Spiritual Strength, Ethiopians Martyrdom in Libya !!!

By Tedla Asfaw

A Sunday after Easter is “Second Easter” what we call in Ethiopian Christian Orthodox, “DagmawiTinsae”. It is a day of celebration back home and here in the Diaspora.

However, the news online coming from Libya started my Sunday with sadness and in each following minute with anger  many Ethiopians felt, April 19, 2015 ” A second Death for Ethiopians”, ” Dagem Mote”.
The Young Ethiopians who are  fleeing their country for hope they were denied in their own country. They want to live and die in their own country. That was the Ethiopia of our parents. Most of them live and die with their dignity in their own land.
For the last two decades as we were told by the Wise Foreign Policy Expert of  USA States Department  Wendy Sherman last week, the “Democratic  Elected” government of Ethiopia is setting a record for driving our youth out by foot, sea and air legally or illegally. Exponential growth much higher than the double digit economic growth of last decade that benefited very very few and Wendy Sherman endorsed,
ethiopiaIn all trouble spot of the world we are hearing Ethiopian victims. Be it in Libya, Yemen, Egypt, Kenya, South Africa. They are accused and murdered of being illegal immigrants taking a job like we saw last week in South Africa or attacked for being Habeshas/Ethiopian Christians in Middle East.
If you ask these refugees why not they return to Wendy Sherman’s Ethiopia they will tell you lost hope in their country. How could one not lose hope in a country whose citizens are not allowed to go from North to South, East to West of their country looking for better life. If you are locked up in your own country the choice is to break the cage that is what many are doing as we speak.
The people denied to live in their own country are reaching to all parts of the world estimated in few millions in last two decades. This is an exponential growth of Ethiopians in the Diaspora. If this is not running away from a  “Democratic Country ” what do you call it ??? Wendy Sherman should give us explanation.
Her  endorsement of the regime in Ethiopia last week before next month known “election” theater as if is not enough  ISIS brought on us  another Devil  Message. It was a Very Bad Sunday for All Ethiopians back home and in the Diaspora.
On ISIS less than half hour video we saw Ethiopians marched to their death in brutal fashion. God  always tested whom he loves. This is not new for Ethiopians. Ethiopian Martyred Bishop Petros was gunned down in Addis Ababa  by Mussolini for his people and church. The sons of this Martyred leader were tested by ISIS.
ISIS asked the Ethiopians to denounce their religion or face death. They were beheaded and gunned down on well edited propaganda video which put Ethiopian Christians Martyrdom Above All Christians. The Westerners who are paying for their lives to be released from ISIS think of  us as stupids maybe.
Ethiopians are reach in spiritual life for all who know them. They are the people of the book. Be it in Old Testament, New Testament and Holy Koran. Even Chairman Mao mentioned the Abyssinians  on his book of how to fight foreign aggression.
Thanks to the ISIS “Test” Our Martyrs in the Libya Desert have taught a lesson for all believers. Ethiopian Christians and Muslims tolerate each other because they are the people of the book. Both are loved by God. Ethiopia is not Somalia or Kenya for that matter our people half of whom live in less than a dollar a day are rich in spirituality. Man Can Not Live By A Bread Alone is well tested in Ethiopia.
Our Martyrs who run away from tyrannical regime for “better life” did not give their spiritual strength for “Bread”. They could have done it like some of the people  did on ISIS Clip.
The Martyred left us from this earth but God is going to Show us a Miracle in Ethiopia very soon. The last four decades of our history of famine, war, internal displacement, millions of refugees and slave labor in Middle East while the very few of our Rulers Western connected swimming in wealth will bring God Intervention  one way or another.
Ethiopia has no power to avenge her martyred. More than seven decades ago the West abandoned Ethiopia for Mussolini. The cry of EmperorHaileselassie at the League of Nations on behalf of our people was answered by God. The end of fascism in Ethiopia was by the spiritual strength of our people. That day is not far !!!
 Tedla Asfaw
New York City

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