Sudan and Ethiopia agree on border demarcation

By MOHAMMED AMIN in Khartoum
Neighbours Sudan and Ethiopia have agreed to resolve all their border demarcation disputes, Sudanese minister of Foreign Affairs Ali Karti announced on Tuesday.

The Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn had arrived in Khartoum on the same day to hold talks with Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir.

“Sudan and Ethiopia have ended the border disagreement on ‘Fashaga’ area,” the Sudanese minister confirmed.

“The two presidents will sign a historical document putting the final demarcation lines,” he added.

Joint Sudanese-Ethiopian ministerial committees have signed a number of cooperation agreements on several domains including border, security, economic, agricultural, educational and cultural levels.

Speaking in Khartoum, Ethiopia’s Foreign Affairs minister Tederos Adhanom said the two parties are working to create peaceful borders between them.

“The two parties have also agreed on coordination of positions regarding regional and international issues particularly with regard to the situation in Somalia,” the Ethiopian minister added.

State media said that the Sudanese and Ethiopian leaders will also visit the Sudanese border state of Gadarif on Wednesday to inaugurate the electricity line project which will link the two countries.

The two have also agreed on the controversial Renaissance Dam that Sudan was earlier opposed to.

Ethiopia and Egypt disagreed on the project after Cairo raised many fears over the flow of water from upstream to downstream countries of the Nile basin.

The border areas between Sudan and Ethiopia have witnessed sporadic conflicts involving farmers on the both sides.

Sudan’s Gadarif and Blue Nile states border Ethiopia’s Amhara region.

The borders between Sudan and Ethiopia were drawn by the British and Italian colonisers in 1908.

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