical assaults,” documented extensive rape by TPLF. But Rice included only Tigray by completely overlooking TPLF’s crimes.

Pray tell, why would Biden’s statement mention only Tigray victims of gender-violence?

Axis of Shevil in US foreign policy

Susan Rice, Samantha Power and Hilary Clinton thrived in their political positions by manipulating presidents.

The troika, or if you prefer to wax Shakespearean, the “Weird Sisters,” “Wayward Sisters” or the “Three Wicked Witches.” (Macbeth), played a direct role in the dismemberment of Libya and creation of untold suffering in many other countries.

In 2011, Rice, Clinton and Power were the three principal war hawks in Libya which resulted in the dismemberment and destruction of that country.

Like the “Three Wicked Witches” in Macbeth, the troika persuaded Obama to get involved in the Libya fiasco by using the pretext of protecting and saving civilian lives. They told Obama, “If the US does not intervene, Libya will be another Rwanda.”

In much the same way the “Three Wicked Witches” scared and manipulated Macbeth, the troika also scared Obama into believing that if he does not act, he will share the same fate as Bill Clinton in the Rwanda genocide.

Obama swallowed the advice of the “Three Wicked Witches” and plunged headlong into Libya.

Obama in his March 28, Remarks on Libya pontificated the US mission in Libya was protection of “the Libyan people from immediate danger” by establishing a no-fly zone. He said the US has no intentions to broaden the mission to include “regime change”, which he added would be “mistake.”

However, Rice, then US ambassador to the UN, painted a false picture of massacres taking place in eastern Libya. At the time, an estimated 200 protesters had been killed by security forces. There is no evidence Gadhafi had planned any “massacres” beyond controlling protestors or suppressing rebels.

But Rice as the top US diplomat at the UN coordinated with Hilary Clinton and spread lies about massacres taking place in eastern Libya to push for US intervention.

In 2016, Obama admitted US intervention in Libya was his “worst” and describe it as a “mess” and a shit show”.

In much the same way Rice misled Obama on Libya in 2011 and in Eritrea in 2009,  she also misled him in July 2015 by brazenly declaring  an election “won” by the terrorist TPLF “democratic”.



In the video below, Obama repeats Rice’s lies about the rigged Ethiopia election and goes on to call opposition elements in Ethiopia “terrorists.”

What is fascinating is the fact that the standards Obama uses to classify groups as terrorists which today fits the TPLF perfectly.

Obama said:

We oppose terrorism wherever it may occur. And we are opposed to any group that is promoting the violent overthrow of a government, including the government of Ethiopia that has been democratically elected

On November 3-4, 2021, the TPLF attacked the Ethiopian Northern Command and tried to overthrow the government of  Ethiopia.

Today, Susan Rice is trying to save that same terrorist group by trying to force the Ethiopian government to negotiate with it and ultimately restore it to power.

On November 20, 2020, barely two weeks after the terrorist TPLF attack on the Northern Command, US Assistant Secretary for African Affairs Tabor Nagy said the TPLF had undertaken a terrorist attack to seize power:

But again, I want to make it very clear that this is not about Tigray. There is no equivalency here. This is not two sovereign states fighting against each other. This is a faction of the government running a region in Ethiopia that has decided to undertake hostilities against the central government…”

Sleazy Suzie’s intrigues and shenanigans are not limited to Libya and Ethiopia.

On December 23, 2009, Sleazy Suzie wrangled the United Nations Security Council into adopting Resolution 1907 imposing an arms embargo and other sanctions on Eritrea falsely accusing the Eritrean Government of aiding Al-Shabaab terrorism in Somalia.

Susan Rice became U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. on January 26, 2009.

In less than a year, Rice engineered the United Nations Security Council into adopting Resolution 1862/2009 and Resolution 1907/2009 which imposed an arms embargo on Eritrea and sought to deliver a crippling blow on the Eritrean economy.

These resolutions were political hit jobs on Eritrean President Isaias Afeworki by Susan Rice on behalf of her bosom “friend” Meles Zenawi, the late leader of the terrorist TPLLF!

At the time Susan Rice said, “the Security Council acted ‘not hastily, not aggressively,’ but with “the aim of seeking constructive dialogue with the Eritrean government”.

Sleazy Suzie reprised her role against Eritrea a decade ago in Ethiopia today in U.N. Security Council by scheduling some 13-plus UN Security Council debates on Ethiopia.

Susan Rice and her con game of “negotiated ceasefire” and “inclusive dialogue”

Beginning on November 12, 2020, after it became clear the TPLF’s plan to seize power by force became a pipedream, Sleazy Suzie began peddling the idea of restoring the terrorist TPLF to power in a “negotiated ceasefire” and “inclusive dialogue” while demanding “unfettered humanitarian access.”

