Sudan handed over 61 troops to Ethiopia

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According to Sudan Tribune report – The Sudanese army Monday handed over 61 Ethiopian militaries arrested during different attacks inside the country.

Speaking at the handover ceremony in the Gallabat border area, the Chief of the Ground Staff and the commander of the forces deployed in the eastern region, Lt-Gen Issam Mohamed-Hassan Karar, said that the Ethiopian prisoners were humanely treated in accordance with international humanitarian law.

“Their release came as an affirmation of Sudan’s good intentions towards Ethiopia,” he said.

Karrar stressed Sudan’s commitment to good neighbourly relations, and not to encroach on anyone in its borders or land. Also, warned the Ethiopians against entering Sudanese territory illegally.

The Ethiopian government recently claimed that Sudan occupies Ethiopian territory. Addis Ababa requested the withdrawal of Sudanese forces before any negotiations on the border dispute between the two countries.

The side Sudanese, in return, rejects any negotiations on borders and says that border markers should be posed in line with the agreed terms of the 1902 and 1972 deals.

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Colonel Abadi Al-Taher Al-Zein of the Military Intelligence of the Second Infantry Division told Sudan Tribune that the 61 prisoners were arrested in various operations inside Sudanese territory.

He added the handover was decided by the leadership and the government of Sudan.

For his part, the representative of the Ethiopian government, Director of Gondar Zone Police, confirmed the receipt of the 61 prisoners and thanked the Sudanese government for the initiative.

Gadaref closes border

The government of Gedaref State, eastern Sudan, on Monday, invoked a state of emergency on Friday to impose a partial lockdown to curb the increasing cases of COVID 19.

The office of the governor of Gedaref further decided to “close the borders and international crossings and prevent the entry of foreigners except in the cases determined by the national authority.”

The statement further said that those who are allowed to cross the borders must comply with health regulations decided by the state authorities.

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Despite the strained relations, thousands of Ethiopian cross the border daily for work. Also, refugees fleeing the restive Tigray Region continue to arrive at the border reception centre.


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