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Summit Call for Peace and Reconciliation SBS Amharic

Summit Call for Peace and Reconciliation SBS Amharic

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  1. I do not understand the need to be united for diaspora???? the so-called the diaspora organizations what could they make a difference in the struggle at home??? Unless those guys got paid by woyane or G7 to push the struggle backward. We all know what we have differences in the diaspora. Because we knew G7, woyane and shabiya work together. Why did Mr. Duri not try to have this inside the country? The diaspora did not have a single organization struggle for the sake of our county. Of course, there are concerned Ethiopians and activist here and there. As if all the time only the diaspora is the solution to find a future leaders. Just like what G7 paid the expenses of Prof. Mesfine to insult the amhara’s struggle. Now G7 may be convinced MR. Duri to come and cover up the G7 blunder on the struggle with his criminals OLF gangs. Or woyane’s art to pure water on the struggle back home. Since the US Centers about to pass the HR 128 Bill.

    Meaningless call for peace!!

    Watch out my fellow Ethiopians!!

  2. Are you kidding us? What you talking about?reconciliation?The Ethiopian people don’t want any reconciliation.just leave us & to your country which is tigrai,so please don’t confuse people by talking this rubbish.we will never live side by side with this people untill they leave.

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