Sleazy Suzie’s sloganeering about a “negotiated ceasefire” and “inclusive dialogue” is nothing but a con game.

Sleazy Suzie’s con game of negotiated ceasefire” and “inclusive dialogue” has clear strategic objectives:

1) Legitimize the TPLF (and strip off its designation as a terrorist organization) as a sovereign or semi-sovereign entity and provide it international legitimacy by endorsing its capacity to negotiate.

2) Rehabilitate the image of the TPLF from a terrorist organization to a legitimate political opposition through a ceasefire/peace negotiation.

3) Buy time for the TPLF to rearm and regroup by dragging out ceasefire negotiations.

4) Use ceasefire negotiations and inclusive dialogue as conditions to open international borders in the name of accessing humanitarian aid and enable the TPLF to resupply itself with weapons from outside sources, specifically from Sudan, (Susan?), Egypt and the European Union.

5) Use ceasefire negotiations and inclusive dialogue as a first step towards restoration of terrorist TPLF to power.

6) Create an opportunity for the U.S. to play kingmaker and legitimize the U.S. as a “neutral mediator” in the ceasefire negotiations by offering financial and other incentives. In doing so, allow the U.S. unfettered power to meddle in internal Ethiopian politics and dictate terms of surrender to the Ethiopian Government.

7) By forcing PM Abiy’s government to the negotiating table with the TPLF, show the people of Ethiopia PM Abiy is a weak and ineffective leader thereby turning the population against him.

8) By forcing the Ethiopian government to ceasefire negotiations and inclusive dialogue,  show the world PM Abiy’s government is the aggressor and the TPLF victim.

9) Make Ethiopia the whipping bad boy of Africa. If any African country tries to buck the U.S. or refuses to kiss the U.S.’s **s, it will be crushed with sanctions the world has never seen.

10) Prolong the ceasefire negotiations as an effective weapon of attrition. Bleed Ethiopia financially. Trap and bog the Ethiopian Government in a ceasefire/dialogue negotiation and drag them out indefinitely thereby frustrating the Ethiopia Government and the people of Ethiopia. The longer the ceasefire negotiations take, the more legitimacy and public support the Ethiopian Government will lose among the Ethiopian people.

11) Use the ceasefire negotiations and inclusive dialogue to secure full amnesty and immunity from prosecution for all TPLF leaders and exonerate them from the crimes of humanity they committed.

12) Use ceasefire negotiations and inclusive dialogue to create the opportunity for the deployment of a UN chapter VII force tasked with a variety of tasks.

13) Use  ceasefire negotiations and inclusive dialogue to reintegrate the TPLF terrorist forces into the Ethiopian armed forces.

14) Use ceasefire negotiations and inclusive dialogue to force the Ethiopian Government to share power with the terrorist TPLF.

15) Ultimately restore the TPLF to power through the clever use of ceasefire negotiations and inclusive dialogue.

The tactical approaches to achieve the strategic goals are to:

1) Give lip service to African Union mediation between the Government of Ethiopia and the terrorist TPLF.

2) Buy off African leaders to apply pressure on Ethiopia.

3) Use the AU as a weapon to pressure Ethiopia.

4) Seek observer and facilitator status during the ceasefire negotiations and inclusive dialogue negotiations, and

5) Offer to underwrite the entire ceasefire negotiations and inclusive dialogue process by pledging to commit funds.


Sleazy Tricky Suzie thinks she can break up Ethiopia and break the spirit of the people of Ethiopia with her silly shenanigans.

There is one fact Sleazy Suzie, and her bosses should understand.

Ethiopia and Ethiopians have never been colonized nor subjugated by powers small or big. Those who tried have been defeated time and again.

They can dismiss Ethiopia’s independence and colonial-free history as a fairy tale if they like. But let them read history.

When America declared independence in 1776, Edward Gibbon, the great  historian of Western civilization, wrote of the need to defend the Ethiopians, then called “Abyssinians, an unwarlike people from the Barbarians who ravaged the inland country and the Turks and Arabs who advanced from the sea-coast in more formidable array.”

Gibbon wrote the Abyssinians were interested in a “rational project of importing the arts and ingenuity of Europe; and their ambassadors at Rome and Lisbon were instructed to solicit a colony of smiths, carpenters, tilers, masons, printers, surgeons, and physicians, for the use of their country.”

In 1896, Rome did not send a “colony of smiths”. Rome sent a colonial army to subjugate Ethiopia. That colonial army suffered ignominious defeat at the Battle of Adwa.

Egypt suffered the same fate at the Battle of Gura in 1876.

