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Statement Condemning the State of Emergency in Ethiopia

Advocacy Network EAN
Press Release
Advocacy Network (EAN) and
Ethiopian American Civic Council

Ethiopian Advocacy Network (EAN) and Ethiopian American Civic Council (EACC) condemn in the strongest terms possible the draconian six month State of Emergency that the Ethiopian regime has declared on February 16, 2018 citing a security threat. The announcement swiftly drew criticism from parties on all ends of the political spectrum, in Ethiopia.

The declaration has met widespread international condemnation including the U.S. State Department and concerns about its impact on the deteriorating political crisis as a result of massive protests demanding fundamental political reform in the country.

The declaration was widely condemned for suspending basic citizens’ rights and giving the military and police power to search and arrest almost at will. Ethiopian security forces continue to violate rights with impunity as well as engage in the use of lethal force on peaceful protesters during religious festivals.

The egregious human rights and civil liberties violations experienced on a daily basis by the 100 million Ethiopian citizens have reached a boiling point. The declaration is not only unnecessary but actually counterproductive in curbing the legitimate demands and grievances of the protesters. It also very clearly signals the regime’s resistance to any type of progressive change.

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It’s time for the international community to condemn the dictatorial regime for its brutality and leading the country into a dark path.
EAN and EACC urge the U.S. Congress to pass both H.Res 128 and SR 168 immediately to send a clear message to the Ethiopian regime that this reckless behavior will not be tolerated.

EAN and EACC call on President Trump to join the efforts to hold the rogue regime accountable so that Ethiopians can realize their dream of an Ethiopia with a robust democracy, a respect for the rule of law and recognition for the human rights of her citizens.
Finally, we call on the Ethiopian regime to immediately revoke the State of Emergency to create an atmosphere where Ethiopian citizens can peacefully exercise their right to freedom of assembly and expression and the realization of the principles of justice and equality between Ethiopians.

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  1. The State of Emergency Ethiopia declared should have been supported by the American Ambassador to Ethiopia as the only way to stop hooligans from burning properties and kill innocent people but it did not . The Foreign Ministry of Ethiopia and Ethiopian Embassy in the US with diasporas need to refute all those fake Amhara propogandas disguised as an Ethiopian. Right now we diasporas need to travel to different parts of Ethiopia to document videos showing the Gurages burning properties and killing innocent people and show it to the the US government entities, We all need to take our yearly vacation from work then go to Ethiopia and record/video tape the hooligans committing their terrorism.

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