Sudan unveils plan to link railway to Ethiopia, S.Sudan

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Anadolu Agency

Ethiopia and South Sudan.

Landlocked Ethiopia and South Sudan both depend on seaports in neighboring states to conduct international trade

“We will connect [Sudan’s] railway lines to Ethiopia,” al-Bashir said while inaugurating a new train line linking capital Khartoum to the city of Wad Madani, the regional capital of Sudan’s central El Gezira State.

“We also seek to link our railway to South Sudan so that it might serve as a transit hub with Kenya and Uganda, thus facilitating the movement of people and goods to those countries,” al-Bashir added.

KHARTOUM, SUDAN – DECEMBER 24: President of Sudan Omar Al-Bashir addresses during a joint press conference held with President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan (not seen) following their inter-delegation meeting in Khartoum, Sudan on December 24, 2017. ( Binnur Ege Gürün – Anadolu Agency )

President of Sudan Omar Al-Bashir

He did not provide a date for the project’s completion.

Landlocked Ethiopia and South Sudan both depend on seaports in neighboring states — such as Sudan, Djibouti, and Kenya — to export goods abroad.

Sudan boasts an expansive railway system that already connects most of the country. After two decades of U.S. sanctions, however, much of the country’s national railway system has fallen into disrepair.


  1. This is really good news. There is another news I just read from BBC. Here I quote “Ethiopia will release all political prisoners says Ethiopian PM”. If this is indeed to happen the TPLF will be the first government in the Ethiopian history to release all political prisoners without a precondition. I say hats off!
    Second – I suggest all exiled Ethiopians from all sorts of political group as well as the former TPLF leaders and foot soldiers that left their homeland for one reason or another must be allowed to return to Ethiopia without conditions.
    Once the political atmosphere is healed from hate and killings, we can then build the country for equal share and rights to everyone. The TPLF has experimented ethnic enclave politics for 26 years, it yielded hate, divisions, killings and narrow minded thinkers with sadistic practices. We are tired of killing, imprisonments and division. Let us unite and elect our leaders in a democratic way so we can join the rest of the world as equal. Let us learn from South Africa. The ANC did not seek revenge when they took power. Instead they worked day and night for reconciliation. That should be the way we deal with the TPLF. They have done what they think of fitting to their survival. Let us forget and forgive the past and move on as one people under the Ethiopian flag.

  2. Someone starts talking about industrialization? Just count me in!!! This is encouraging news. I hope it will start soon. el-Sisi!!! Eat your hearts out!!! All ‘abds-niggers’ from Wadi Halfa all the way to the Ruwenzori Range are talking!!! I don’t know but they are all saying something like ‘Nile, Nile, Nile’. You figure it out!!!

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