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Special brand of Emerald discovered in Ethiopia

ethiopian emerald
16 carat Ethiopian emerald

Victoria Gomelsky

At the Gem & Jewelry Exchange show, Mark Kaufman of San Diego–based Kaufman Enterprises showcased an impressive 16-carat emerald. The stone was distinguished by its unlikely source, Ethiopia—where miners recently unearthed a new deposit of the legendary green beryl—and by the fact that it required no oil, a method often used to enhance emerald clarity. The new deposit may spark fresh interest in mining in the east African region; until now, emeralds have primarily been culled from Australia, Brazil, Columbia, and Zambia.

Source: http://robbreport.com


  1. This is the property of my beloved Oromia. This is a loot. Boycott Emerald from the country of the Neftegnas, Ethiopia!!!! I am going to send a letter to all major jewelry merchants and stores beginning today telling them to not stock any emerald gems from that country. I may hire one of my well known Oromo lawyers to pursue my case. They better listen because my Oromia is set to be an independent nation in just two months.

  2. Disrupting any mining activities until the Tigre occupation army of traitors is replaced by a responsible Ethiopian government, is incumbent on all concerned.

  3. When the Poor adwa Oromos stop crying about neftegna. they use the word they do not know. It is the tigres who are robbing the resources of Oromo. Tell the truth if you are really an Oromo. I am sure you are a tigre disgising an oromo. That game must end. Tigres must thorown out of all regions. All tigre must to mekele or hell.

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