Sudan’s opposition parties sign new declaration in Addis Ababa

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Sudan Appeal signatories
Sudanese political and armed opposition forces on Wednesday signed what they called the “Sudan Appeal” in Addis Ababa to put an end to the ongoing conflict.
The declaration aimed at unifying the opposition front with the objective of achieving a comprehensive peace and democratic transition in Sudan.
The document was signed by Minni Arko Minnawi faction of the Sudan Liberation Army (SLA), opposition National Umma Party leader al-Sadiq al-Mahdi, and Faroug Abu Iss on behalf of the National Consensus Front (NCF), while Amin Mekki Madeni represented civil society organizations.
The document stressed that the parties want to secure the rights of the Sudanese people for freedom in order to achieve a well-established democracy and develop the war-affected areas.
Speaking after the signing ceremony, Faroug Abu Issa said the coalition will work to unite the opposition parties including whoever is willing to help in addressing the economic constraints and isolation that Sudan is experiencing.
Meanwhile, Amin Mekki Madeni of the civil society underscored the role of civil society organizations in rehabilitating the conflict-affected areas by rendering advisory services in all fields.
Reacting to the declaration, Presidential Assistant Ibrahim Ghandour criticized the agreement, describing it as “unholy alliance”.
He said that the people of Sudan will reject it, while likening it to previous agreements signed by the opposition political parties.

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