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Subject: To Acknowledge and Recognize House Resolution 128 Scheduled for a Vote

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Date: APR 2, 2018

To: US Embassy,
Addis Ababa

European Union Delegation
Addis Ababa

Majority leader Kevin McCarthy,
Chris Smith,

The Blue(Semayawi) Party is one of the Multinational opposition party legally established to champion in the creation and realization of the genuinely democratic system, the respect of human rights are secured, and democratic institutions are flourished, and freedom of expression is assured throughout the country via peaceful political struggle.
semayawi party
The peaceful and democratic struggle in Ethiopia is discouraged by the regime more than ever, and the country is heading to unpleasant direction. Democrats, the party members, Journalists, and Human Rights activists were thrown to jail and displaced from the beloved homeland. With this standing, unrest and civilian resistance are continued especially from the two largest regions (Oromia and Amhara). Following the protest practiced in the country, currently the State emergency decree is announced for the second time, and subsequently, the nation is under control of military junta. Serious Human Rights violations, including arbitrary arrests, killings, and torture committed by security forces, restrictions on freedom of expression and freedom of association, politically motivated trials, harassment, and intimidation of opposition members and journalists are continued to be serious.

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Whereas, in 2016, the States Department of the United States and the Ethiopian Human Rights Council also reported that there is danger Human Rights violation in the country including 102 innocent peoples deaths. By April 2016, the Human Rights Watch subsequently reported that the Ethiopian security forces had killed between 500 and 800 peaceful protestors in the Oromia and the Amhara regions.

The Semayawi Party firmly believes that H.Res.128 will give a tremendous boost in the democratization process, inclusive governance, the respect of Human Rights, and the stability of Ethiopia as well as the Horn of Africa. The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia has been a staunch ally of the United States, a partner in the War on Terrorism, as well as, a contributor to international peacekeeping. The regime has been showed with monetary and military aids for its participation, and unfortunately, the resource received has been diverted in abuse of Human Rights and the killing of innocent people. We firmly believe that this resolution will bring an end to such abuses.

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Semayawi party is delighted to express its acknowledgment and support to your commitment shown us to challenge Ethiopian dictatorship, human rights respect and encouraging inclusive Governance in Ethiopia. Also, Semayawi Party would like to extend its gratitude to Majority leader Kevin McCarthy, Chairman Chris Smith, and Congressman Coffman, your Colleagues, and human rights activists for their leadership, support, introducing of H.Res.128 and being friendly to the Ethiopian people.

Finally, it is with great pleasure that the Semayawi Party fully endorses and recognize this historic Resolution planned for voting on April 9, 2018. The passing of the most awaited Resolution will indeed boost the morale of our peace-loving people and accelerate the democratizing process in Ethiopia.Also, our Support Groups in the United States and Europe are ready to galvanize our supporters for the success of the Resolution.

With Best Regards,
Semayawi Party,
Addis Ababa,

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