In 2021, Rice/Biden recruit homegrown terrorists to fight its proxy neocolonial war in Ethiopia. Biden even threatened to so send its “Red Dragon” military force to invade Ethiopia.

The outcome of American imperial and neocolonial ambitions will be no different than  Italy’s in 1896 and 1936. DEFEAT at the hands of patriotic Ethiopians.

Ethiopia is open for business not only for “colony of smiths carpenters, masons and surgeons” but also startup technology companies and foreign direct investments in all sectors of its economy.

But Ethiopia is ABSOLUTELY closed for the business of meddling in its internal affairs, lies and disinformation and sanctions and threats of punitive measures by self-appointed caretakers of Ethiopia.

Gibbon was right. Ethiopians have always been about three things: PEACE, PROSPERITY and PROGRESS!

But the U.S. should know Ethiopians are an “unwarlike people”. But they have no problems removing “un” from “unwarlike.”

PM Abiy Ahmed: “Enough of war. Enough of treason (being a “banda” or tool of foreign powers). We can solve our problems by talking to each other, not killing each other.”

Ethiopia is led by Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed, the 2019 Nobel Peace Laureate, the 100th person to receive the award since the establishment of that prize in 1895, the same year colonial Italy declared war on Ethiopia and was defeated at the Battle of Adwa in 1896.

Ethiopia is constantly looking for opportunities to strengthen peaceful relations with its neighbors, the U.S. and all countries who respect its integrity and sovereignty.

Ethiopia knows its peace cannot be preserved if her neighbors are at war.

In August 2019, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed played a central role in bringing together different factions of the Sudanese government to a power sharing agreement preventing civil war in Sudan.

Ethiopia has an army of peace, not war. The TPLF declared war on Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) is an army that is never the aggressor but a defender against unjust wars.

The ENDF did not go into Tigray to occupy or impose its rule.

The ENDF went into Tigray for the single purpose of enforcing the law, to apprehend and bring to justice the leaders of the criminal  insurrection that attacked the Northern Command and to establish peace and uphold and enforce the rule of law.

Gibbon would be so proud to see Ethiopia still a beacon of peace.

On August 21, 2022, H.E. Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed  speaking to a gathering of youth leaders in Ethiopia declared there is only one way to resolve the crisis in Tigray: Dialogue and discussion.


[Author’s Translation]:

…. As it has been said, the people of Tigray are our people. They are in dire crisis. The solution is peace. Our mission is to solve our problems through dialogue. We must sit down and discuss. War has been tried, tried and tried again. From now on Woyane (terrorist TPLF) using whatever support it can get, whatever force it can assemble, not just using Kalashnikov (rifles), they can even bring in those who support them, but they can never win.

If you can’t win, then it is pointless to engage in war. It is better to talk and seek solutions. My counsel is, “Enough of war. Enough of treason (being a “banda” or tool of foreign powers). We can sit down and talk and by talking resolve our problems. Instead of fighting for 3 years, is best to talk for ten. Instead of killing each other and become suckers for others, is better to sit down and talk in a give and take exchange.

This is how the crisis into Tigray can be resolved. Tigray has opportunities to grow and develop and we have to help in that. But the ultimate decision is in the hands of the people of Tigray. People who live there know the benefits and disadvantages of their situation. Necessary to think along those lines and work for a good outcome.

Over the past year, we have made a lot of efforts. We have done a unilateral ceasefire. We have allowed unfettered delivery of aid, and we have kept the ENDF from entering Tigray. If we had gone in, there would have been all types of accusations (of rights violations).

Now, we say we want peace. That is a solution. Using the path of peace is the only way. Anything other than that is futile. We can kill each other, but there will be  no such thing as victory…

So, what will it be Suzie!?


Or in Macbethian allusion:

Double, double, toil and trouble,
Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

I am a man of peace and goodwill to all.

On a human level, I am with Abraham Lincoln who said in his Second Inaugural Address:

With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as god gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation’s wounds, to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan, to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations.

On a much higher plane, I would like to see all Ethiopians live in peace and harmony because it is their divinely ordained destiny:

Finally, brothers and sisters, rejoice! Strive for full restoration, encourage one another, be of one mind, live in peace. And the God of love and peace will be with you. (2 Corinthians 13:11.)




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  1. I told you brother Al will come out swinging. There you have it!
    Brother Al! Easy, easy does it! Taking selfie ain’t a big deal. the relationship between the biden administration and the ethiopian government is still in good shape. to me it is not even close as it was in 1977-78. USA is still pouring hundreds of millions of dollars in desperately needed humanitarian aid. ask those two hoodlums in moscow and beijing to top that. fat chance!!!

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