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Sudan, Ethiopia Seek to Convert Common Border into Integration Zone


29d178cc-39e9-c923Khartoum – Efforts are underway to convert link Sudan and Ethiopia’s common border to an area of integration between the two countries.
The countries are also working to link their people by all means and to promote cooperation in all fields.
Meanwhile, President Omar Al Bashir greeted the people of Tigray and all African peoples who fought for liberation and sought to build a state of urbanisation and development.
Addressing the festival of 40th anniversary of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front yesterday, Al Bashir said that Ethiopia has made rapid and significant steps forward during the last two decades and has made great achievements, due to the cohesion of its leadership and unity of its people.
He said that the late Ethiopian Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi put obvious features of the future of his country, pointing out that the new leadership headed by Hailemariam Desalegn is going at the same pace and exerts great efforts to reach the goals and objectives of Ethiopia.
Al Bashir expressed Sudan’s support to Ethiopia in all issues.
For his part, Foreign Minister, Ali Ahmed Karti praised the strength of the bilateral relations between Sudan and Ethiopia, expressing that Sudan is looking forward to further cooperation in all fields.
Karti said that the visit came in response to the invitation of Ethiopian Prime Minister Desalegn to participate in the celebrations.
He said that Sudan provided support to the people of Tigray and helped in their victory.
Karti said that Sudan and Ethiopia exchange brotherly feelings and seek to enable the interconnection between them.
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