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Susan Rice laughed at EPRDF’s 100% win

JULY 25, 2015
President Obama’s National Security Adviser Susan Rice couldn’t help but laugh
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  1. Thank you Ze Habesha,
    You guys have work tirelessly to bring us the latest news and views in regarding to our beloved country. You seems to have countless resources to be on top of any situations that involve Ethiopia.
    Above all, thank you for exposing the TPLF junta day in and day out.
    Funny, in this video, even Susan Rice could not contained her laugh at TPLF/EPRDF. She is right, it is laughable, just like the election in North Korea of Kim Jong-un.

  2. Yes she is sarcastically laughing at the Horn of African population particularly at millions of Ethiopians showing her contempt and disregard tacitly telling us “what we say does not mean we do but we do what ever we want”

  3. Do you know I used to like Susan Rice but then came the first show of her lack of intelligence when she did a Eulogy at Meles Funeral and call the opposition ” idiots, as he calls them” Even if he did, one just do not do that at any funeral let alone on a state funeral!!!!!
    Now, the once Foreign Secretary would be candidate of the United States are laughing at her own stupidity – make no mistake she said it! The ruling party won a 100% and she nodded when asked. When challenged she bust out laughing!!!! Let me tell you Susan Rice, you ain’t laughing at us, you are laughing at yourself. You the Ambassador of the United States of America who endorse an African dictators idea of an election! you nodded your head not us so who is the fool here????
    We have no voice or power. We just wactch the show. A woman of her status who is nodding her head siding with what authoritarian regimes plug out of their pocket as an election result shows the US’s historical behavior of political prostitution as oppose to a symbol of for democracy! You are laughing at you Susan!!!!

  4. That is typical of the neo/colonial agents. They will be ‘with you’ till they take hold on their goals. Eventually, they will laugh at you or even kill or accuse you. That is their tact since the slavery.
    What is new now is blacks/southerns are put at the fore front and the ill-willed are behined directing and manipulating them. Susan Rice and Obama are typical examples.
    It is agreat shame that great Ethiopia is walked on by the leader of the neocolonial apex.

  5. OMG this is embarrassing. Normally western officials make jokes and laugh at Ethiopian election results behind the scenes but with the 100% win even the woyane friend Susan Rice could not resist to laugh in public. Just tell me how can someone be so stupid to tell the world it won 100% in 21th century and don’t expect to be mocked and laughed at. How dumb is this?

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