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Sudanese Defense Minister Visits Ethiopia, Eritrean President Will Arrive in Egypt Tomorrow

isaias sisi
The Ethiopian government’s News agency has today reported that Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn received the Sudanese Armed Forces Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Emad al-Din M. Adawi, who delivered a letter from President Omar Hassan al-Bashir to the Prime Minister, at his office today.

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Emad told the Ethiopian media after the discussion:

the countries will further strengthen their cooperation. He stressed that a challenge one of the nations faces would harm the other. Therefore the effort to collaborate in containing problems will continue.

It is to be recalled that Sudan has deployed its army  and totally closed its border with Eritrea last week.

One the other hand, Egyptian media are reporting that Eritrean President Isaias Afewerki will arrive in Cairo on Tuesday January 9, 2018 for two days visit during which he will meet with President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to discuss the development of bilateral relations, developments in the Nile Basin countries and the Horn of Africa region and developments in regional and international issues.

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Isaias will be accompanied by a high-level Eritrean delegation, including Eritrean Foreign Minister Osman Saleh and Yemeni political advisor Yemani Jabr Abe. The two presidents will hold a closed bilateral meeting at the Federal Palace, followed by an extended meeting between the two delegations in the presence of Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri, the head of the General Intelligence, Minister Khaled Fawzi, and the Egyptian Ambassador to Eritrea Yasser Ali Hashim. On the second day of the visit, the Eritrean President and his delegation will visit a number of Egyptian sites and projects. The Eritrean President visited Egypt four times, during which he met with President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi and senior state officials. His last visit to Cairo was in November 2016, Almasryalyoum reported.

The relations between Sudan and Egypt has been tense recently, one of the main issues being the fact that Sudan has sided and supported Ethiopia on the huge GERD Dam the later is building. Various media outlets including an Eritrean website reported that Egypt has deployed its forces in Eritrea.

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For more on the developments in the Horn of Africa and recent border tensions read our recent report here.


  1. Now I smell a rat in this. What is going on now over there? This is going to be a distraction. Sort of. It is going to be interesting for what will be shaping up out of this sudden development. Both demons, the one in Asmara and the other one in Addis(Finfine) badly need a decoy and this may be it. Who knows? Al-Toweel may send one if his clunky SU-29’s to swish by the dam on errands from el-Sisi just because he feels comfortable with his backside covered by new masters from Dubai. The other gang in Addis(Finfine) clears shows it needs a ‘savior’ from a rage surrounding it all around. The pillars of the country, Oromos and Amharas are saying like ‘you can fool some people some time but you just can’t keep fooling a combination of more than 65 million all the time’. Get it? That is because of the fact that those 65 million or so people along with the rest 35 million others have toiled in sweats and blood for 3 decades to get the development we all see now. All glory to the hardworking common people of Ethiopia. All credit goes to them not those few students of the demonic philosophy of ‘dialectic materialism’ at the top. None whatsoever.

  2. These development are just propagated beyond their political means and impact. Why the regime in Ethiopia are lost sleep in talking about the relation between Egypt and Eritrea? If the regime trying to divert the attention of the people from the hot political and economic crisis in Ethiopia, i think this is fooling themselves. The relation between Sudan and Eritrea are in a good condition no matter how the media playing with their ill wishes, Sudan and Eritrean relation will remain intact. But the regime in Ethiopia will face very difficult public uprising in the near future in a very organised manner.

  3. These are diplomatic ploys that all governments deploy even during friendly and peace times, but what is the Yemani doing with the visiting president?

  4. But you know what I noticed, what just dawned on me? It takes two to tango, baby!!! el-Sisi and Al-Toweel!!!! Don’t they look adorable to see them so tangled up?!!! What? What? What? That is disgusting and totally un-Horn-of-African!!! Out of my sight!!!!

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